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November 18, 2005

How to Seduce an Aquarian

Are you interested in seducing an Aquarian? Good luck with your quest. Aquarians are indeed seducable, but probably less easily than any of the other eleven zodiac signs. Aquarius Sun signs are said to be 'fifty years ahead of their time'. Keep this in mind if you want to arouse their interest. Here's some suggestions on how to seduce an Aquarian male or female:
  • If you go on a dinner date with them, think of a funky place with some bohemian atmosphere. Aquarians aren't often enamored with chain restaurants.
  • While eating out, be considerate to the waiter. They are your equal. Aquarians are humanitarians in general; they know that no person is better or lesser than them; they are not into pompous show-off stuff.
  • You'll stand a better chance with the typical Aquarian if you can relate to the famous personality that said this: - the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace things, but burn like fabulous roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue center light pop and everybody goes "AWWW!"
  • Thinking of a movie after dinner? How about suggesting the nearest IMAX 3D theatre instead? Currently playing is Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon. Now that would turn on any Aquarian ;-)
Well I'm just joking around here. Would much like to see some other ideas on how to seduce an Aquarian.
The above art print is Untitled by
Nadja Bernhardt

Update August 2014:

Hi All, thanks for your comments. I just wanted to highlight this one very detailed note here from an anonymous Aquarius woman. 

There are some swear words involved and i hope this does not offend you because otherwise it is a very interesting read. Enjoy.

To all those wanting an Aquarian perspective:

I'm an Aquarian Sun with an Aries Moon and Rising woman. I abhor cheating and am honest to a fault. I will always tell the truth and be 100% loyal, physically and emotionally, to my partner even when temptation arises, if my sexual and emotional needs are being satisfied. If he's cheating or playing games with other women, then all bets are off. 

I think my rising and moon sign adds a lot of fire because I am very passionate and sensitive. I have walls and I want to meet a man who is strong enough to tear them down. I only get cold and distant when I'm really hurting or am dealing with something painful from my past. 

It takes me years to get over a break up, even though no one sees me sweat and I act like everything is roses and sunshine. I don't let people in so easily, because the fallout for me is bad after a break up, worse than anyone else I know. 

I don't feel or think like other people. Emotions definitely confuse me and love and commitment are scary as fuck, but the right lover is worth facing the fear. It took me until I was in my late 20s to reach being comfortable with the emotions that love and sex bring, and I'm still not 100% there yet. Before that, I had casual sexual relationships or would be intimate with lovers that I knew had no long-term potential, but were different, fun or interesting. I made sure no one got hurt by being 100% upfront about my intentions from the beginning. The way other people feel matters to me, but I know that promising something I can't provide will be even more miserable for us both and I hate feeling tied to something that I don't want. 

We all grow at different stages. An emotionally stable Aquarius is an amazing human being to be friends or lovers with. We will take you to the moon and back every time we kiss. :) 

My best and closest connections have been with a Sag. and a Leo. The Sag. was my first and I have never forgotten him or stopped loving him. He's happily married to another girl now and we are still friends on FB who wish each other happy birthday. The Leo had my mind, heart and soul, and I could be myself with him. Unfortunately, he was a cheating womanizer and ended up dating one of my friends. We are not on speaking terms. 

I avoid Taurus/Scorpio/Virgo like the plague and run the other way. Scorpios are fucking crazy, jealous and petty, even though the sex and passion is fantastic. All that emotional turmoil is a drag long-term. AVOID THEM, UNLESS YOU LIKE FUCKED UP MIND GAMES, PAIN AND TORTURE. Virgos are boring and hypercritical. We lack chemistry and are incompatible on every level. Tauruses like routine too much and are very possessive. Our ideas on life are very different and neither one of use could compromise. My longest relationship with my Taurus ex-bf was an abusive, controlling one. I haven't dated anyone in the five years since we broke up. 

Any one of my lovers would take me back. We are still on friendly terms, but to me it's really just friends. Once it's over, I don't look back. 

Although I'm more the introverted, shy type of Aquarius that is creative and bohemian, I work a corporate 9-6 and kick it's ass and am willing to work to make my own way in this world. I balance the creative, emotional and intellectual side of myself professionally.

I care too deeply about the world and it's inhabitants. Small things in nature give me deep joy. I love my cats and dogs and will rescue all kinds of stray animals. I'm not scared of bugs or reptiles and I will help an animal that has been run over by a car with my bare hands. I am "green". I don't hurt animals or small living creatures. I don't wear things that come from animals and am a vegetarian. I'm an INFP, if that helps. 

It's also 100% true that I'm a total filthy fucking slut willing to try anything in bed. I'm into S&M, role play, and a bunch of kinky shit. Although I seem submissive, I'm a switch and am pretty bad ass. I FUCKING kick ass in bed and am better than any Scorpio or Leo I've met, I'm just saying. 

I don't sleep around. I only have sex when I am in a committed monogamous relationship. You have to win me over mind, spirit, and soul before you get to my body. So all those fleeting casual things no longer work for me. I am SUPER picky and need deep, intense passion and a legitimate connection. Things most men are not willing to work for, sadly. 

All my guy friends are really just strictly platonic friends, on my part. Most people dig me because I am really attractive, even though I don't wear make-up or high heels and don't dress conventionally slutty, but am more conservative seeming. 

Male attention from men I'm not interested in, or those who are just trolling for sex, makes me uncomfortable so I act cold and distant. If a married or committed man hits on me, I will be a total FUCKING bitch with no remorse. I HATE cheating and think it's the worst form of betrayal. I have respect for other woman and myself, so I would never do that to another. 

I do not lead men on. I'm just interesting and people like talking to me and I like talking to them. I don't let men buy me a drink because I get my own. If I'm seriously flirting, I have every intention of getting to know you on a deeper level.

I find the comments here to be hilarious. Most Aquarians cannot be grouped together. They are all different from one another. 

I will say that every Aqua man I knew is a giant man whore and does not do well with commitment unless they are stimulated and fulfilled 100% sexually and intellectually. Unfortunately, most of you earth and water signs can't do that, but it does also depend on the other aspects in your chart and how much you are willing to understand the unquantifiable. Air and Fire signs can get there easier, if they are willing to put in the work. 

If you really, truly get under an Aquarius's skin and into their mind, you will have an indescribable, loyal love like no other. We will blow your mind. We are unlike anyone else. We are SO fucking worth it. It just depends on whether or not you are. Our requirements are different from most people and it takes a while to get acclimated to the way we love. 

All people are different and astrology only plays a small part in relationships. You can do anything you wish, but you can't force love. A lot of it depends on the degree of emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and social maturity and whether y'all can fill each other's gaps. Any one who is fucked up or hurt will take it out on others in love. I do not wish that on anyone who reads this. 

We are so beautiful and human. We are ALL insecure and scared in different ways. Just know that if someone is letting you see that vulnerable side of them, that you should respect and cherish that, and try not to hurt them. We are all a little fragile behind the masks we put on. 

Hope that helps. Good luck to you. May you find what you are searching for, someone to give you hope and fill your life with boundless love and passion.