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February 27, 2006

Reader Feedback

I received an interesting email today. It's the first time someone has written here to tell me what I'm like based on my writing style and basic birth data:

"... is my pen name.
I subscribe to your Aquarian Digest blog.
I am a Gemini with Scorpio rising (Leo moon 9th house). I have been married twice both times to Aquarian women (still married). I have an affinity to Aquarians and fortunately still have no idea what makes them tick.
I am reading your blog with great interest and would like to thank you for putting yourself out there. I became interested in Astrology 20+ years ago and occasionally dabble there.
You express yourself with an air of detachment and aloofness that intrigues me. Exclusive communication with a sense that you are in control.
In Numerology your numbers are (01/30/1962) 1-3-9 = 4. This might indicate that you have an organized mind but a disorganized life (guessing). There might have been no talking to you until 1989 when at that time you opened up to the world and life became more fun. I suspect you are starting to realize that being lucky is more important than being smart. You are an air person (3 of the day) so abstract concepts are very real for you and you identify with (if you can touch it, it's not real).
As for life right now you have no vision or sense of the future. You are in a heads down time and best to be cleaning out your closets. Things looked really optimistic last year but now things have got bogged down. Slow down and don't try to make things happen.

Okay got to run, the new moon having its way with me."

Thanks for your comments.

I don't know much about numerology but I always thought my birth number was 22. I like 22 better than four. It seems to imply less hard work and more boundless potential ;-)

Interesting you should use the word 'detached' to describe my personality just given my writing style. I've always had lots of friends yet other people have used this word to describe me as well (though not so much as I've gotten older). (Eek, I won't even comment on the aloof part, that's a more serious thing. Do I really come across as aloof??) But being somewhat detached is usually seen a relatively common characteristic of Aquarians, don't people agree?

Yes, 1989 was much more fun; that's when I started drinking in earnest. That's also when I finally got my M.A. and started getting my life together. 1988 had been one tragedy after another.

Cleaning out closets is definitely the therapeutic thing I should be doing these days. Thanks again for the comments.

The above fine art print is "Aquarius 1" by Maurice Evans.

February 20, 2006

Mars Transit in Gemini

Mars has finally moved out of Taurus where it's been for the past six months and is now beginning its transit through Gemini. A Gemini transit of Mars is much more friendly for Aquarians. Mars will now trine your Aquarian Sun and any other planets you have in Aquarius. This will help to energize you to work towards your goals.

Mars entered Gemini on February 17th and will stay here until April 12th.

For Aquarians, the Mars move out of Taurus into Gemini will be uplifting; like a breath of fresh air. It will lighten your mood and energize your daily activities. For about a week sometime over the next seven weeks, depending on when you were born in Aquarius; - Mars will be trining your Sun.

A Mars trine Sun transit is very energizing. It can enable you to breakthrough in whatever area you have been stuck in recently. It can make you much more geared to meeting your goals, so if you have been thinking about a beginning a fitness routine, for example, this is a great time to go for it.

Although a Mars transit through Gemini can make some people more verbally argumentative, this will not generally be true for Aquarians. This Mars transit is likely to make you more confident and decisive in your daily decisions and interactions with other people.

More About Me

I received this email today:
"...I would like to know more how you came to create this site your self and are you an aquarian. I would also like to know if you work as a professional astrologer and would you consider doing my own chart."

I thought other people may be interested to know a little about me, so here goes;

I'm a 1962 Aquarian, born January 30th. I don't know what time I was born and my mother died before I developed an interest in astrology, so I will probably never find out. But my chart has been rectified by a couple of astrologers and I believe my Ascendant is at about 23 degrees Gemini. My Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Midheaven are all in Aquarius. My Moon is in the last degrees of Scorpio, squaring Uranus; the ruler of all my Aquarian planets.

My interest in astrology started when I was in my late twenties. Once I got past Sun sign astrology I found it really helpful as a means of psychological self-analysis. And I was fascinated by the predictive possibilities. I had studied philosophy and psychology in University, but I found advanced astrology to be much more interesting in many respects. The study of astrology was what eventually led me to eastern philosophy. I joined a Zen Centre for regular meditation in 1996 and if I was asked to divide my life into two distinct phases, this wonderful discovery would be it.

I have an MA in Economics and had quite an exhilarating career throughout my late twenties and thirties. I got married late in life and now, at the age of 44, have a two-year old baby. Here's a photo of the little goo. My secretive, privacy-loving and precariously-aspected Scorpio Moon is responsible for my reluctance to post my own photo.

I'm not a professional astrologer and have no astrology designation. I did publish an article in Mountain Astrologer back in 1996 and I have done tons of chart readings for my friends over the years. But it still takes me a few hours to read and really understand a chart. These days I really don't have the time for this, so I've stopped doing readings. My thought is that to be a good astrologer, you not only need to have a thorough understanding of the technical aspects of astrology, but you need also to be blessed with a bit of psychic prowess. I lack the psychic part. Recently, I've had a few requests from readers of this site to do a personal chart reading for them. Unfortunately, I'm not able to do this now.

I started this site over a year ago and at that time I had more spare time. Now, in 2006 I am swamped with other commitments and don't have as much time for this site as I would like. Maybe this will change again in the near future. One of the main objectives of starting this site was to connect other 1962 Aquarians together. See more about that here.

I would love to see other people participate and contribute short posts on any matter related to Aquarius, Aquarians and astrology. I am especially interested in personal stories. Please email me!

My thanks to everyone who reads Aquarian Digest.

February 15, 2006

Aquarius Birthday Photos

I'd like to start a collage of birthday photos from Aquarians. If you are an Aquarian, I'd love to hear from you and publish any photos. Please send me your photos here. If you prefer anonymity that's fine, otherwise, please give me a link to your site that I can include with the photos.

Update March 11th: In the interests of expanding participation here, I'd like to put out this invitation to all Aquarians to send me any photo of yourself - it doesn't have to be taken on your birthday. Please include your birthdate and the date of the photo (and if you happen to know your ascendant and moon sign please add that) and any other info you want included.

Here we go, the first submission:

Christine, born February 9th, 1962, celebrating her 44th birthday.

She is a Taurus rising with a Moon in Aries.

Update February 2007: Thanks Christine, for the second photo celebrating your 45th birthday!

The next photo here was submitted by Madison. Madison was born in 1986 on February 9th. She is very, very Aquarian, with a huge stellium in Aquarius including Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Her ascendant is in Scorpio. Thanks much for your pic!

February 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow is another extreme Aquarian. She has Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. She was born February 11th, 1962. Her birth time is unknown. Her Aquarius Sun is at 22 degrees Aquarius and it squares her Moon at about 22 degrees Taurus. See her approximate natal chart here.

Sheryl Crow is a famous blues rock star and has sold over 25 million records. She has never married, but was engaged to be married this spring. Her fiancee was Lance Armstrong, the famous Tour De France champion. Unfortunately they just announced their split-up last week.

Crow's birth chart is such that the recent grand cross heavy duty transits (involving Saturn, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune) have had a major impact on her chart. The worst is now over (although without knowing the Ascendant placement we can't know for sure).

Sheryl Crow is about to embark on a tour for her new album which she has named "Wildflower". On her website she says Wildflower is deeply influenced by her relationship with Lance Armstrong.

February 07, 2006

Happy Birthday Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard is an extreme Aquarian. He has Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. He also has Pluto conjunct his Ascendant. He was born on February 7th, 1962. His childhood wasn't easy; his mother died when he was six years old. Izzard has gone on to become one of the world's top comedians and is known for his brilliant stream of consciousness ramblings.

See Izzard's natal chart here. Read more about Izzard at Wikipedia.

An Anti-War Campaign by a 1962 Aquarian

I received the following email from a 1962 Aquarian recently:

Dear Moira,

A Very Aquarian Campaign

I have a request and ask your help. I have been writing for a US political publication at and learned much from the serious journalists there and at Eric Francis' Political Waves site - about the state of the world. This learning though has left me angered, frustrated and led me to actively seek some solution to the situation in Iraq. One person can't do much though - but after all mail, calls and protests have been ignored by my government - I had to find some outlet and voice. So I established (just 2 weeks ago)

This little campaign enables a symbol of unity to be shown all the time by anybody regardless of affiliation, religion, race, location, politics etc. I ask only that participants wear a strip of any white fabric around their arms until the war purchase necessary, no requirement for the wearer to travel, sign, risk arrest, spend money, take time off etc. The wearer is simply saying one thing "I WANT AN END TO THE WAR IN IRAQ". There are too many issues, too much wrong and too many lies for any of us to handle effectively - we have been spun into confusion and disarray. Anti-war/peace groups are not united as one effective voice and have agendas that not all can agree to. But, the vast majority (I firmly believe)can agree "I WANT AN END TO THE WAR IN IRAQ".....whatever their reasons for thinking so.

I would love your help in promoting this - please. The website has received over 1800 unique visitors (over 8500) hits since the launch on 19th January 2006. There is an accompanying pledge at that people can choose to sign too - if they wish, though not required.

I realise this simplistic idea sounds ineffective and too simple to work....but maybe, just maybe that is what we need to involve more people and unite as one force that lets the governments know we don't choose what they are doing. This is a way for people to take a step in the right direction (which for many who say they cannot make a difference, is the first step from standing still.

Added extra value - with the gradual erosion of our civil liberties meaning that there are things we can't say and places we can't say them - the white fabric armband is a solution. It offers the wearer the chance to make their opinion visible all the time, anywhere and without risk of arrest. It is peaceful and could, one day, be a highly visible bond between us - all who want "AN END TO THE WAR IN IRAQ".

Please help me.
Tina Louise

February 02, 2006

1962 Stellium in Aquarius - Initial Meeting Spot

A year ago I asked Aquarians who were born in 1962 to contact me. These Aquarians are extremely Aquarian in that they have more planets in Aquarius than any other people born at any time in history.

I'm hoping to complete a detailed survey of 1962 Aquarians once I've heard from 200 people. For now I'd like to open the discussion boards to the twenty seven people who've responded so far (and anyone else who's found this site since then).

Please leave a comment below!

This can be the initial anonymous coffe-break place where people can introduce themselves and where we can start to get a good dialogue going. Please go ahead; ask your fellow 1962 Aquarians your questions and spill your guts about what it's like to be extremely Aquarian :-)