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February 15, 2005

Saturn Transits and Depression

If natal Saturn makes hard aspects to your Moon, Venus or Sun you may experience symptoms of depression more often than the average person.

Saturn is the planet of melancholy. One of the most difficult natal placements to overcome is Saturn in hard aspect to the Moon. This is the aspect most often signifying a dire lack of love in the childhood environment with the resulting susceptibility to depression later in adulthood.

If your Saturn is well placed in your chart, either in the sign of rulership or exhaltation (Capricorn, Aquarius, Libra, 10th, 11th, or 7th house) or it makes strong aspects to other personal planets in your chart, than you are more likely to benefit from the positive manifestations of Saturn. These include a healthy ambition and a mature sense of responsibility toward the self and others.

Transiting Saturn will begin opposing Aquarian planets later this year when it enters Leo. It will transit through Leo for about two years beginning in July 2005. Saturn in Leo will be particularly challenging for people who have Sun, Moon or Venus in Aquarius, Scorpio or Taurus.

Aquarians who have their Sun (or other personal planets) in the first twelve degrees of Aquarius will begin experiencing the Saturn opposition in the second half of 2005. Saturn oppositions typically manifest as adversities arising from other people in your life, particularly authority figures (such as employers or parents). A Saturn opposition Sun transit can be hard on the health and leave you feeling unusually tired and depressed. Transiting Saturn oppose Sun need not be a negative experience. In fact, in some cases in can bring about increased responsibilities that work out tremendously well for the individual.

To get an idea of what could be in store for you as Saturn opposes your Sun, look back and recall what was happening in your life the last time Saturn made a hard aspect to your Sun. Saturn moves through all the astrological houses in your chart over 29 years. If you are over thirty, you have experienced this opposition before. For the first third of Aquarians who will be feeling the opposition later this year, look back to what was happening for you in 1976 and how this could relate to this transit of Saturn opposing your Sun. Look also at what happened in 1991-1992 when transiting Saturn was conjunct your Sun.

What houses in your chart were affected by these transits? What kind of life experiences did this transit manifest for you in the past?

This transit shouldn't be taken out context with other action in your chart. For example Jupiter is also trining Sun in Aquarius this year, and this is one of the most optimistic and auspicious of all transits.


If you're in the midst of relationship upheaval, see more on this at Relationship Break-up.

If you're undergoing a a rough time under the pull of Saturn, I personally found the following books very helpful for understanding the process and gaining comforting insight into my situation. See more about Saturn, Saturn in Transit and Dynamics of the Unconscious at Amazon.

saturn transits

saturn transits

saturn transits

The above fine art print is "Thinking of Him" by Roy Lichetenstein