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January 06, 2005

Astrology for Beginners

Are you a beginner in astrology? Do you know your Sun is in Aquarius but haven't a clue where your Moon and Ascendant are located?

Aquarian Digest is aimed at readers who already have a knowledge of astrology beyond Sun sign astrology. However if you are a beginner and would like to learn more, here are some useful resources.

The place to start is to get a free natal chart.

Your natal chart shows the position of the planets and houses at the time of your birth. If you know the date, time and location of your birth, you can get a completely accurate free natal chart online. If you don't know what time you were born, you will only get an approximation but you will still be able to find out what astrological signs all your planets are placed in and what aspects they make with each other.

This will tell you a great deal more about your personality, compatibility issues and areas of strong potential than the general snippets about being an Aquarian you find in popular astrology columns.

The best sites with free natal charts are listed here at Aquarian Digest.

Once you have your natal chart, you'll want to learn about what it means. There are lots of good sites with information for beginners. Or you can go to the library and get a book. The two books I'd recommend are the first two on this list at Aquarian Digest.

The other option if you want the information right now, including a detailed interpretation of what your birth chart says about you, is to pay about $20 for a good online natal chart report.

Astrology can get very interesting once you move beyond Sun sign astrology. Some of the best minds have devoted a lot of study to it including Carl Jung, William Shakespeare, William Butler Yeats, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Johann Von Goethe, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and J.P. Morgan.

Having said all that however, *if you are completely new to astrology*, such that you do not know that Aquarius is most compatible with Libra and Gemini, then reading one good Sun sign book would be a valuable experience. There are dozens of Sun sign books out there but most people agree the best is by Linda Goodman.

Readers rave about it for good reason. Goodman had an uncanny understanding of the core essence of all twelve zodiac signs. Her insights have been plagiarized by countless other writers since she wrote it.

Here's a typical example of how people feel about her book.

"I was skeptical about astrology until I read this book. It converted me, and I got into a serious study of the subject. When I read about my sun sign (Aquarius) in this book I was bowled over by Linda's penetrating observations. Astrology tells us much more about personality than psychology ever can, especially when it is made so accessible by Linda. She writes in a very readable manner, and has an enormous appreciation of the quirks and foibles of human nature. Linda gives generous servings of a delicious sense of humor. For example, many Librans, she says, have dimpled knees, "but be careful. Very few girls will believe you when you tell them that you were staring at their knees 'because I want to see if you were born in October.'"

Sun SignsLinda presents a rundown of how males and females of each sign act in a romantic situation. Men can learn much from this book because Linda has the knack of showing the more subtle aspects of relationship from a female point of view. For example, one way, she says, of attracting a Cancer man is to "Wear one of those bracelets made of foreign coins. That will strike two sensitive chords - travel to faraway places - and cash." In the book are many helpful hints for lovers, tailored for each sun sign. As Linda says in her introduction, she believes people can be more tolerant of others if they understand them through astrology. This book is informative and a joy to read. The world today is too conformist. Linda makes you realize how wonderful and wacky people can be, and we need all people to enrich life by living out their star-spun destinies."
review by Alan Pert. View Linda Goodman's Sun Signs at Amazon.