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February 02, 2006

1962 Stellium in Aquarius - Initial Meeting Spot

A year ago I asked Aquarians who were born in 1962 to contact me. These Aquarians are extremely Aquarian in that they have more planets in Aquarius than any other people born at any time in history.

I'm hoping to complete a detailed survey of 1962 Aquarians once I've heard from 200 people. For now I'd like to open the discussion boards to the twenty seven people who've responded so far (and anyone else who's found this site since then).

Please leave a comment below!

This can be the initial anonymous coffe-break place where people can introduce themselves and where we can start to get a good dialogue going. Please go ahead; ask your fellow 1962 Aquarians your questions and spill your guts about what it's like to be extremely Aquarian :-)