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April 30, 2005

Progressed Sun Trine Jupiter

Woman on a BeachMost Aquarians are experiencing a transit of Jupiter trine your Sun in Aquarius at some point this year. This is one of the most pleasant and auspicious transits possible. To read more about this, see the previous article on this site here.

Jupiter trines Sun twice in a twevle year period, sometimes the transit lasts for only a couple of weeks, other times it lasts for a few months.

But there are some very lucky people out there who also experience a *progressed* Sun trining Jupiter at one point in their life. This progression lasts about three years and is probably the best possible astrological progression one can experience. (Actually progressed Jupiter trine Sun is even better, but even rarer.)

If you are an Aquarian (Sun in Aquarius), there is a good chance you will experience "progressed Sun trining your natal Jupiter" in adulthood if your natal Jupiter is in Scorpio or Cancer. The progressed Sun moves one degree every year. So for example, if you were born in mid Aquarius, on February 3rd for example, your natal Sun would at about 15 degrees of Aquarius. At age 30, your progressed Sun would be at 15 degrees Pisces. If your natal Jupiter was at 15 degrees Scorpio, you would be experiencing a "progressed Sun trine Jupiter" progression at age 30.

Traditionally this has always been considered the best progression possible in a chart. Here is the interpretation from Progressed Horoscope Simplified. This was a book published by Leigh Hope Milburn in 1928. It's an excellent book, though it has the negative simplistic quality of always calling squares and oppositions bad, and trines and sextiles good. But few books compare to this one when you are trying to figure out the meanings of progressions in your chart:

Progressed Sun Trine Jupiter: This, of course, is the best influence there is for general prosperity and advancement. The Sun with Venus marks the happiest period in life, but this marks the most important in the way of prosperity, good health and good fortune for the native. All of these will he receive while the door is opened by this benefic vibration. It is a time when there may be gains through speculations and investments, when journeys for business may be undertaken with promise of excellent results and when all business affairs should go well with the native. Jupiter is the planet that brings actual money, and the gains are substantial and quite tangible. With Venus the benefits are more in the way of love, friendship and pleasures; but Jupiter can bring all these things, and more, and is stronger for material gains than Venus. To women this influence frequently brings a man into the life, either as a husband or as an influential friend, who may prove of great value throughout life. Jupiter brings this advantage with his blessings - that as far as the nativity will allow, his gifts are permanent, and whatever advantages he offers may become permanent if he is able to make the proper use of them when the opportunities are offered. The period during which the Sun makes a good aspect to Jupiter, particularity if it should be the trine, stands out as a special period in the life, and no time ever quite comes up to this one for opportunities, favors, gains and advancement. This is a good time to travel, to push one's affairs, have dealings with foreign countries and to enter into philosophical, religious and legal affairs.


The above image is "Woman on a Beach" by Artist Unknown