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November 14, 2005

The Worst Characteristics of Fixed Signs

The four fixed signs of the zodiac are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The fixed signs share some negative characteristics including a certain 'fixidity' in their views and outlook and sometimes undue stubbornness!

Here's a humorous look at the 'bad' side of the four fixed signs;


Anonymous said...

where's aquarian??

Anonymous said...

Hello, I am an Aquarius, i read my horoscope, and facts about my sign quite often. I can tell you right now that unlike some, and most signs Aquarians have a power. We are always looking to imporve our personalities, ect. Once you enter the real world and experience many different personalities, and events things only get better. Aqurius people are capable of things that some would never dream of doing. We are the inspiration to the world. People admire you, even if they don't tell you. Live your life to the fullest, I'm telling you right now, if you are Aquarius AVOID Virgos. They are the most miserable people in the world I SWEAR!! sometimes i don't even understand how they live with themselves. Well if you are an Aquarius you are lucky, don't take it as a fault. Loose some of that shyness, and fear of simple things. Once your fear is gone you will be amazing.

Anonymous said...

"I'm telling you right now, if you are Aquarius AVOID Virgos. They are the most miserable people in the world I SWEAR!! sometimes i don't even understand how they live with themselves."I call Virgo the bitchy sign.....

Anonymous said...

I am Aquarius.. and yes I totally agree that Virgo is the "bitchy sign"... They are confused,, they don't admit thier faults, they just blame us.. I pitty them..

Anonymous said...

Are you talking about one Virgo in particular or have you had the same experience with others?

One of my best friends was a Virgo. We had great times together making witty jokes! I don't know many others so I really couldn't say if its typical or not. My 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

i am an aquarian too and i think virgos are the bitchy sign too. altho my sister and best friend are both virgos.

Anonymous said...

Haha, aren't we supposed to be free of prejudices? (I'm lucky enough to be born under this sign) I've always felt that both my strongest and weakest assets were b/c of being an Aquarius. I've lived in a bad home and still wanna help others b/c I believe in happiness, equality and camaraderie. I'm also a dreamer...but a lazy one. :)

Unknown said...

The reading gave me some eye-opening insights to add to what I already know about my chart.There's a big spotlight on health, and the body's signals about what's wrong grow louder under the Virgo stellium.



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Anonymous said...

i'm a scorpio and it's true i am very secretive and hot-tempered when people don't leave me alone. Also jealous. ugh hate it. Also very suspicous about some things. But look on the bright also says that i have the strength and power in 3 normal humans. I got this off google when i searched Zodiac Signs Scorpio. Love it

Anonymous said...

OMG i'm aquarian ..n my best friend is virgo.. she's like the best friend ever..we're together for about 4 years n i hope it lasts for ever..cuz she's the best thing that ever happened to me

Anonymous said...

I am Aquarius, My Virgo ex b.friend and I have become best friends, we are now business partners we have a great relationship in everyway. Its strange that we shouldnt get on.

Proud Virgo and Proud BFF of Aquarius! said...

Wow, that is quite rude to say that a Virgo and Aquarius should not get along.

I'm a Virgo, I admit all my faults. I'm not neat, not organized particularly my room, I can be over emotional sometimes, and I can be out of line sometimes. I'm only human as are you honey.

Sorry that your Virgo friend hurt you, but don't take it out on all the rest of us.


It is called indiviuality people!

I'm a Virgo, I love doing things really wacky and I love to be out there! I'm not neat or organized and I'll be quite the odd ball of the group when it comes to weirdness. I hate being the same as what people say I should be, and trust me, there are many virgos out there that hate being said they don't show their faults because honey, it isn't true. If someone asked me my faults, I'd list them all and ask if I missed any and mean it.

Like you said that "We are always looking to imporve our personalities, ect", we like to improve ourselves too. If someone said I was TOO untactful, I'd do my very damn best to try and not be so untactful. If someone said I was doing something wrong, I would attempt to fix what it was. But just like you, I'm only human, as is everyone else and we can only do as much as our human selves will allow.

I agree, Aquarius is a great sign! My Bestest friend is an Aquarius and we always have the greatest time together and are always bringing out the best in each other because we CARE about each other. My best friend taught me alot and has been absolutely the best and as far as I know we aren't going to stop being friends because some loser on a sight said that my sign is a miserable sign.

Obviously someone either got kicked in the ass by one of us or totally dissed by them.


I mean, yeah, I'll admit! I can be a bitch. But so can every other sign in the Zodiac. IT IS A FACT.

Just because you don't like something about another, don't be a bitch and blame the that whole group. Because honey, they say Aquarius is open minded(AWESOME! You guys are!) why aren't YOU to the way Virgos are? OH! Maybe because not everything everyone says about each sign is TRUE! OMG.

The same goes for Virgos. Stop bitching and be the great aspect of your sign, BE OPEN MINDED TO EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING

and stop listening to statistics! D:<

They are almost always wrong!

Rohit said...

hey i'm aquarius too

Anonymous said...

i am aquarian too..i agree that virgos are the most difficult and confused ppl...its a bitchy sign...actually we aquarians are too good for them!!!! cheers

Anonymous said...

i have a few virgo friends and found them to be very honest.however, one of my virgo ex best friends who i took care of like a younger sister has just gone and betrayed me big time, and i just found out she has always been doing it, like bitching about me, gossiping about me and making me look like a right bitch and calling me pathetic. this is the girl who considers herself a gods gift and i accepted her flaws. Although, she hated my guts as i used to often tell her flaws to her face.isnt that what friends do and plus am an aquarian, we are brutally honest i suppose..she is the only virgo i have had an issue with and possibly the one person who has hurt me the most. but hey guess what turns out ignorance is bliss and silence is the best medicine....and majority of people do not even respect her..the same people she bitched about me point being....its not just astrology, i think its also upbringing...

Anonymous said...

I am an Aquarius, I agree that Virgos are miserable people who like to drown you and themselves in misery. I am open minded enough to know that all Virgos are'nt that way but I have not met one.

Anonymous said...

So are there any other Aquarians who have problems getting along with Capricorns?

Anonymous said...

haha! I am a scorpio and proud of it, yes, I am a wandering secret and I am more than capable of stinging people... hard. I do not see anything wrong in making parodies, but it can be a bit hurtful for people when you are not pointing out their good traits and only putting them in a certain "bad" group. Just saying.

And also aquarius, you are the bitchy one. Not Virgo. I had a friend who treated me like a dog, she was not able to take critique at all and she was barging about her spechialness and saying that she didn't want any fame at all. She was not selfless at all. She couldn't stand that anyone else was in the spotlight. She always said she was an alone person like me (she has stolen many identities), but when she is alone in like one second, she bawws to her best friend and yells at her for not being with her. When I didn't accept the bitchy and fake behavior any longer she began to bawww to her mother big time. And it became a big case. This is not the first time she had lost a servant I can clearly see. Guess what sign. Aquarius.
My friend also had a similar experience with her aquarius ex-friend.

I am not saying all aquarius's are like this. Just the.. majority of those I will meet/have met <_<"
(Also to make my argument stronger, take a look at the comments like this one: "Aqurius people are capable of things that some would never dream of doing. We are the inspiration to the world." - aherrm... I AM SOWEEE SPECHULLL much?

Virgos, you are cool! Don't let these people tear on your confidence :)

Maco said...

Hello, I am a Scorpio with Aquarius antecedent and Aquarius moon , and I am a mix of Scorpio and Aquarius in 1:1 ratio. I am, hot-tempered, secretive, like going to parties, being original and I trust very few people. And I find the cartoons you made for fixed for fixed zodiac really cool. About Virgos, I respect them for their ability to work and have a lot of Virgo friends, but I'll never live a life like that for whatever you pay me. And yes I find people who keep reminding me of my duties (even when I am sincere to them) very much and thus I don't like Taurus and Aries people.

Maco said...

I meant hate people who remind me of duties :P

Anonymous said...

Hi I am a Proud Virgo, I lived with an acuarious and let me tell u, I had never had more problems in my life!
His very dirty and disorganized,he thinks everybody in life is stupid and he's god, he hates womens "thinks they're a dumpster for mens" he says!
My parents r not super rich and he used to laugh about my family's problems and told me that I was trash cause his family had a lot of money!! It didn't matter if he was 100% wrong,4 him he was wright. And still after all that he proposed to me!!!!!!!
Don't worrie I said no!
I know that they r not all like that but so far I haven't had a positive experience with an acuarious.

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone! XD its my first times posting on a blog!!! Im an aquarius but im just so sorry to hear all the negativity there is about Virgos. Two of my best friends are Virgos and they are smart, friendly, helpful, awesome listeners, kind, and simply amazing!!! :D And well I just think that not all Virgos are the same and you shouldn't judge all of them based on bad experiences... who knows? maybe you will find a Virgo who is incredible.

Anonymous said...

Im a aquarius and although for some reason i was drawn to virgos i think i finally had enough of them Lol! The have a lot of good traits, But are the biggest hypocrites and will never admit fault!

Anonymous said...

Please give me hope! I am an Aquarius married to a Virgo....completely in love for 26 years with this one. All I want is some positive imput....I would like some good imput, but all I see is bad advice and really negative imput. I have almost killed myself before..I don't ever want to go there again but, I really love this person.

Anonymous said...

To the person married to the Virgo for 26 years get out and never date another Virgo again. I was in love with one "unrequited love" actually and they pretended to like me but they didn't I fell for them and they made my life hell they are truly awful. Never again

Anonymous said...

Im an aquarius female & my sister is a virgo.. Were very different, like chalk & cheese... Shes self centerd... Bitchy..thrives on drama & can be a down right bully... Her boyfriend is a aquarius, all she does is boss him around... not saying all virgos are like this...

Anonymous said...

You reject it's aquarius and it's right there at the bottom

Anonymous said...

Was in a 5 year relationship with a Virgo .. Am sorry I ever fucked with her. AM ALSO AQUARIUS

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Unknown said...

Damn bro, this is harsh to virgo tho I kind of reluctantly agree.
My bf who is good and prince in every way is a virgo and I am yasss an Aquarius.
We must be doomed..
They can be miserable yet giving and stable and loving. Tho controlling and not into having fun, which s killing my spirit

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