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September 10, 2005

1962 Aquarius - Update

Aquarius stelliumIt's been several months since I put out a call for 1962 Aquarians to contact me. I've now heard from 15 people. I'm waiting for 200 people born with a stellium in Aquarius to contact me before I send out a survey.

A few months ago, I was encouraged because I thought this site was starting to show up in Google's search engine. That turned out to be false optimism. It only lasted a few days and then the site disappeared again from the search engine. Over the past week, it has been showing up again for very few search words, but including searches such as "stellium in Aquarius".

I think once I've heard from 25 people I will mail out a note inviting everyone to introduce themselves in the comments section below. I'm hoping to keep this process completely confidential, so if you are a 1962 Aquarian and you email me, your email will not be shared with any of the other people on the list.

Update March 2006: I've now heard from about 35 people. See a meeting place for 1962 Aquarians here.