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March 12, 2006

Auspicious Time to Start a New Venture?

Someone emailed me this question a couple of weeks ago:

I am launching a site on March 21, 2006. Where would the best place be to find if this is an auspicious time for an Aquarian such as myself (2/10/72)?

I think the answer to this could take up all the pages of a long astrology book. But here are some brief pointers. I hope other people will add their thoughts too.

If you are going to look to astrology to find an auspicious date to start a new venture, you need to look at the chart for the proposed starting time as well as your own natal chart.

In the new venture chart, try to avoid having Moon in hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition) to Saturn. The Moon represents your new sites audience or the potential customers for your new business. If you can also avoid having the Moon in hard aspect to Uranus, Pluto or Mars, all the better.

Don't start something you want to last a long time in the last days before a New Moon. It's best to wait for the waxing moon, the half of each month when the Moon is increasing in light as this is a better time for promoting growth and prosperity.

It's always nice to have Jupiter or Venus conjuncting or in good aspect to any of the other planets and especially the Sun, Moon and ruling planet.

When you compare the two charts (yours and the new venture) try to choose a date where your Moon and Sun are in good aspect to the key placements in the new venture chart.

Does anyone know of a good website that discusses this in detail? What other factors would others suggest here?