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December 11, 2004

Hobbies and Sports for Aquarians

To continue the previous post, Parkers' Astrology has an excellent section where they sugest what leisure pursuits would be most enjoyable and compatible for people, based on Sun and Rising Sign combinations.

astrology bookSuch a list thus divides humanity into only 144 subsets. Yet it still seems very accurate for the personal preferences I've found in looking at charts of friends. If you are looking for a new hobby or passion, have a look at their suggestions.

Here are three partial excerpts from their book:

Suggested Leisure Activities for:

Sun in Aquarius / Ascendant in Leo
gym workouts, committee work, music appreciation, opera, skating, ballet, dress design and making, acting

Sun in Aquarius / Ascendant in Capricorn
cross-country skiing or running, geology, charity fundraising, entertaining, campanology, glass engraving

Sun in Aquarius / Ascendant in Pisces
gymnastics, sailing, ESP, crystallography, history of the cinema, lampshade making, guitar, video, mime

If you are new to astrology and do not know where your Ascendant is placed link here to see how to find your Ascendant.