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September 30, 2005

Kate Moss and Aquarius in her Natal Chart

Kate Moss was born with a Sun in late Capricorn (January 16, 1974) but she has more planets in Aquarius than most Aquarians. Her Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are all in Aquarius.

Her birth time is not known, but her physical appearance and bohemian personality certainly seem to fit an Aquarius rising type. I would guess her Ascendant is placed conjunct her Venus in Aquarius. (See her natal chart here.)

Her Moon is in the first half of Scorpio squaring her Aquarian Venus.

She has a T-square with Venus as the apex planet at seven degrees Aquarius. Mars squares her Venus from eight degrees Taurus and the Scorpio Moon squares the Venus and opposes her Mars.

Saturn is now creating a very powerful 'grand cross' out of this fixed sign t-square as it transits at 7-8 degrees of Leo. This is the worst possible degree for transiting Saturn in her chart, and the transit has been very difficult for her personal and professional life.

The above fine art print is Kate Moss by Mario Testino

September 27, 2005

New Moon and Solar Eclipse: October 3rd

The New Moon on October 3rd will also be a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses usually only happen twice a year and they can be powerful influencers if they aspect an important point in your astrology chart.

This conjunction of the Sun and Moon takes place in ten degrees of Libra (10.19 to be exact).

If you have personal planets aspecting this New Moon you could feel the influence quite strongly for weeks before and a few weeks after October 3rd.

In her excellent book, Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark, Bernadette Brady notes that this New Moon is # 7 South of the Saros Series of solar eclipses. It is an eclipse with "immense power, anger and force...The individual experiencing this series will find that huge obstacles will suddenly and easily clear or, on the negative side, a pending potential crisis will suddenly manifest and move through his or her life very rapidly. Either way the individual will feel that everything is moving at great speed."

Where is ten degrees Libra in your chart? What house and area of your life does it represent? What aspects does this eclipse make to the planets in your birth chart? Answers to these questions should give you some clues as to how and even if you will feel the influence of this eclipse in your personal life.

See also a detailed description of this New Moon here.

September 20, 2005

Aquarius Preferences - 2005 Survey

Are you an Aquarian? Were you born between January 20th and February 18th?

If so, please complete the short Aquarian Survey.

I look forward to sharing the fascinating results with everyone!

Take the
survey here.


The images shown here are 'Good Aquarius' and 'Bad Aquarius' fridge magnets at

September 19, 2005

Jupiter transit in Scorpio

love signsTransiting Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 27th 2005 and will remain there for just over a year until the last part of November 2006.

Jupiter transits the entire zodiac every twelve years and stays in each sign for approximately one year. The zodiac sign Jupiter is currently transiting through is less important for you personally than the house it is transiting in your personal birth chart and the aspects it makes to personal planets in your chart.

Scorpio can be a very intense, earnest and courageous sign. Jupiter will magnify this. Whether the focus is on intense mental sleuthing, investments or career, sexual matters, the tax man, inheritances, or rebirth and reincarnation, Jupiter in this sign can really ramp up the volume depending on what house it occupies in your chart and how it is aspecting your personal planets.

See a great review of Jupiter in Scorpio by Wendy and Ed Rose.

September 13, 2005

Zodiac Signs and Relationships

When it comes to relationships, people with an emphasis on Aquarius are usually considered to be the most emotionally detached of all twelve zodiac signs. But it's important not just to look at where the Sun Sign is placed, but to also see which sign the other personal planets are located.

For relationship planets, the placement of Venus and Moon is very important in a man's chart in terms of what values and type of relationships he is looking for in a female. In women's charts, the Sun and Mars are traditionally considered the most relevant planets in terms of what characteristics the female is seeking in a man.

The moon is central for both sexes, in determining what kinds of emotional security the person is most likely drawn to.

I was once in a short relationship with a man who had a lovely Venus/Jupiter conjunction in Gemini. Not only were these planets conjunct my Ascendant, but they were trine some of my personal planets in Aquarius.

sexual astrologyI thought we would have a very rosy relationship. But I've read that men who have a Venus in Gemini are often not happy with just one female in their life. More often they need two. They are wonderfully poetic when it comes to verbal romancing, but they can be flighty and always on the lookout for the next interesting female to verbally seduce. This was certainly true of my ex-boyfriend, but I'm sure it doesn't necessarily apply to many men with Venus in Gemini.

Isthmus Nekoi has written an excellent summary of the kind of values that each sign associates with love and relationships. See
Nekoi's article here.

See also about how to determine if there is compatibility between two people based on their astrology charts.

September 10, 2005

1962 Aquarius - Update

Aquarius stelliumIt's been several months since I put out a call for 1962 Aquarians to contact me. I've now heard from 15 people. I'm waiting for 200 people born with a stellium in Aquarius to contact me before I send out a survey.

A few months ago, I was encouraged because I thought this site was starting to show up in Google's search engine. That turned out to be false optimism. It only lasted a few days and then the site disappeared again from the search engine. Over the past week, it has been showing up again for very few search words, but including searches such as "stellium in Aquarius".

I think once I've heard from 25 people I will mail out a note inviting everyone to introduce themselves in the comments section below. I'm hoping to keep this process completely confidential, so if you are a 1962 Aquarian and you email me, your email will not be shared with any of the other people on the list.

Update March 2006: I've now heard from about 35 people. See a meeting place for 1962 Aquarians here.

September 07, 2005

Saturn Transit through the Third House

Saturn in the third houseSaturn recently moved out of my second house to begin transiting my third house. I was relieved, as Saturn in the second house traditionally turns a sharp focus towards ones resources, values and finances.

A Saturn transit through each house typically lasts two and a half years. Depending on which house system you believe in (I personally use the Koch system), this transit could be considerably shorter or longer.

I was wondering what would transpire as Saturn entered my third house. From reading all the astrology books, I was preparing myself for possible confrontations with neighbors and siblings as well as a time when potentially my mind would be sharper than usual as Saturn transiting the third house is quite a positive move for mental activities.

I do think it was on the eve of Saturn transiting my third house, when I went out on the porch late at night and was confronted by a very big old raccoon who was sitting on the patio chair. He slowly slinked off and went away, but the smell lingered on my patio chair cushion. Not to mention that he had previously gone through the garbage bag we had left on the porch and had gnawed it apart and strewn it across the porch. Ah, that's the beginning of the third house Saturn transit, I thought.

Over the next few days, neighbors on two sides of our house began heavy duty construction projects. The noise is deafening.

I guess I shouldn't complain. Construction noise is a better alternative for Saturn third house manifestations than having trouble with your neighbors or siblings. But this is just the start of the transit. Who knows what else will transpire?

I'd love to hear other people's experiences of Saturn third house transits. Please comment below.

The above poster is "Playtime" by Keith Baker.