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March 01, 2005

Free Natal Reports

Buy at Art.comI've been surfing the web for so many years it is rare now to find a great astrology site that I haven't seen before. Chaos Astrology by Michelle Jacobs is one such site that I stumbled on recently. Aside from some very mind bending articles on the macrocosm/microcosm significance of astrology, the site offers free charts and free natal chart interpretation reports. The natal chart report is very well written and provides a fresh and unique look at your planet placements. As a small sample, here is her interpretation of Sun in Aquarius;

"You are open-minded, liberal and have a definite sense of mission. Above all, you are progressive, and enjoy putting into practice that which is good for all. Your altruism may appear to others as coolness, but you are only being democratic; a free-force. You refuse to dictate or be dictated to. At home with different cultures and people, you love working with diverse groups and should align your life activity with some social cause, concept or ideal in order to establish your significance within society. You are strong on reformation and may sometimes intentionally go against the grain in order to draw focus on some revolutionary or innovative plan for the future. A great individualizer, your goal is to become that 'uncommon creature' within the larger group. Your genius is your undying belief in the promise of tomorrow. Aquarius is the sign of humanitarian goals. Always impartial and nonsectarian, Aquarian energy is communal (even global). The focus is on the goal, and the goal is always one that is for the many and not the few. Thus this sign is connected to far-seeing visions, world views and group work of all kinds."

Check out your free natal chart interpretation at Chaos Astrology here.

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