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August 30, 2005

Venus Conjunct Jupiter

Venus conjunct JupiterVenus is now conjunct Jupiter in Libra. The exact conjunction occurs on September 1st, at 18.42 degrees of Libra, but the effect is felt for a couple of days before and after this.

Venus and Jupiter are conjunct for about a week once each year or so. Some lucky people are born during this conjunction each year and have a Venus/Jupiter conjunction in their natal charts. This influence can make them more buoyant and cheerful than the average person and depending on how it is aspected to other planets in their charts, it can also bestow a great deal of social and financial ease and luck. Ebertin's book sees this natal conjunction as one bestowing sociableness, popularity and 'film-star mannerisms'. It signifies the joy of love and happiness in love. See a more detailed interpretation of the natal Venus/Jupiter conjunction at Astrology Weekly.

This weeks transiting Venus conjunct Jupiter in Libra could be an unusually happy time for people with personal planets at between 16 and 20 degrees of Aquarius, Gemini and/or Libra.

If you are an Aquarian with your Sun somewhere in this degree range (born sometime between February 5th and 9th) you might have a very enjoyable week. You may be happier and more charming and affectionate than usual. You may find you are socializing more than usual and your friends are even friendlier;-). If your Sun is in the 10th house or your Midheaven is trining this conjunction, you could get very lucky financially during this transit.

The above image is Colazine dei Canottieri by Renoir.