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December 21, 2005

New Year's Resolutions and the Moon

If you're planning on making a New Year's Resolution this year you'll be happy to know it's good year astrologically for resolutions.

The best time to start new things and increase the odds of succeeding, is just after a New Moon. And a new moon is a frequent occurrence, it happens every 28 days. But this year the New Moon just happens to fall on December 31st, New Year's Eve (or December 30th, if you live in Europe).

Making a resolution to change some habit in your life will be more effective if started in the first few days after the New Moon. See a previous post on Weight Loss and Astrology Timing as one example.

This next New Moon (where Sun and Moon meet at the same degree in the zodiac) is on December 31st at ten degrees of Capricorn.

The people who are least likely to benefit from this New Year's New Moon in terms of starting new projects at this time, and being likely to succeed with them, are people whose natal Moon's are located between mid Capricorn and mid Aquarius. For this 1/12th of the general population, you can forget about a New Year's Resolution this year as it isn't likely to stick. This is because the New Year opens in your charts with the most non-active and lethargic period of 'the waning moon'; the last stages before the transiting Moon returns to the natal position in your chart.

For everyone else, make your New Year's Resolution with confidence now. Your resolve is much more likely to be successful this New Year as opposed to previous years.

That being said, the New Year is really just an artificial timeline for setting new goals for many people in the Western World. If you are wondering why there were times in your life when you made a habit-changing goal and it stuck...and succeeded, try looking at your natal Moon in relation to the transiting Moon cycle.

There will be a couple of times each year when your Natal Moon or Progressed Moon jives with the current transiting cycle of the New Moon. This cycle (unlike the arbitrary New Year's timeline) will be the most personalized one for you to set resolutions that last.

The above fine art print is 'Times Square New Year's Eve' by Jerry Driendl