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April 15, 2005

All about Aquarians and Search Engines

Woman with Green EyesAquarian Digest is a site for articles about Aquarians and Aquarius. I'd be keen to hear from people about any Aquarian resources this site should be exploring or linking to.

I've been writing here for about five months and the site is now getting about forty page views a day. For some reason it still doesn't show up at all in MSN searches, and is almost invisible in Google. But the Yahoo search engine has picked it up well. I'm using a web counter to get stats for the site. This web counter also tells me what search terms bring people to this site.

It's interesting to see what kind of search terms Aquarian Digest ranks on the first page in Yahoo for. Here are some examples of what people have searched for this week when they land on this site. Aquarian Digest shows up on the first search page at Yahoo for these terms as well as many other similarily obscure searches.

  • aquarians
  • free natal chart interpretation
  • venus in aquarius
  • best astrology software
  • jupiter trine sun
  • aquarian luck
  • ebertin uranus
  • dawning of the age of aquarius lyrics
  • aquarius biography
  • are Aquarius people verbal?
  • magnetic attraction and Uranus
  • marriage forecast for Aquarius 2005
  • aquarius rising are attractive people
  • oprah winfrey hobbies
  • how to get revenge on an aquarian female

This last query was quite the zinger! Somehow the Yahoo Search Engine shows Aquarian Digest in first place for this weird search query.

From the kinds of searches people make, I can tell what kind of information may be popular. On the other hand, I can only see what kinds of searches this site already ranks highly for. I can see that many of the people who searched for the terms above did not have their questions answered when they visited the landing page on Aquarian Digest.

Once again, if any of you know of some interesting material that should be published or linked to at Aquarian Digest, please let me know.

The above image is Woman with Green Eyes by Tamara De Lempick