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August 16, 2006

Ceres to Join the Planets?

Astronomers are meeting in Prague right now to finally put an end to the nebulous existing definition they use for what exactly constitutes a planet. If one of their central proposals go through, we will soon see three new planets in the solar system.

One is the asteroid Ceres. When Ceres was first discovered in 1801, it was considered a planet by astronomers, but it was soon demoted to the status of an asteroid because astronomers couldn't figure out its shape.

This seems like a very good time in human evolution to recognize Ceres as a planet. Ceres is recognized by astrologers as representing nurturing qualities. It's placement in our chart gives clues about how we nurture and care for other people as well as ourselves. Ceres is also deeply associated with our caring and nurturing relationship to the Earth; to the land and the health of the environment.

In human health, Ceres is associated with the womb and stomach.

According to Nick Anthony Fiorenza potential Ceres issues are: fear of abundance, lack and material struggle; low self esteem; unworthiness; abandonment / rejection issues expressing as attachment to people and things, manipulation of loved ones, over-attachment to siblings, possessiveness, and control of siblings or of one's creations; mother-child complexes; barrenness.

Ceres takes 4.6 years to orbit around the Sun.

It is very interesting that just now, as it's very status is being discussed, it is exactly conjunct Neptune at 18 degrees Aquarius. What might that mean??? ;-)

The above art print is Venus with Ceres and Juno by Raphael.