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February 04, 2005

A Quiz for Aquarians

UFOHow Aquarian are you?

There is a quiz available online to find out.
Whoever wrote it has a good understanding of the twelve zodiac signs.

Answer these questions with a True or False.

1) When you're attracted to someone, you tend to connect with them intellectually first.

2) You're a visionary, and you like to tell your ideas about the future to everyone you know.

These are the first two questions from a total of fifteen. Take the quiz here and you will find out if you are very typically Aquarian.

If you have an Aquarian Sun but you also have a strong chart emphasis on a different sign of the zodiac, check out their quizzes for the other zodiac signs here.

In my case, the quiz results said "80% Aquarian". I also scored high in the Sagittarius sign and this makes sense as I have several planets in Aquarius which are mostly in the 9th (Sagittarian) house.