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October 11, 2005

Weight Loss Diets and Astrology Timing

It seems like every other person is on a diet these days. What does astrology have to say about being overweight and going on a diet?

See an introductory post at Weight Loss Success Stories about this.

The above fine art print is Chocolate Sundae by Darrin Hoover


isthmus said...

A lost a lot of weight very quickly and w/o effort when Saturn was in my 6th house (health and diet) stationing opposite my sun. I eventually gained it back - an intentional move on my part.

M.K.V. said...

Thanks for your note. Transiting Saturn in the sixth house can definitely raise health or diet-related issues to the fore. I hope you weren't seriously sick. It sounds as though you've fully recovered.

isthmus nekoi said...

You're most welcome. I wasn't ill but I did experience a major drop in appetite; I'd literally forget to eat!

Muslim Astrologer Wazifa said...

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