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January 31, 2005

New Moon in Aquarius

Point of LightThe New Moon in Aquarius takes place on February 8th this year.

It will be a very buoyant time for Aquarians. The potential for great luck and progress is there for those who seize the opportunity and take action towards their goals.

Anyone born near February 8th will feel this influence very strongly over the next year because this New Moon will be represented in their solar return.

Anyone with other planets at eighteen to twenty-two degrees of Aquarius will feel this influence at least throughout February.

This New Moon in Aquarius is also joined by three other planets in Aquarius; Mercury, Venus and Neptune.

Jupiter will be making a strong supportive aspect to the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune during this New Moon.


Jupiter is trining Aquarian planets throughout 2005. For more info on the Jupiter transit, link here at Aquarian Digest.

For further interpretations of monthly new and full moons, check out the succinct and excellent luminary reports at Oculus Divinorum.

The image above is "Point of Light" by Marlene Healey

January 30, 2005

Calling all 1962 Aquarians

Meeting IAre you an Aquarian born in 1962? If so, Aquarian Digest would like to hear from you.

Aquarians born in 1962 have the highest concentration of planets in Aquarius of any people born in the history of mankind. Many of them have a super stellium in Aquarius made up of Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. This makes them an interesting astrological case study!

One of the objectives of Aquarian Digest is to undertake a survey of 1962 Aquarians. I'm hoping to collect emails from
at least two hundred people. This may take many months. At that point I would like to send out a questionnaire to ask more specifics about your life experiences. It's important to me that the survey is completely confidential and anonymous as to any specific person's answers. Those who participate will receive the results of the survey via email. If the results seem very interesting from an astrological research point of view, I may also try to write a short book about 1962 Aquarians.

Please sign up if you are a 1962 Aquarian and would like to participate in this survey.

Also visit a meeting place on this site for 1962 Aquarians.

See also an article about 1962 Aquarians here.

The image above is "Meeting I" by Siegfried Hormannsdorfer

January 21, 2005

Neptune conjunct Sun

Transiting Neptune conjunct Sun can only happen once in a lifetime.

Neptune has been in Aquarius since 1998 and will be moving over the middle degrees in 2005. Aquarians born between February 2nd to February 6th will feel the effects most strongly this year. Anyone who has personal planets in fourteen to eighteen degrees of Aquarius (not to mention Leo, Scorpio, Taurus, Gemini and Libra) will feel the dissolving effects of the Neptunian pull this year.

If Neptune is already strongly tied into your birth chart with natal aspects to personal planets, this transit will not be as potentially disorienting as it would be for people who are not accustomed from birth to the Neptunian energy.

How can we summarize the likely effects of Neptune over your Sun? For those people who are keenly logical, rational, and focused squarely in the material world, this transit will likely help to precipitate a shake-up in your approach to life this year. Some outer circumstances in your life may change in such a way as to pull you into a more introspective, dreamy, glamorous, escapist, spiritual or artistic view of life.

Neptune tends to dissolve the overly-rational aspects in people's perspectives. In the unfortunate cases it can help precipitate a deceptive, delusional or psychotic state where a hold on reality is temporarily disabled. In the best cases it can lead to tremendous creativity or spiritual development; opening eyes to the beauty and joy around us every day.

Uranus in Pisces

BellagioUranus in Pisces is like lightning trying to pass through the deepest waters.

Uranus can be viewed as the speedy drill of an electrified mind (it's the higher octave of Mercury) and Neptune can represent the collective consciousness, dreams and beauty (as the higher octave of Venus). The two are not altogether compatible!

So what sort of predictions can we make about the seven year period (from 2003 to 2010) when Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) and Neptune (the ruler of Pisces) trade homes and live in 'mutual reception'?

The best analysis I've seen so far is by Jeanne Mozier. In an article she published in the Mountain Astrologer in early 2003, she discusses the likely manifestations during this period of the "eruption of psyche".

She believes we can expect a 'dramatic increase in psychic sensitivity" and has some novel ideas about how that might play out. She sees a continued emphasis on technology (as signified by the previous transit of Uranus through Aquarius from 1996 to 2003) "at the same time that the mystical, spiritual essence of Pisces is intensified. Mystics with modems will be the Order of the day. will be a much consulted web address. Technology may be developed to pick up psychic impressions or to monitor dreams (or make them lucid). "

Mozier makes interesting predictions about the likely increased popularity of vegetarianism, pediatrists, telepathic connections, personal spiritual trainers, aura scanners, rehab spas and water companies.

She mentions tsunamis a couple of times in the article and notes that "water and all the places it is kept will face disruption and upheavel".

View Mozier' article Uranus in Pisces: Enter the Imaginarium at her website.

January 20, 2005

Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

Have you ever wondered about the lyrics in "The Age of Aquarius" song by The 5th Dimension?

When the moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars

Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius
Aquarius! Aquarius!
Harmony and understanding
Sympathy and trust abounding

No more falsehoods or derisions

Golden living dreams of visions

Mystic crystal revelation

And the mind's true liberation

Aquarius! Aquarius!

When the moon is in the seventh house
And Jupiter aligns with Mars
Then peace will guide the planets
And love will steer the stars
This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius

The Age of Aquarius
Aquarius! Aquarius!
Let the sun shine, Let the sun shine in

The sun shine in
Let the sun shine,
Let the sun shine in
The sun shine in

The question of whether we have entered the Age of Aquarius is still being debated amongst astrologers.

What we do know is that
the 5th Dimension didn't consult with astrologers when they created these beautiful lyrics. An astrologer would have told them their lyrics were nonsensical. That the Moon is in the 7th house on a daily basis for any given location. And Jupiter aligns with Mars a few times each year.

Maybe the 5th Dimension didn't feel the need to consult astrologers on this. Maybe they used a higher level of knowledge about the cosmos than we can glean with our current understanding of astrology . Possibly a clue as to when we will see the dawning of the Age of Aquarius is buried right there in the lyrics after all; when we "let the sun shine in."

Want to hear this song? Click to get it from Apple's iTunes:

Let the Sunshine In (Reprise)

The image above is of our galactic neighbor, the Large Magellanic Cloud.
Source: the Hubble Heritage Team

January 17, 2005

Marriage of Sun and Moon

Buy at Art.comWhat is the chemistry that ultimately leads to marriage?

Astrologers believe we can measure strong compatibility between two people by comparing their birth charts.

Carl Jung conducted one of the rare statistical studies on this topic. Not many people realize Jung was a serious student of astrology. This summary of Jung's detailed study is provided in
Roots of Consciousness:

"In an analysis of 483 pairs of charts from married couples chosen at random, Jung found a perponderance of aspects that woud signify such a relationship. Most notably the moon of the woman was found to be in conjunction with either the sun, the moon, or the ascendant of her husband. A control group of over 32,000 unmarried pairs of charts did not show these aspects. Statistical analysis indicated the results obtained could have happened by chance only one time in ten thousand."


Link here for further info on astrological compatibility.

Update on January 31st, 2005:

I've just read that Carl Jung's astrological study was not as completely statistically rigorous as it could have been. For an explanation of this, see the August 8th, 2004 entry at the very interesting 0.divinorum blog.

January 14, 2005

Aquarius Compatibility

Aquarius is most compatible with Libra and Gemini. Aquarians also relate very well with Sagittarius and Aries. They are less likely to be friends or partners with Cancer and Virgo. Aquarius is least likely to be compatible with Scorpio and Taurus.

This kind of reasoning is based on Sun sign astrology. It can be helpful to a degree. But it's inaccurate much of the time. It's based on less than ten percent of the information that you would need to evaluate the likelihood of astrological compatibility between two people.

If your Sun sign is in Aquarius and you are in a happy love relationship with a Taurus there is probably a good underlying astrological basis to this compatibility. As an example, your Moon might be in Taurus. And your partners Ascendant may be in Aquarius conjunct your Sun.

There are several key indicators of compatibility between two people. Firstly the indicators will be different and have different weights depending on whether you are looking at long-term love, a passionate fling or compatibility between friends or co-workers.

The aspect that most signifies true and lasting compatibility between two lovers is the Sun/Moon connection.

The coming together of the Sun and Moon is essentially the astrological definition of marriage. It is the unity of masculine and feminine energies. Here the conjunction is strongest, the trine is also very powerful, the opposition can be positive but the square is usually detrimental.

If an Aquarian male is born on February 3rd for example, his Sun will be in the middle of the Aquarius sign. He will naturally feel at home with any woman who has her Moon in Aquarius (and particularity in mid Aquarius). The tighter the aspect, the more compelling will be the mutual attraction and harmony. He will also feel an instant attraction for women with Moons in Gemini and Libra, and often Leo. The tighter the trine or opposition, the stronger the attraction.

Aquarian females can see where the Moon is located in their natal charts. If it's in Virgo for example, this will explain why you may often find yourself deeply connected to Virgo males, though this would not be explained by Sun sign astrology.

For magnetic or sexual attraction indicators, look to the aspects that are made between Mars and Venus in the two birth charts. The conjunction is the most powerful, but oppositions, squares and trines are also strong indicators of a magnetic, physical attraction between two people. Other strong indicators are Venus/Uranus and Venus/Pluto aspects between two charts.

This is a brief and incomplete overview of some of the key compatibility aspects.
To find out compatibility potential based on a real astrological analysis you would need to compare the two birth charts. You can do this for free at several online sites.

The above fine art print is "Tendresse" by Claude Theberge. See at

2005 Forecast for Aquarius

Are you wondering what's in store for Aquarius in 2005?

All Aquarians (people with Sun in Aquarius) will experience the lucky transit of Jupiter trining their Sun at some point this year. To read more about this see Jupiter in Libra trining Aquarius in 2005 at Aquarian Digest.

Neil Giles provides a free 2005 overview for Aquarians here.

For readers with a good knowledge of astrology, Anne Massey provides a superb overview of the major planetary cycles for 2005.

If you are a beginner in astrology, you may not know you can get a free customized forecast based on your date and time of birth. Link here at Aquarian Digest to find out more about this.

Debunking Astrology

Someone needs to sit Lucy Mangan down and talk to her about Galileo. A few days ago, in the Guardian, she wrote:

"The next time a woman...asks you what star sign you are...or talks about realigning anything but shelves, make a stand. Back her into a corner and talk at her about Galileo, Darwin, Einstein, Crick and Watson and Jeremy Paxman until she admits the error of her ways. For astrology and the rest to flourish it is only necessary that those with an IQ in double figures do nothing."

It so happens Galileo was a serious student of astrology. Carl Jung,
William Shakespeare, William Butler Yeats, Johannes Kepler, Johann Von Goethe, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and J.P. Morgan are also all known to have devoted a lot of time to the study of astrology.

Bruce Scofield has written an article about the astrology studies of some of the greatest scientists. Link to it here at Mountain Astrologer.

Lucy, for some IQ challenging reading, check it out!

January 13, 2005

Aquarian Female Characteristics

This page is under construction.
For a detailed description of Aquarian personality traits, see Deborah Houlding's article about Aquarius at Skyscript.

January 06, 2005

Astrology for Beginners

Are you a beginner in astrology? Do you know your Sun is in Aquarius but haven't a clue where your Moon and Ascendant are located?

Aquarian Digest is aimed at readers who already have a knowledge of astrology beyond Sun sign astrology. However if you are a beginner and would like to learn more, here are some useful resources.

The place to start is to get a free natal chart.

Your natal chart shows the position of the planets and houses at the time of your birth. If you know the date, time and location of your birth, you can get a completely accurate free natal chart online. If you don't know what time you were born, you will only get an approximation but you will still be able to find out what astrological signs all your planets are placed in and what aspects they make with each other.

This will tell you a great deal more about your personality, compatibility issues and areas of strong potential than the general snippets about being an Aquarian you find in popular astrology columns.

The best sites with free natal charts are listed here at Aquarian Digest.

Once you have your natal chart, you'll want to learn about what it means. There are lots of good sites with information for beginners. Or you can go to the library and get a book. The two books I'd recommend are the first two on this list at Aquarian Digest.

The other option if you want the information right now, including a detailed interpretation of what your birth chart says about you, is to pay about $20 for a good online natal chart report.

Astrology can get very interesting once you move beyond Sun sign astrology. Some of the best minds have devoted a lot of study to it including Carl Jung, William Shakespeare, William Butler Yeats, Johannes Kepler, Galileo Galilei, Johann Von Goethe, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and J.P. Morgan.

Having said all that however, *if you are completely new to astrology*, such that you do not know that Aquarius is most compatible with Libra and Gemini, then reading one good Sun sign book would be a valuable experience. There are dozens of Sun sign books out there but most people agree the best is by Linda Goodman.

Readers rave about it for good reason. Goodman had an uncanny understanding of the core essence of all twelve zodiac signs. Her insights have been plagiarized by countless other writers since she wrote it.

Here's a typical example of how people feel about her book.

"I was skeptical about astrology until I read this book. It converted me, and I got into a serious study of the subject. When I read about my sun sign (Aquarius) in this book I was bowled over by Linda's penetrating observations. Astrology tells us much more about personality than psychology ever can, especially when it is made so accessible by Linda. She writes in a very readable manner, and has an enormous appreciation of the quirks and foibles of human nature. Linda gives generous servings of a delicious sense of humor. For example, many Librans, she says, have dimpled knees, "but be careful. Very few girls will believe you when you tell them that you were staring at their knees 'because I want to see if you were born in October.'"

Sun SignsLinda presents a rundown of how males and females of each sign act in a romantic situation. Men can learn much from this book because Linda has the knack of showing the more subtle aspects of relationship from a female point of view. For example, one way, she says, of attracting a Cancer man is to "Wear one of those bracelets made of foreign coins. That will strike two sensitive chords - travel to faraway places - and cash." In the book are many helpful hints for lovers, tailored for each sun sign. As Linda says in her introduction, she believes people can be more tolerant of others if they understand them through astrology. This book is informative and a joy to read. The world today is too conformist. Linda makes you realize how wonderful and wacky people can be, and we need all people to enrich life by living out their star-spun destinies."
review by Alan Pert. View Linda Goodman's Sun Signs at Amazon.

January 04, 2005

Aquarian Jennifer Jason Leigh

Jennifer Jason Leigh is an extreme Aquarian. She was born with Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. To see her natal chart, please link here to Astrotheme.

Leigh is an actress who experienced her peak in fame in her 20's and early 30's. She will be turning 43 on February 5th. The current transit of Jupiter through Libra should bring her back into the media limelight in a big way this year. Jupiter will be stationing at 19 degrees on February 1st and again at 9 degrees in May. Leigh's chart is such that she could benefit greatly from this transit.

Jupiter will be making an extended trine to her Sun/Venus/Jupiter conjunction at 16 to 19 degrees of Aquarius from her fifth house in Libra. Jupiter will also be making an extended trine to her Ascendant at 13 degrees of Gemini. Her Sun/Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius is placed in her ninth house, but close enough to her Midheaven to be considered conjunct with the MC at 23 degrees of Aquarius. Her moon in Aquarius exactly opposes Uranus; the ruler of all her planets. Her progressed Jupiter is now conjunct this Moon in her 10th house. Transiting Pluto is also sextiling her Midheaven this year.

It will be interesting to see whether we hear a lot more about Leigh in 2005.