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January 04, 2007

2007 Aquarius Forecast

I don't think the daily, monthly and yearly forecasts you find for each zodiac sign can tell you much about your immediate life prospects. This is because each person's chart is so vastly different and two Aquarians will usually have very little in common if they are born in different years and days. Of course they will both be Aquarians at the core but the stars will impact them very differently over the course of the day or year based on their unique complete astrology charts. Just knowing the Sun sign is not going to predict much about your love life, career or health issues for the following year.

So you won't find much of interest here unless you understand what transits are. If you are looking for a more basic forecast, I recommend Neil Giles' 2007 forecast for Aquarians who are beginners at astrology. This forecast is based on standard Sun sign astrology where Aquarius is placed as your rising sign, and it effectively becomes the first house in your chart and the forecast is based mostly on the transiting planets in the different houses of your chart.

There's also a more detailed 2007 forecast by Planetary Rhythms for Aquarians who are familiar with the transits of planets.

But as a basic overview, here are the main transits in 2007;

2007 has Jupiter sextiling Aquarian planets all year, Saturn is opposing them for most of the year and Neptune may be conjucting your Sun or one of your other planets this year. What does this mean for you?

Jupiter Sextiling Aquarius in 2007

Jupiter sextiling your personal planets is a nice pleasant transit of ease. It's not nearly as powerful as the trine but it can bring growth, expansion and luck to some department of your life. See the Jupiter trine Aquarius transit I wrote about earlier and interpret 2007 as being a similar influence but not as strongly emphasized with the sextile. This Jupiter sextile transit will be stronger for you if your natal Jupiter is placed strongly in your chart (if it is angular, your rising sign ruler, or aspected to your personal planets).

The pleasant Jupiter sextile will be particularly powerful for Aquarians who have inner Aquarian planets between 17 and 19 degrees of Aquarius (or even better between 17 and 19 degrees of Leo or Sag or Aries, as these are trines and conjunctions) and between 9 and 11 degrees of Aquarius (or even better with Leo, Sag, Aries as above).

This is because Jupiter is favouring and stationing on these degrees in 2007. It will move unusually slowly from 17 to 19 degrees and back to 17 degrees between late February through to late May. It will slow down again to go direct and will be moving from 11 degrees to 9 and back to 11 degrees over an extended period beginning in July and extending right through mid September. Later, the people who have planets at around 17 degrees will benefit from another Jupiter sextile in October.

Jupiter brings expansion of some kind into your life. A sextile is a little helper from the stars. Check what house Jupiter is transiting in your chart and what house your aspected planet resides in. Also check the house ruled by Jupiter. This should provide a clue as to what department of your life will feel the good vibes of Jupiter.

Saturn opposes Aquarius in 2007

The Jupiter expansion is sobered up with a Saturn opposition to Aquarius continuing through most of 2007. Only Aquarians who have planets in the last 12 degrees of Aquarius will feel Saturn's serious lessons this year though. (Unless of course they have planets in the other fixed signs of these degrees). Saturn retrogrades from 24 degrees Leo to 18 degrees and back to the end of Leo till early September. After that it moves on to a better home in Virgo.

Those Aquarians who have a personal planet between 20 and 18 degrees of Aquarius will feel Saturn's message most personally this year. This is because Saturn stations direct at 18.09 degrees in Leo in mid April. It sits heavily between 20 and 18 degrees for all of March, April, May through mid June. For people with personal planets at these degrees in Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo or Taurus, see an earlier post about Saturn transits here.

By the way, for people who want to see where the planets sit on any given day in 2007, I recommend printing out a copy of a free ephemeris for the year. You'll get six pages of planet placements and can refer to it over the year.

Neptune travels between 18 and 22 degrees in Aquarius in 2007

If you are an Aquarian born between February 7th to February 13th you will experience the once in a lifetime Neptune conjunct Sun transit in 2007. If you're an Aquarian born before this time, you've already gone through this. If you are born later in February, you have this major transit to anticipate in the next few years. It's a long lasting transit, often taking three years off and on to unfold. Expect your inner self and personality to undergo major changes during this time. See more about it at the link above.

If you have any other personal planets between 18 and 22 degrees of Aquarius or other fixed signs, you will feel Neptune's disorienting or deep awakening vibes.

Pluto Stomps Slowly through late Sag this Year

If Pluto is sextiling any of your planets in the last four degrees of Aquarius this year, this can be a powerful and helpful force. See more on Pluto transits here.

A Better Forecast for Aquarians?

If we could do a forecast just for Aquarians born in one particular year, this could be much more interesting and useful. I'd like to try doing a group forecast for 1962 Aquarians. These are people born with an enourmous emphasis on Aquarius.

For example, with this group of people we can predict the exact time and types of major outer planet transits. We know the three outer planet transits for this group in 2007 will be Pluto Trine Uranus, Uranus Trine Neptune and Neptune Conjunct Jupiter. These once-in-a-lifetime transits will be occuring at the same time for all Aquarians born in 1962.

It would be interesting to work on this as a team effort and to see how the various transits unfold for different people. Update: I've posted here about some of the transits that will occur for these Aquarians at the exact same time over the next year. We could try a detailed review of 2007 transits on a good sample size of 1962 Aquarians.


The above poster of 'An Aquarian Exposition' is for the Woodstock Festival of 1969. It was probably the most famous music festival of all time. Photo by DBKing.