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April 30, 2005

Progressed Sun Trine Jupiter

Woman on a BeachMost Aquarians are experiencing a transit of Jupiter trine your Sun in Aquarius at some point this year. This is one of the most pleasant and auspicious transits possible. To read more about this, see the previous article on this site here.

Jupiter trines Sun twice in a twevle year period, sometimes the transit lasts for only a couple of weeks, other times it lasts for a few months.

But there are some very lucky people out there who also experience a *progressed* Sun trining Jupiter at one point in their life. This progression lasts about three years and is probably the best possible astrological progression one can experience. (Actually progressed Jupiter trine Sun is even better, but even rarer.)

If you are an Aquarian (Sun in Aquarius), there is a good chance you will experience "progressed Sun trining your natal Jupiter" in adulthood if your natal Jupiter is in Scorpio or Cancer. The progressed Sun moves one degree every year. So for example, if you were born in mid Aquarius, on February 3rd for example, your natal Sun would at about 15 degrees of Aquarius. At age 30, your progressed Sun would be at 15 degrees Pisces. If your natal Jupiter was at 15 degrees Scorpio, you would be experiencing a "progressed Sun trine Jupiter" progression at age 30.

Traditionally this has always been considered the best progression possible in a chart. Here is the interpretation from Progressed Horoscope Simplified. This was a book published by Leigh Hope Milburn in 1928. It's an excellent book, though it has the negative simplistic quality of always calling squares and oppositions bad, and trines and sextiles good. But few books compare to this one when you are trying to figure out the meanings of progressions in your chart:

Progressed Sun Trine Jupiter: This, of course, is the best influence there is for general prosperity and advancement. The Sun with Venus marks the happiest period in life, but this marks the most important in the way of prosperity, good health and good fortune for the native. All of these will he receive while the door is opened by this benefic vibration. It is a time when there may be gains through speculations and investments, when journeys for business may be undertaken with promise of excellent results and when all business affairs should go well with the native. Jupiter is the planet that brings actual money, and the gains are substantial and quite tangible. With Venus the benefits are more in the way of love, friendship and pleasures; but Jupiter can bring all these things, and more, and is stronger for material gains than Venus. To women this influence frequently brings a man into the life, either as a husband or as an influential friend, who may prove of great value throughout life. Jupiter brings this advantage with his blessings - that as far as the nativity will allow, his gifts are permanent, and whatever advantages he offers may become permanent if he is able to make the proper use of them when the opportunities are offered. The period during which the Sun makes a good aspect to Jupiter, particularity if it should be the trine, stands out as a special period in the life, and no time ever quite comes up to this one for opportunities, favors, gains and advancement. This is a good time to travel, to push one's affairs, have dealings with foreign countries and to enter into philosophical, religious and legal affairs.


The above image is "Woman on a Beach" by Artist Unknown

April 29, 2005

Astrology of Marriage Compatibility

Marriage of FigaroThe two best astrology books I've read about marriage compatibility were Synastry: Understanding Human Relations Through Astrology by Ronald Davidson and Cosmic Marriage by Reinhold Ebertin. When I was engaged to my husband after knowing him for only six months, I needed reassurance that I was not being a 'fool in love' and I poured over these books for hours.

These books go into detail on all the compatibility aspects between two charts in their relation to a lasting love relationship. They specifically discuss all the significant aspects for love and marriage. They are not books for beginners, but I'd recommend them to anyone who already has a basic understanding of their astrology charts.

The above poster is "Marriage of Figaro" by Rafal Olbinski

April 20, 2005

New Moon Timing

MoonAstrologers usually advise people not to start important new projects in the last three days of the Moon cycle; before the New Moon. This is a time to plan but not to instigate. For example, if you start a new job in the last three days of the old Moon, it probably won't last. It will fall apart in some way. If you plant some flowers or vegetables just before the New Moon, they are less likely to survive or thrive.

The Moon has a 28 day cycle through the zodiac. It spends about two and a half days in each sign every month. The Full Moon occurs fourteen days after the New moon.

Isabel Hickey sums it up well in her classic book;
"Nature has an ebb and a flow like the tides in the ocean. The tides can be used or neglected. Everything in nature is on the upswing between the New and Full Moon; when its energy starts to recede and is ebbing, the tide is at its greatest passivity before the New Moon. Note the lack of pep and vitality in people in the last phases of the dying Moon."

Update 2006: To see the schedule for New Moons this year check out the moon cycles for 2006 at

The above fine art print is "Moon, Persimmon & Moth" by Anita Munman

April 18, 2005

Uranus transit over Venus

Venus and CupidThe orbit of Venus is such that it is never more than 48 degrees away from the Sun in the birth chart. This means that all Aquarians (those with their Sun sign in Aquarius) must have Venus placed either in Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces or Aries. And the majority of Aquarians will have their Venus in Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces.

This helps to explain for example why few Aquarians are very showy, dramatic or lovers of luxury objects. This would be more typical of people with Venus in Leo, which is not a possible placement for Aquarians.

Are you an Aquarian with Venus in Pisces? Pisces is the best of all possible zodiac signs for the placement of Venus. Venus is 'exhalted' in Pisces. Pisces is in turn ruled by Neptune. Here is a partial excerpt from Isabel Hickey'sbook on the meaning of Venus in Pisces;

"Venus rules personal affection and Neptune rules diving compassion. Venus in Neptune's home, Pisces, symbolizes the love that is willing to sacrifice and is not afraid of suffering. It is wounded often by its understanding of love. It is exalted in the sign Pisces because it has come to understand that only through love can we know the freedom of the spirit. ...Poetic and musical. Extremely psychic. Attracted to the underdog and those less fortunate."

Now that Uranus is transiting through Pisces, those Aquarians who have Venus in Pisces are about to experience the transit of Uranus conjunct Venus. This transit can last (off and on) for about two years. There's a very good chance you will be transformed by the arrow of Cupid during this time. Here is Hickey's explanation for what this transit is likely to mean in your life;

"If Uranus comes to an aspect of Venus it can have a tremendous impact on the love consciousness. If the person is looking for a romantic sizzle this can be it. If it is a trine aspect it can bring a sudden marriage or union; if it is square or opposes Venus the romance can come but when Uranus passes the romance can go with it. However Uranus never leaves an individual where it finds him and there is a recognition and a deeper insight into the meaning of love. If the person is in a marriage when Uranus transits Venus they may want to break the ties but it would be a poor time to do so. After the transit is over they may regret their decisions. Often a new relationship looks far more attractive than the old one but there is an erraticness and an instability in Uranus aspects to Venus that need to be taken into consideration."

The above print is "Venus & Cupid" by Guillaume Seignac

April 15, 2005

All about Aquarians and Search Engines

Woman with Green EyesAquarian Digest is a site for articles about Aquarians and Aquarius. I'd be keen to hear from people about any Aquarian resources this site should be exploring or linking to.

I've been writing here for about five months and the site is now getting about forty page views a day. For some reason it still doesn't show up at all in MSN searches, and is almost invisible in Google. But the Yahoo search engine has picked it up well. I'm using a web counter to get stats for the site. This web counter also tells me what search terms bring people to this site.

It's interesting to see what kind of search terms Aquarian Digest ranks on the first page in Yahoo for. Here are some examples of what people have searched for this week when they land on this site. Aquarian Digest shows up on the first search page at Yahoo for these terms as well as many other similarily obscure searches.

  • aquarians
  • free natal chart interpretation
  • venus in aquarius
  • best astrology software
  • jupiter trine sun
  • aquarian luck
  • ebertin uranus
  • dawning of the age of aquarius lyrics
  • aquarius biography
  • are Aquarius people verbal?
  • magnetic attraction and Uranus
  • marriage forecast for Aquarius 2005
  • aquarius rising are attractive people
  • oprah winfrey hobbies
  • how to get revenge on an aquarian female

This last query was quite the zinger! Somehow the Yahoo Search Engine shows Aquarian Digest in first place for this weird search query.

From the kinds of searches people make, I can tell what kind of information may be popular. On the other hand, I can only see what kinds of searches this site already ranks highly for. I can see that many of the people who searched for the terms above did not have their questions answered when they visited the landing page on Aquarian Digest.

Once again, if any of you know of some interesting material that should be published or linked to at Aquarian Digest, please let me know.

The above image is Woman with Green Eyes by Tamara De Lempick

April 02, 2005

Mars is transiting through Aquarius

Transiting Mars entered Aquarius on March 20th and will be moving through Aquarius until the end of April. Mars has a two year cycle in its journey through the twelve signs, so it typically transits through Aquarius for only a few weeks once every two years.

Mars represents action and aggression. When Mars is in Aquarius activities take on a more intellectual emphasis.

For people born with Sun in Aquarius, Mars will be conjuncting your Sun sometime during this period and the effect of the transit will last at least five days. Mars conjunct Sun is a highly energizing transit. It's a time of personal initiative, personal and sexual magnetism and often a higher level of nervous energy. Depending on what day you were born see when the Mars transit will be affecting you by linking here to

According to
Grant Lewi in Astrology for the Millions the Mars transit over your Sun also propels you in the direction of focusing on projects you started when transiting Mars last conjuncted your natal Mars. When Mars returns to its position in your natal chart every two years, it is a time of new beginnings. Check this for yourself in an ephemeris if you know how. A free ephemeris is provided at Astrodienst. Of all transits possible in your chart, this is the one that is most marked for new beginnings in your life path; the transit of Mars over your natal Mars.

The above poster is Aspire - Sun.