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September 07, 2005

Saturn Transit through the Third House

Saturn in the third houseSaturn recently moved out of my second house to begin transiting my third house. I was relieved, as Saturn in the second house traditionally turns a sharp focus towards ones resources, values and finances.

A Saturn transit through each house typically lasts two and a half years. Depending on which house system you believe in (I personally use the Koch system), this transit could be considerably shorter or longer.

I was wondering what would transpire as Saturn entered my third house. From reading all the astrology books, I was preparing myself for possible confrontations with neighbors and siblings as well as a time when potentially my mind would be sharper than usual as Saturn transiting the third house is quite a positive move for mental activities.

I do think it was on the eve of Saturn transiting my third house, when I went out on the porch late at night and was confronted by a very big old raccoon who was sitting on the patio chair. He slowly slinked off and went away, but the smell lingered on my patio chair cushion. Not to mention that he had previously gone through the garbage bag we had left on the porch and had gnawed it apart and strewn it across the porch. Ah, that's the beginning of the third house Saturn transit, I thought.

Over the next few days, neighbors on two sides of our house began heavy duty construction projects. The noise is deafening.

I guess I shouldn't complain. Construction noise is a better alternative for Saturn third house manifestations than having trouble with your neighbors or siblings. But this is just the start of the transit. Who knows what else will transpire?

I'd love to hear other people's experiences of Saturn third house transits. Please comment below.

The above poster is "Playtime" by Keith Baker.


Wong Online PoKér Hu said...

Looks like a cute boy playing in a band. I remembered my nephew who learned his first violin piece when he was 5 years old.

Anonymous said...

I am in a Saturn trasit to my second and I am considering filing for bankruptcy. I don't think the 3rd house transit is for another year or so. This concerns me, because I am moving back home as my brother's family is there. It worries me that maybe the demands and challenges with sharing responsibilities will be too much for them or me.

Nadiya Shah said...

This conversation and article looks old, but I will add to it anyways.

I am currently experiencing Saturn in my natal 3rd, and in the first year of graduate studies. As an undergraduate, papers were always my very strong point. With no natal 3rd house planets, Leo on the 3rd house cusp, and my Aquarius Sun in a grand trine with Mars and Pluto, all in air signs, I could always find the right words that had impact and effect.

Now in grad school, I am finding a lot of frustrations as I have to adjust to more strict writing demands, and also feel the pressure to excel in the written word.

I think this is where the greatest lessons of Saturn come into effect. I have found that wherever Saturn is natally, and by transit, is where I have to do my best and forget the rest. I find Saturn also represents where our natural impulse is to be restricted, but with effort, we turn limitation into inspiration...looking forward to it.

Additionally, I have found that after a Saturn tour is over, I am so grateful for the lessons and the changes, which usually redefine me in important ways

I need to hold onto that the next time I have to write a paper- which is soon!

Anonymous said...

i am currently experiencing a saturn transit in my 3rd house. i read last night in an astrology transit book that it means "restructuring one's mind" and that's exactly what i have been doing for some time. and this transit hit me very hard.

moreover, the traditional interpretation (problems with neighbours) has also come up. my neighbour has threatened me to report me to a proper authority (whatever that is) just because his cat is in my house all the time. (i can't help the fact the cat likes to spend her time here more than at his place, and can't avoid letting her in.)

usually i would be more concerned about saturn transiting 2nd house - but i can assure you saturn's transit in your 3rd house can bring unforeseen hardships and hit you right in your face when you least expect it.

Anonymous said...

Saturn is in my third house natally, receiving mixed aspects. I was born with this. This being the year of my second Saturn return this is what I've experienced: My sister has been undergoing hardships. She is alone with no partner (Saturn in Libra)and has been depressed and not communicating as much. She can be a very selfish person (Saturn) and doesn't get along with others easily, but she is intelligent (Saturn trine Moon) and self-reliant. Since Libra is involved, I am experiencing this transit through other people, not so much myself. This past year I stayed home, did not visit and limited travel. When I did travel with my partner, under the Saturn transit we had trouble with a car breaking down and I had to take the bus home. (Dangerous travel). I've had to watch negative thinking and criticism and my partner and I (a Libra) will be glad when Jupiter in Gemini begins to trine this position and when it moves into Scorpio in the fall.

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymous, I am finding this post remarkable because it is almost identical to my own situation. I too have Saturn in the third house natally although it is conjunct Neptune as well. I too have a sister who has undergone hardships. She is alone with no partner (Saturn in Libra) and has also been depressed and cut off communication with siblings. She is a very selfish person, doesn't get along easily with anyone and doesn't like to share. I have encouraged her to explore sharing her place with a roommate with no success as yet. She is also very intelligent (University Degree Honours) and is very self-reliant (Moon trine Saturn). I am experiencing this through her more than through myself. Recently I have stopped unnecessary driving and have developed a fear of driving and have been using public transit after having a few close calls on the road. I do have a car (very old but dependable so far) but realize that it won't last forever. I am attached to it (Venus sextile Saturn) and don't want to let it go. I am finding that as Uranus in Aries is making a direct opposition to my Saturn in Libra which is square my natal Mars and Uranus, these problems are worse now than when Saturn made a return in 2012. Please get in touch with me. I would like to talk to you about your situation which is so identical to my own - I am a semi-professional astrologer.