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September 30, 2005

Kate Moss and Aquarius in her Natal Chart

Kate Moss was born with a Sun in late Capricorn (January 16, 1974) but she has more planets in Aquarius than most Aquarians. Her Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in Aquarius.

Her birth time is not known, but her physical appearance and bohemian personality certainly seem to fit an Aquarius rising type. I would guess her Ascendant is placed conjunct her Venus in Aquarius. (See her natal chart here.)

Her Moon is in the first half of Scorpio squaring her Aquarian Venus.

She has a T-square with Venus as the apex planet at seven degrees Aquarius. Mars squares her Venus from eight degrees Taurus and the Scorpio Moon squares the Venus and opposes her Mars.

Saturn is now creating a very powerful 'grand cross' out of this fixed sign t-square as it transits at 7-8 degrees of Leo. This is the worst possible degree for transiting Saturn in her chart, and the transit has been very difficult for her personal and professional life.

The above fine art print is Kate Moss by Mario Testino