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February 25, 2005

Uranus and Metamorphosis II

Here is Part II of an excerpt from Alexander Ruperti's book Cycles of Becoming. (See Part I) This is one of the best astrology books I've come across but unfortunately it is out of print.

From the humanistic viewpoint, Uranus acts positively as the revealer of greater worlds and more inclusive truths. Uranus is the inspirer, that force which forever tries to transform the autocratic and set ways of Saturn. The universal values of which Uranus is the symbol cannot be reached today except through some kind of revolt against the privileges and the domination of crystallized Saturnian behavior patters. This revolt, however, need not be based on hatred or feelings of revenge which would lead to negative expressions, such as anarchy and revolution on the social level, and bizarre behavior and eccentricity for its own sake on the personal level. These are manifestations traditionally attributed to Uranus. When Uranus challenges, one must seek the means to give a new purpose, direction and meaning to life from a frame of reference larger than the personal ego. Passive subservience to the dictates of an unquestioned tradition and way of life must be changed into a dynamic, positive and creative search for new and more encompassing values and goals. In doing this, the individual must not destroy the Saturnian boundaries of the self, but try to make them more adaptable and less limiting. He must be willing to allow what seem alien elements to enter. One must question the belief that one's personal set of traditions, both racial and cultural, are inherently and spiritually superior to all others. He must be open to the possibility of acting in unprecedented ways and of undergoing a basic change of attitude in order to relate to others according to more-than-personal values. The natal House position of Uranus will indicate the field of experience in which one will most likely have to undergo a deep personal change, where in fact he will often work consciously with Uranus, to learn to understand and welcome the purpose of this metamorphosis. Without this conscious effort to use Uranus in the matters of the natal House, no transformation will be possible, and Uranus will work through social circumstances to bring upheavals that will seem meaningless and have a disintegrative effect.

Because an increasing number of people experience a complete Uranus cycle of 84 years in the course of their lifetime, individual characteristics can be given to Uranus, which is not possible with Neptune or Pluto. "Individual", however, does not mean "personal". Positive Uranian action presupposes individualization as its foundation, a consciousness open to what is new and
more-than-personal in its implications. Unlike Jupiter and Saturn, which refer to a person's progress within the limitations of the values established by his birth - his racial, national, cultural and religious framework - Uranus opens the door to the collective unconscious. It is the path to what Jung called "individuation", to that metamorphosis which enables one to realize that his ego is not the central ruler of his personality.

Uranus provides a clue to the type of genius an individual may have; on more ordinary levels, it points to an adventurous spirit or a strong restlessness. This may mean an inner urge to break away from the life conditions which have brought dissatisfaction or failure. It is the power the start anew. As long as a person seeks happiness or success along established, socially acceptable lines and limits himself to the Jupiter-Saturn level of consciousness which leaves no place for spiritual or social metamorphosis, the Uranian energy within him will make him experience such dissatisfaction or failure. Only when a person becomes dissatisfied with the status quo and begins to search for different values does Uranus become active within him, shaking him out of his life-rut and urging him to initiate the changes which some new vision or goal presents. When Uranus begins to function, the conscious ego, conditioned as it is by Jupiter-Saturn heredity and environment, is filled with "divine discontent". One realizes that the values of his conscious ego are too limiting and limited, and that he must seek the means to free himself from the life-pattern established by his family and social milieu. The vision of more universal values enters one's life, a vision which will enable him to understand himself in a new light.

When significant transits of Uranus to the natal Sun, Moon, Saturn or ruling planet occur, the astrologer must interpret the social or familial disturbances in terms of a personal metamorphosis which will be the purpose behind those outward events, keeping in mind any natal aspects between Uranus and the Sun, Moon, Saturn or ruling planet. If there are no significant contacts at birth, then the transit of Uranus over those natal placements will not necessarily have a deep, personal significance. However, whatever Uranus touches in the birth chart by transit will tend to be highly stimulated or upset. The potential challenge will always be presented for a person to use the planetary function thus stimulated at a more universal, less personal level. If one does not succeed in giving this transcendent goal to the transit, then it will simply coincide with some insignificant external change or meaningless upset. The transiting aspects of Uranus to other planets provide individual opportunities for growth, or can lead to the partial loss of one's personal integrity if the challenge of Uranus is not constructively met. This mysterious power within the psyche seeks to
transform the essential character of the personality, to make one a fundamentally different person from what he was before the Uranus challenge. This difference will oblige one to test the validity of his earlier state of affairs, both within and without. Social ideals and values will be seen in a new light, and probably as limiting factors in terms of the new vision. One will therefore take steps to radically alter his relationship to them.

The image above is "Illumination" by Philip Straub

These excerpts (Part I and II) were copied from the first three pages (of 26 pages) of the chapter on Uranus Cycles in the book Cycles of Becoming by Alexander Ruperti.

February 24, 2005

Uranus and Metamorphosis

Uranus transits can be unsettling and life-altering. All Aquarians got a taste of at least one strong Uranian transit in the past few years, as Uranus transited through Aquarius between 1996 and 2003. Here is an excerpt from an excellent but out-of-print book; Alexander Ruperti's Cycles of Becoming. It's the first part of his chapter on The Uranus Cycle.

In the humanistic approach, the three planets beyond the orbit of Saturn symbolize stages in human development which are "transcendent". These planets represent new factors affecting human activity on both social and individual levels, factors which continually upset the status quo, both in thought and action on all levels of society. Since their discovery, Western civilization finds itself in a state of crisis, due in part to the fundamental social and economic changes introduced by modern science and technology. Additionally, repercussions are felt on the personal level as individuals find themselves in a perpetual state of upset. In an attempt to meet this constant state of crisis, different schools of psychology have appeared, each emphasizing its own approach to the problems of modern life. As Rudhyar has pointed out, the present widespread emphasis on the use of psychological techniques, including astrology, is the direct result of the need to meet this universal state of crisis.

There is a general tendency to over-react, especially on an emotional level, to the word "crisis," to view it as something dire and dreadful which must be avoided at all costs. The more recent schools of psychology define "crisis" as a
phase of growth, either of the individual or society. It has purpose and meaning in relation to the overall development of the human personality or the collectivity passing through such a phase. Crisis is necessary to the development, although the form it takes is not inevitable. Change, transition and transformation are necessary ingredients of the human experience, but this does not mean that violent revolution or war are the only means of bringing them about socially. In the same way, a personal crisis of growth does not necessarily produce illness, neurosis, insanity or tragic loss. There seem to be two distinctly different fundamental aims to the psychological treatment of crises. The first, and unfortunately the most common, is to try to re-establish the state of so-called normalcy which the crisis upset. This is the aim of both the social psychologists and the Freudians and can be linked astrologically to the Jupiter-Saturn level of functioning. The alternative aim, first put forward by Carl Jung, is to use crises as challenges to greater growth, as means to induce an inner metamorphosis of the personality. This attitude can be linked astrologically to Uranus and Neptune. The humanistic astrologer knows that such crises are often stressful and disturbing. It is the point of change/no-change at which the person must either make a conscious decision or become the victim of fate. He must either act or be acted upon. The point of change is never comfortable or comforting; however, in order to attain personal maturity, crises must be met, understood and assimilated.

This approach takes the person well beyond the level of "self". Whereas on the Jupiter-Saturn level one is challenged to become
a greater and better individual, rather than merely to accept the status quo, on the level of Uranus-Neptune he is challenged to become greater than an individual. As one changes his frame of reference, his life assumes a meaning on the collective or even universal level, rather than the purely personal one. Ego desires become secondary, and one finds significance in values which have meaning whether he, as an individual exists or not. Instead of meeting people in terms of his own desires, one seeks a greater reality toward which he can work with others. A person then is able to express the universal significance of Uranus and Neptune. If one simply want to be "normal", like everyone else, then the crisis of Uranus and Neptune will seem destructive, something to be fought against until things return to the familiar, comfortable old-shoe existence he had before. The problem here is that the normal routine will never again be as comfortable as it once was, leading to an end result of fear, frustration and having suffered for naught. Such a result spells spiritual defeat.

Continued in Part II.


February 19, 2005

Is your Rising Sign in Aquarius?

Is your rising sign (ascendant) in Aquarius?

If so, the way you appear to others (your outer personality) will be characteristic of typical Aquarian traits. Aquarius rising individuals often come across as free-thinking, friendly, non-conventional, independent, somewhat detached and sometimes rebellious types.

Your physical appearance will also be influenced by your Aquarian rising sign. In terms of natural beauty and attractiveness, people with Aquarian ascendants are usually ranked second only to Libra rising types.

People born with Aquarius rising often have a characteristic squareness to their facial structure and body type and many of them are taller than average. Aquarians born in the third decanate (from 20 to 30 degrees of Aquarius) which is co-ruled by Venus often have the most universally appealing physical features of all three decanates in Aquarius.

Your physical appearance will also be influenced by the key aspects made to your ascendant. An Aquarius ascendant conjunct Venus will look entirely different from an Aquarius ascendant opposing a Mars/Pluto conjunction in Leo. If you have a few planets concentrated in another sign, this need also be taken into account.

All ascendant types have unique predispositions to certain health ailments. In the case of Aquarius rising, or people with a predominantly Aquarian chart, the health problems tend toward poor circulation and an overactive nervous system. The best natural remedies would include regular exercise, inverted yoga asanas and meditation.

The three celebrities shown here are Alicia Silverstone, William Katt and Roma Downey. To see more examples of male and female Aquarius rising celebrities visit Further info about Aquarian ascendants and descriptions of the three decanates in Aquarius is at Elbert Wade's site.

See also a recent surprising study about how facial characteristics can tell us about a person's character.

February 15, 2005

Saturn Transits and Depression

If natal Saturn makes hard aspects to your Moon, Venus or Sun you may experience symptoms of depression more often than the average person.

Saturn is the planet of melancholy. One of the most difficult natal placements to overcome is Saturn in hard aspect to the Moon. This is the aspect most often signifying a dire lack of love in the childhood environment with the resulting susceptibility to depression later in adulthood.

If your Saturn is well placed in your chart, either in the sign of rulership or exhaltation (Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, 10th, 11th, or 7th house) or it makes strong aspects to other personal planets in your chart, than you are more likely to benefit from the positive manifestations of Saturn. These include a healthy ambition and a mature sense of responsibility toward the self and others.

Transiting Saturn will begin opposing Aquarian planets later this year when it enters Leo. It will transit through Leo for about two years beginning in July 2005. Saturn in Leo will be particularly challenging for people who have Sun, Moon or Venus in Aquarius, Scorpio or Taurus.

Aquarians who have their Sun (or other personal planets) in the first twelve degrees of Aquarius will begin experiencing the Saturn opposition in the second half of 2005. Saturn oppositions typically manifest as adversities arising from other people in your life, particularly authority figures (such as employers or parents). A Saturn opposition Sun transit can be hard on the health and leave you feeling unusually tired and depressed. Transiting Saturn oppose Sun need not be a negative experience. In fact, in some cases in can bring about increased responsibilities that work out tremendously well for the individual.

To get an idea of what could be in store for you as Saturn opposes your Sun, look back and recall what was happening in your life the last time Saturn made a hard aspect to your Sun. Saturn moves through all the astrological houses in your chart over 29 years. If you are over thirty, you have experienced this opposition before. For the first third of Aquarians who will be feeling the opposition later this year, look back to what was happening for you in 1976 and how this could relate to this transit of Saturn opposing your Sun. Look also at what happened in 1991-1992 when transiting Saturn was conjunct your Sun.

What houses in your chart were affected by these transits? What kind of life experiences did this transit manifest for you in the past?

This transit shouldn't be taken out context with other action in your chart. For example Jupiter is also trining Sun in Aquarius this year, and this is one of the most optimistic and auspicious of all transits.


If you're in the midst of relationship upheaval, see more on this at Relationship Break-up.

If you're undergoing a a rough time under the pull of Saturn, I personally found the following books very helpful for understanding the process and gaining comforting insight into my situation. See more about Saturn, Saturn in Transit and Dynamics of the Unconscious at Amazon.

saturn transits

saturn transits

saturn transits

The above fine art print is "Thinking of Him" by Roy Lichetenstein

February 11, 2005

Valentine's Day Gifts for Aquarians

Aqua FissionValentine's day is this Monday. What are you giving your Aquarian sweetie?

A traditional Valentine's day gift of chocolate or flowers would probably be nice, though Aquarians typically have less appreciation for fine chocolates than would a Taurus.

Think *turquoise* if you want to buy clothes, lingerie or jewelry. Turquoise is the Aquarian color and it looks really good on most Aquarians.

I've made a new page about gift ideas for Aquarians (not just Valentine's gifts). Check out the Aquarian Gift Ideas page here.

People with an emphasis on Aquarius in their charts are also the most likely to be interested in astrological self-analysis. You could give your sweetheart an astrology report that is all about them.
If you know their birth time, date and location of birth you can get some very good multi-page personalized reports emailed to you instantly for about twenty dollars. Choose either a natal report which will outline the specifics of their birth chart and personality traits, or a forecast report which will tell them what they can expect in the coming year.

The above image is "Aqua Fission II" by Tina Kafantaris

February 08, 2005

Aquarian Roosters

The Chinese New Year begins every year on the Aquarian New Moon. Today we begin the Year of the Rooster.

Because the beginning of the Chinese New Year varies each year depending on when the New Moon falls in Aquarius, Aquarians need to double-check the dates to see what animal they represent in Chinese astrology.

If you are a Rooster, this is your year! It's also a lucky year for the Ox and the Snake. The Rooster is most compatible with people born in the year of the Ox and Snake.

If you are an Aquarian Rooster, according to Lovegevity, "you like to stand out in a crowd; conformation is certainly not your forte." See the twelve animal descriptions for Aquarians here.

See also an article about this New Moon in Aquarius, February 8th, 2005

February 04, 2005

A Quiz for Aquarians

UFOHow Aquarian are you?

There is a quiz available online to find out.
Whoever wrote it has a good understanding of the twelve zodiac signs.

Answer these questions with a True or False.

1) When you're attracted to someone, you tend to connect with them intellectually first.

2) You're a visionary, and you like to tell your ideas about the future to everyone you know.

These are the first two questions from a total of fifteen. Take the quiz here and you will find out if you are very typically Aquarian.

If you have an Aquarian Sun but you also have a strong chart emphasis on a different sign of the zodiac, check out their quizzes for the other zodiac signs here.

In my case, the quiz results said "80% Aquarian". I also scored high in the Sagittarius sign and this makes sense as I have several planets in Aquarius which are mostly in the 9th (Sagittarian) house.

February 03, 2005

Uranus and Alienation

Bruce LeeIf Uranus is highly emphasized in your chart, there may be an unresolved issue with rebellion, eccentricity or a feeling of alienation.

People who have Uranus in hard aspect to the Moon or Mars are particularly likely to feel the alienating influence.
Lynn Finger has written an article about Uranus, Alienation and the Martial Arts for the Mountain Astrologer. In a study of 27 martial artists she found that in addition to the expected energizing Pluto/Mars, Pluto/Sun aspects, many of these people have Uranus/Moon and Uranus/Mars connections.

Her thesis is that the practice of martial arts is a great way to heal the negative manifestations of unresolved and unintegrated Uranian influences. Check out her article here.


The above image is a poster of Bruce Lee.