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December 26, 2004

Aquarian Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey’s birthday is on January 29. She will be 51 years old. She was born blessed with a wonderful natal chart. (See her chart here at AstroDataBank) She is an extroverted mix of Aquarius and Sagittarian energies. In addition to having Sun and Venus conjunct in Aquarius, her Mercury is also here and trining Jupiter and Midheaven. Her Saturn and Mars are placed in the Aquarian 11th house. Her ascendant is in Sagittarius (trine Pluto in Leo) and her Moon is also placed in Sagittarius.

Jupiter is Oprah’s ruling planet. It is positioned in 17 degrees Gemini as part of the grand air trine in her chart, together with Mercury in 19 degrees Aquarius and Midheaven in 18 degrees of Libra. This grand air trine is thus positioned in her three career houses, 2nd, 6th and 10th. Jupiter was retrograde at her birth and for Oprah’s first 50 years her progressed Jupiter has hovered over less than three degrees (between 16 and 19 degrees of Gemini) thus accentuating the natal effect of the powerful grand trine with her Midheaven and Mercury.

I see that transiting Jupiter is right over Oprah’s MC in Libra as she is being written about in this little blog. No doubt she will be the focus of even more media attention than usual over the next year. Oprah’s natal chart is such that she will benefit greatly from the current transit of Jupiter in Libra.The retrograde movement and stations of Jupiter in Libra over the next eight months are perfectly coordinated with her natal chart. Jupiter will station at 9 degrees and 19 degrees of Libra. It’s benefic power will be greatest at these stations. Oprah will reap the maximum positive strength of these stations as her Sun and Venus are conjuct at 9 degrees of Aquarius and her grand trine of MC, Jupiter, Mercury is at between 17 and 19 degrees of the air signs. The lucky Jupiter transit is magnified by Pluto trining Oprah’s natal Pluto at the same time. Perhaps more importantly, transiting Neptune will be forming a long-term trine to her Jupiter and Midheaven for the next two years.This transit is bound to shake the foundation of Oprah’s lifelong grand trine in air. We may see a very thorough transformation in her spiritual beliefs and a major reorientation in her value system.

Not all is completely rosy for 2005, as Saturn will be transiting her 8th house, squaring its natal position and opposing her Sun/Venus conjunction in Aquarius for some weeks in the fall. Oprah’s seventh house cusp of partnerships is in the last degree of Gemini, ruled by Mercury. Jupiter, her ruling planet, will finally progress to the exact trine of her natal Mercury within the next two years. This could signal a big event in Oprah’s personal relationships. Perhaps she will get married at this time, and not necessarily to her long-term partner.

Udate July 2006: The gossip rags are saying that Oprah is splitting up with her boyfriend of twenty years, Stedman Graham. The two have had rifts in the past but this time it looks like it is a final split-up in their relationship. This comes at a time when Saturn is transiting through the most vulnerable area in Oprah's chart. Oprah's Sun Venus conjunction in Aquarius is squared her Saturn in Scorpio. And now Saturn has come to the point in Leo where it is opposing her Sun and Venus as well as squaring it's natal position in Scorpio. So astrologically speaking, this is a very hard point for her in the realm of personal relationships and the rumor of the break-up is probably true. And even worse, the gossip magazines are saying that Stedman has threatened to publish private information about her yo-yo dieting and binging and other very private matters unless she ups the allowance she is giving him.