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March 04, 2005

Sun/Moon Combinations

Your Sun may be in Aquarius but do you know where your Moon is? The Moon is almost as important as the Sun in terms of defining yourself astrologically. The Moon and Sun are like the yin and yang of a complete individual. The Moon represents your security needs, what it is that makes you feel most at home. Whereas the Sun represents your 'ego' the Moon represents your inner emotional depths. In Eastern astrology systems, the Moon takes precedence over the Sun in terms of being the most important entity in a person's birth chart.

There are thus twelve very different types of Aquarians depending on where their respective Moons are placed. (This is still rather simplistic as it is the whole chart, the location and aspects made to all the personal planets and angles that completely describe each unique person.)

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The above image is "The Dancers" by Susan Clickner