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April 19, 2006

Astrology and Synastry

Synastry is the astrological comparison of two people's charts to assess what kind of relationship they are likely to have with each other.

Carol Willis has written a very detailed summary of synastry aspects between two charts. Here's her notes on your Sun aspecting another person's Moon:

Another's planets conjoining our Sun tend to get our
attention and are hard to ignore. There are issues of
respect, power, admiration, authority, identity, self,
health and vitality, well-being, self-confidence, radiance,
and success.

Moon conjunct Sun: usually a strong attraction, lots in common, quick bonding and mutual understanding, openness to each other. Even if not a tight conjunction, having Moon and Sun in the same sign in any degree is a very important aspect in synastry, and usually makes for high compatibility
potential and attraction if not mitigated by other astrological and social/ethical/therapeutic factors. Moon opposition Sun usually brings out the complementary nature of both, and is actually a positive aspect in relationship
most of the time.

Check out her excellent article on synastry here.

The above image is 'Oh Happy Day' by Alfred Gockel