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January 21, 2007

A Roll Call for Aquarians born in 1962

This is an update for Aquarians born in 1962.

As you know, I'm trying to get at least 200 people to take part in a survey of 1962 Aquarians. These are people born with the highest concentration of Aquarius planets throughout any time in history.

I have some sorry news. I've collected emails from almost 100 people since I put out the call two years ago. But a while ago I was cleaning my email folders and accidentally deleted all the emails from 1962 Aquarians! After this happened I was so unhappy with myself and ready to fold everything and just quit. I really don't want to start all over again.

However then I thought maybe it's better this way. This whole process should be more of a collaboration and less centrally planned (more on that later).

Because I started this two years ago, I am sure many people who responded in the first year may no longer even be interested in participating. And many of the emails I got were people's secondary addresses that may no longer be active. So I thought it would be better to try this instead:

Would all 1962 Aquarians who want to participate in the survey please add your vote in the comments here with just 1) your name (or nickname), 2) date of birth and 3) ascendant and moon sign (if known).

This way we will all know exactly how many people are on the list and how fast it's growing. It's also a good way for people to see if they have an astrology twin on this list.

Once we approach 200 names we can talk about how to best proceed with the survey. I hope you agree this may be a better way to go.

Please add your vote below for the survey to go ahead.
This is just a roll call. Only one post per person please (to keep it simple for counting heads.) You can hopefully also introduce yourself at the meeting place if you haven't yet done so.


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moira said...

January 30th 1962
Gemini Ascendant, Scorpio Moon

Ken Paul said...

February 10th 1962
Leo Ascendant, Taurus Moon

Giuseppe said...

Rome (Italy) February 5th 1962 11:00 am
Taurus ascendant, Aquarius moon

Alan said...

Atlanta, February 3rd 1962, 3:20 A.M.
Sagitarius Ascendant, Capricorn Moon

philip said...

January 22th 1962
Gemini Ascendant, Leo Moon

kc said...

January 22, '62, Virgo Ascendant, Leo Moon

Christine said...

February 9th 1962
Taurus Ascendant, Aries Moon

map said...

Jan 22 1962
Virgo asc, Leo moon

Anonymous said...

Robyn said....
February 6, 1962
Scorpio Ascendant, Pisces Moon

Jim said...

February 5th 1962 5:24AM (EST)
Capricorn Ascendant, Aquarius Moon

Anonymous said...

Doug said . . .

February 8, 1962
Leo Ascendant, Aries Moon

Jennifer said...

Cleveland, Ohio
February 3, 1962

karin said...

Feb 4th 1962, Cancer Ascendant,Moon Aquarius.

Syrophoenecian Woman said...

Feb. 4th 1962, Toronto, Canada 2:00 a.m. Lisa

Anonymous said...

Peggy K.
January 31, 1962!

Anonymous said...

Sophie - February 2nd, 1962

Ascendant Virgo

Moon in Capricorn

Karen said...

January 19th 1962
Virgo Ascendant, Cancer Moon

Anonymous said...

Mindy said...
February 14, 1962
Pisces Ascendant, Cancer Moon

Lady Aquarius said...

February 5th, 1962

Sagittarius Ascendant, Aquarius Moon

diane lynn said...

diane lynn 4 february 1962 i think the survey will be very interesting and may answer many questions i have about the routes i take and their consequences.

Anonymous said...

Cynthia (Greek for Moon Godess)(nicknames Cynner, Skunk) Born February 4, 1962@ 6:33 pm in Galt, Ontario, Canada. Leo ascendant, Aquaris moon.

Anonymous said...

January 26th 1962

Aquarius Ascendant

Libra Moon

Anonymous said...

February 8th 1962, York, England
Capricorn Ascendant, Aries Moon

A. Drake said...

January 22, 1962, 5:05 AM, Norristown, PA
Saggitarius ascendant, Leo moon

Wendy said...

Jan 24 1962
Gemini/Taurus Ascendant???
Virgo Moon

Anonymous said...

13th Feb 1962
Saggitarius Ascendant
Gemini Moon

Eduarda said...

Feb 8, 1962
La Paz, Bolivia

fillyg said...

January 22, 1962
11:14 pm
Humboldt, Saskatchewan, Canada
Libra Ascendant, Virgo Moon

Anonymous said...

feb 13th 1962

Anonymous said...

Shirl H.
February 10th 1962

Anonymous said...


February 12, 1962

Pieces Ascendant

Anonymous said...

Kathleen Seattle Feb 5 00:19 am
scorpio ascendent, aquarius moon

michael said...

1962.2.8 - leo.ascendant - aries.moon

Anonymous said...

February 11, 1962
Born: Ravenna, Ohio
Taurus Ascendant, Taurus Moon

Anonymous said...


Pisces Ascendant, Virgo Moon

angela Hunter said...

February 6 1962 (6.20am - lots of 2s and 6s)
Capricorn Ascendant, Pisces Moon

donna said...

February 8th 1962
Scorpio Ascendant, ??Pisces Moon

Nigel Aish said...

22 January 1962, Masterton N.Z.
Ascendent ?? Leo Moon

Anonymous said...

Feb 5, 1962 - 1:10am Portland, OR
Scorpio Ascendent, Aquarius Moon

jeemie said...

february 1, 1962
Sagittarius ascendant, Sagittarius moon
born in Philadelphia, PA

James J. Matthews said...

February 5th 1962

Virgo Ascendant, Pisces Moon

Brett said...

February 5th 1962

Anonymous said...

Belinda said

4th february 1962
London, England

Aquarius moon
??????? ascendent

Anonymous said...

lmg, Feb 14, 1962, 7:11 AM..New Jersey

Saravuth said...

Saravuth, born in Pnom Penh, Cambodia in 1962. Exact birthdate is unknown. Any birth records were lost during the war. My family used to call me a little tiger because I was born on the tiger year which was 1962. I have many life experiences to share with all you. Part of my life was published in a book called "Children of Cambodian's Killing Fields". I'm working on my second book right now.

gmsierra126 said...

Denise Harrison
January 26,1962 2:53 A.M.
Trenton, New Jersey.

I am so glad that I found this website! It is good to know that 1962 is well represented.

Anonymous said...

February 5th 1962 7:15am
Aquarius Ascendant, Aquarius Moon

Anonymous said...

Janette February 4th, 1962

Anonymous said...

February 16, 1962
Capricorn Ascendant, Cancer Moon

melissa said...

February 5, 1962
7:00 a.m.
Aquarius ascendant, Aquarius moon

james said...

Feb. 19th 1962 1:35am
Waukegan Il. living on the edge

Anonymous said...

I am 21 days into 1963, would that still do to participate in the survey ?
Roxanne jan 21 1963 ( sun/saturn in aquarius )
Aquarius rising Virgo (moon/venus Saggisttarious)
Water Tiger

Anonymous said...

February 1, 1962
Sagittarius ascendant, Sagittarius moon

Anonymous said...

February 1, 1962
Taurus Ascendant, Sagittaruis Moon

Antonio said...

February 6, 1962
4:30 am

Anonymous said...

can i still post? cuz, my husband and myself are: 2-3-55 4:03 a/m teaneck NJ, female, teresa, aka (terri), my husband: 2-3-61 6:40 a/m queens ny, edward...aka ed, all i've read i can relate too!! painfully so! and so can ed...this goes beyond that one year!, thanx...terri

ChromeCowgirl said...

February 6, 1962
Aquarius Ascendant, Pisces Moon

Anonymous said...

February 5th, 1962, 5:33 am
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Capricorn Ascendant, Aquarius Moon

Crowinthewind said...

Feb 11 1962 I was conceived on the ground my Mother craved and did eat dirt.I was born on a the ground.born on the moon of the cold winds.I could not have my forskin cut until I was able to crawl. (to make real sure!)

Anonymous said...

Kai -
Born Friday Feb. 9th 1962 9am Oakland Kaiser Hospital. My Mom and Grand Mother always made a big deal out of my Astrolgy but I have not grasped the significance yet. Maybe you can help?

gigi said...

January 23rd 1962
Bristol, Tennessee

Becky said...

February 11th 1962 11:55pm (PST)
Ascendent Scoripo, Moon Gemini

Anonymous said...

Feb 7 1962
Aquarius Rising

Aine said...

February 2nd 1962

jaime said...

Sorry I'm late, but I have arrived :-) What a long strange trip it's been!
Pennsylvania, USA
January 26, 62
Virgo Ascendant, Libra Moon

Who removed the yahoo group?

tina said...

February 4, 1962
? Ascendant, ? Moon

bluenosegirl said...

13 February 1962
Aquarius ascendant, Gemini Moon
Sagittarius midheaven

Anonymous said...

I'm new here.

Was born on 2/4/62 at 12:01EST, near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. My rising sign was Gemini. A few planets, I think, are very much aligned.

I've been looking for all of you for, well, my whole life!

Please email me if you'd like, at,

oldsoul said...


February 2nd 1962

Renn said...

Sydney, 29th January, 1962
Now living in Paris, France

Lisa said...

Lisa living currently in Las Vegas, Nevada
Born February 3rd, 1962 in Decatur, Illinois at 12:20 A.M.

Carrie said...

Verrrrry interesting... I just found out about this from a fellow Aquastell in a class we are in together (Practical Mysticism) at the Religious Science church we belong to. How very practical ;-)
I am Carrie - born 1/24/62, Leo Ascendant, Virgo Moon.

mysticpamela said...

Hello, I was born Pamela Sue Ash and my birth date is February 17, 1962, 2:37pm, St. Louis, Mo., USA.
My Rising sign is Cancer,
Moon is Leo.

Christopher Coppola said...

Christopher Coppola
January 25, 1962
Leo rising, Libra moon

Check out is something I have been building that I think will help people tap into the creative process, find their unique voices and make the world a better place.

Anonymous said...

Feb.5, 1962, 10:08am EST, Ohio
Aries Ascendant, Aquarius Moon

Irishwishes2004yahoo said...

Mary L. Hardy
January 27th, 1962
4:00 a.m. in Missouri, USA

Keith said...

Keith said...

February 6th, 1962 12:27 pm. Chicago.
Gemini ascendent, Pisces Moon

wings said...

February 18th, 1962
Gemini Ascendant, Leo Moon

Mollycat said...

Feb 13, 1962
Libra rising (ascendant) Gemini Moon
Love hate relationship with all the air. Love thoughts ideas, etc, but occasionally- albeit rarely- wish I had some earth or water going on in my chart. Mainly air, tiny bit o fire.

Anonymous said...

february 18th 1962 from Melbourne Australia

Martin said...

Feburary 3 1962
Aries Ascendant, Capricorn Moon

Mo said...

February 5, 1962
Norman, OK 9:20 am
Pisces Ascendant, Aquarius Moon

chrisanthi said...

February 10th 1962
Sag Ascendant, Aries Moon

Dar said...

February 4th 1962
Aquarius moon, Taurus rising
11:00am Soest, Westfalen Germany

Dar said...

February 4th 1962, 11:00am Aquarius Moon, Taurus rising. Soest, Westfalen Germany

Michael said...

February 5th 1962
Lynwood, CA USA

Anonymous said...

Janet said...
21 January 1962
Toronto, ON
Ascendant: Scorpio
Moon: Leo

Anonymous said...

Tim, Feb 18 1962, Aldershot, England

lisa said...

January 28th 1962
Aquarius Ascendant, Scorpio moon

Anonymous said...

February 7th 1962 1710 hrs

Anonymous said...

i was born feb 15th 1962

Anonymous said...

20 January 1962
Sun Aquarius 0°10'13
Moon Cancer 29°34'20
Ascendant Leo 6°39'15

CC said...

January 25, 1962
Ascendant: Sagittarius
Moon: Virgo

Anonymous said...

Mott said:
February 3rd 62
(7:55 Whitehorse, Yukon)
Capricorn Moon
Ascendant Pisces

Please proceed.

Anonymous said...

5th february 1962 23.00hours

Anonymous said...

February 16,1962-8:55 pm Brookyn, NY
Libra Rising, Moon in Leo/
Hello to all my fellow humanitarians.

Alter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
tiger2tame said...

February 6th 1962

tiger2tame said...

February 6th 1962

tiger2tame said...

February 6th 1962

SongFull said...

Carol Lester
Born January 24th 1962

Anonymous said...

I was born Feb 5 1962 at 2:35 Am in Pensacola Fla.

Tony Man said...

Tony Man
February 4 1962
6:40 AM GMT
London, UK

Rising Sign 22 Degrees Capricorn..
Moon 04 Degrees Aquarius...

Nuff said..

Anonymous said...

Feb. 3, 1962

sunnyshadow said...

January 21 1962
5:30 pm
Aquarius sun Leo rising

Leo Moon

I've got a stellium in Aquarius

Anonymous said...

Kate, 23rd January 1962, virgo moon, leo rising

Tony Man said...

London, England
February 4th '62
Ascendant 22 Capricorn
Aquarius Moon

Beth said...

2/2/62 at 8:22 AM

sunnyshadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Stella said...

Feb 11, 1962
Moon in Taurus
Scorpio ascendent

Anonymous said...

Columbus, OH
February 9, 1962

Anonymous said...

January 27, 1962

Lydia said...

January 28, 1962

Anonymous said...

February 6th, 1962
Scorpio Ascendant, Pisces Moon

gigi said...

February 5,1962 NY,NY
Sagittarius Ascendant,Aquarius moon

gigi said...

February 5, 1962 NY,NY
Sagittarius Ascendant,Aquarius moon

Joshua said...

joshua said

January 27th 1962
???Ascendant,??? moon
I think I could learn something here.

Anonymous said...

Sophie says:
February 2nd, 962
Virgo Ascendant, Moon Capricorn

Anonymous said...

February 10, 1962

Anonymous said...

Jane Rogers.
Born 22 January 1962.
Ascendent Libra as I was born at 10.15pm in Warrington, Cheshire.

My email address is

Kathy said...

January 31, 1962
Gemini ascendant, Sagitarrius moon.

peggy jadack said...

January 26, 1962
Aquarius Ascendant
Libra moon

Anonymous said...

February 5th 1962

Adventure8 said...

February 9, 1962

Carol said...

February 11, 1962
Sagitarius ASC, Taurus Moon

Anonymous said...

Feb 7th, 1962
I have always read that most astrologists think this is the week the antichrist was born. Just want to say, I don't think I'm him.
tracy dot yost at gmail dot com

zoe said...

Zoey said

February 4,1962
Aquarius Ascendant, Aquarius Moon
From Norman Okla.
Born Oklaoma City 7:55 a.m.

zoe said...

Zoey said

All"personal" planets are in Aquarius conjunct in the 12th (Pisces)house.Neptune 9th, uranus leo and pluto virgo in 7th house.

zoe said...

I could not figure out how to vote my "yes" for the survey,pease help.

Cy said...

February 11, 1962
London, England
Sagittarius Ascendant, Taurus Moon

crystal said...

Aries rising
Gemini moon

Anonymous said...

February 16, 1962

Bev said...

4 February 1962

Tony Man said...

Bev... you are my astral twin..

Draag said...

5th february 1962.
Taurus ascendant, Aquarius moon
Born: Haarlem, Netherlands

Sarah said...

Sarah Wright.
5th February, 1962.
Dublin, Ireland.

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
maryjen said...

February 4, 1962
Libra Rising, Aquarius Moon

Terry said...

February 2, 1962
6:46 am
Rockville Center, NY
Sun: Aquarius 13
Moon: Capricorn 9
Ascendant: Leo 7

Wazza said...

Warren Venaglia
February 5th 1962
Queensland, Australia

Maria said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donna said...

January 21, 1962

zoe said...

Southern OR

feb 4 1962 7:55 am
Oklahoma City Oklahoma
Aqu ascendant,Aqu moon,jupiter,venus,saturn,mercury,mars,sun (grand conjunction in the 12th house)
pluto leo
nep scorp
ur leo

Anonymous said...

Feb. 12 1962
no idea about moons and such

john said...

February 18, 1962
No clue as to moons

Anonymous said...

January 21, 1962
Moon in Leo


Anonymous said...


D said...

Drue Denise Beall
DOB: Feb. 4, 1962 @ 8:22pm
POB: Lynwood, Ca. LA COUNTY
Moon in Aquarius, Ascendant in Virgo.

Tony Man said...

Hey "D" Lynwood, Ca. LA COUNTY

we are virtually astral twins!


Anonymous said...

February 1, 1962
Taurus Ascendant, Sagitarius Moon

Anonymous said...

Maloy De Leon, FEbruary 5, 1962

Christopher Coppola said...

Christopher R. Coppola

January 25, 1962
Long Beach, CA
Leo rising, Libra Moon

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

feb 11th 1962, leo rising, moon in taurus. Vicki

Jody said...

Feb. 12, 1962
Libra ascendant, Gemini moon

Jody said...

Feb. 12, 1962
Libra ascendant, Gemini moon

dean said...

7th feb '62
sag asc pis moon

druebeall said...

I am getting anxious to get on with this big roll call party, anybody else? :)

lisa said...

'lis January 28 1962 Aquarius ascendant, Scorpio moon.

Tony Man said...

druebeall, yes. we should crack on with a party plan..

how a bout a mass 50th birthday for all those Aquastells?

Brett said...

5th February (New Zealand) 1962

Andy said...

It's December 2009 so I'm slightly late but:-
February 9th 1962
Don't know the rest

Gypsy333 said...

February 3rd 1962
Brisbane, Queensland Australia
Gemini ascendant, Capricorn moon

Tshering said...

January 25th 1962

Sarah in Dublin, Ireland said...

Is anyone still managing this blog? It seems like everyone is just putting down their dates of birth and then nothing is ever going to happen with it all.

Anonymous said...

Shelli - February 6,1962
Cancer Ascendant, Pisces Moon

Anonymous said...

January 28, 1962
3:00 am
Kansas City, Missouri

wwc said...

February 4, 1962
Babylon, New York

wonder said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
wonder said...

Feb 9 1962
Ameagle WV

Jay said...

Jay Cavallaro
January 21, 1962
New York, New York aprox. 1:20 a.m.

Lauren Archer said...

Lauren Archer -
Feb. 5, 1962. Virgo rising, moon just moved into Pisces at 0 degrees. How close to 200 people are you? Wouldn't it be fun to explore how we all relate?

Anonymous said...

February 6, 1962
Atlanta, GA 1:59 pm
Jennie Clayton
Rising Sign is in 24 Degrees Gemini
Sun is in 17 Degrees Aquarius
Moon is in 12 Degrees Pisces
Mercury is in 14 Degrees Aquarius
Venus is in 20 Degrees Aquarius.
Mars is in 03 Degrees Aquarius
Jupiter is in 19 Degrees Aquarius

New to this

Saturn is in 04 Degrees Aquarius
Uranus is in 28 Degrees Leo
Neptune is in 13 Degrees Scorpio
Pluto is in 09 Degrees Virgo
N. Node is in 18 Degrees Leo

Anonymous said...

16. 02. 1962 in Österreich, Aszendent Skorpion, Mond in Krebs

Anonymous said...

February 16, 1962, 8:30a

Lance said...

Seattle Feb. 6,1962

Teena said...

January 23rd 1962

I knew this from a child, Sitting Bull's G-Granddaughter did my star chart, I just didn't know how significant it was.

Sarah said...

It can't be all that significant, Teena. I mean, how pathetic are we all? Hundreds of us have been leaving our dates of birth, ascendant and moon for years and nobody has been monitoring them. Nobody seems to be planning anything. Somebody, somewhere must be laughing at us all though. How sad are we? Queueing up like Lemmings, telling ourselves we are special and filling in our birth details on a site that is completely un-manned and pointless, all expecting it will some day mean something to someone somewhere. Guess what, I reckon we're being taken for a ride.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, you sound angry and your comments are quite harsh. I see nothing sad or pathetic about it, just a connection with a group of folks that share a common birth time. I expect nothing in particular from this, but find it interesting. Does it have to be self-serving in some way?

Eadie said...

February 1, 1962 @ 10:00 p.m.
Libra Ascendent
Capricorn Moon

Anonymous said...

2/5/62 7:13am Mesa, AZ

Aquarius first house cusp.

Studied astrology scene, 1994. Found my cart in Mountain astrologer once. Been to the astrology conferences, my cart gave me diplomatic plates.

Our chart show how to maximize our potential.

kcwithay said...

January 29, 1962
Aries Ascendant, Scorpio Moon

Alethea said...

February 3, 1962
Don't know

Anonymous said...

St. Peter, MN
02/08/1962 at 2:22 a.m.
Don't know :)

Anonymous said...

4th Feb 62
What's this survey about?
I feel regret that I was born. Humanity is too cruel for me to be happy being a human.
Why do I feel this way?
Does anyone feel the same way?
Is there an explanation?

Anonymous said...

1] Dwayne

2] 2/2/62

3] Ascendant: 25°16' Scorpio
Capicorn 5° 41', 2nd House

Look forward to some more information

Anonymous said...

Lisa; February 4th, 1962; 6:01 a.m.
Ascendant: Capricorn; Aquarius moon

Paul said...

Paul W., January 25th 1962 at 730pm. I do not know my ascendant, or moon signs. Please contact me at

Anonymous said...

February 6th 1962

I believe know is the time for the chosen one's to come together, in this season.

Neil said...


February 3, 1962

Virgo Ascendant, Aquarius Moon

eldabriz said...

Eldabriz, feb 13, 1962 - 03:00 pm

allen said...

February 5, 1962 at 3:21am EST
Born during The Great Aquarian Conjunction Feb4&5
Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn were transiting the sign of Aquarius

red faction said...

11th Feb' 1962
I've no idea about the rest - unfortunately

Anonymous said...

danny ~ Jan. 28th, 1962, 4:55pm ~ i believe Scorpio moon, Leo rising ~ 5 planets in Aquarius ~ feel free to contact me at

kate said...

January 29, 1962

Anonymous said...

Hi I am joseph, born on Feb. 03, 1962 in India / Kerala. Dont know much about exact time of birth. Would like to hear about experiences of people born on the same day.

Beci said...

January 27, 1962 born in Salt Lake City, Utah ~ I don't know my moon or ascendant. ~ Beci ~

Anonymous said...

Feb.5 1962
Tripoli- Lebanon

Twelfth said...

Glenn, February 5th, 1962 10:05 am Modesto, California / Taurus Ascendant ,Aquarius Moon

Sonya U said...

I'm here
born February 4,1962 in
Fort Wayne Indiana.
Ready to make the world a better place.

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