July 03, 2007

Seeking Aquarian Writers

Dear fellow Aquarians. I am seeking guest writers for this blog about astrology and Aquarius. Please see below.

I haven't posted here for a while and I've gotten a few emails asking if everything is alright and can I please post again soon. Everything is very groovy. I've just been really busy with exciting new things unfolding in my life. Maybe it's Jupiter sextiling my stellium and Midheaven in Aquarius for most of this year, or the once in a lifetime transit of Pluto trining my natal Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius) but my schedule has really picked up a few notches.

I haven't thought about Aquarian Digest for a while, but for some reason it popped into my mind just now that I really should make this request here. I notice the Moon is transiting conjunct over my natal Aquarian Mercury just as I write this. Maybe it's the transiting social Aquarian Moon that has prompted this post.

I hope to write here again more regularly at some later point (maybe next year?). But for now, I would welcome anyone who has anything astrological to say, and especially as it relates to Aquarians and transits.

Your post can be as short as a few sentences or as long as you like. I will copy it to this site for all to see and I can link to whatever sites you like within the post.

Please write me any neat tidbits you would like to see published here!

February 28, 2007

Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

Mercury is retrograding in Aquarius now. Mercury retrogrades for about a month three times a year. During a Mercury retrograde astrologers usually note that you can expect things to go wrong in terms of signing contracts, arranging meetings, mail being displaced or misunderstood, electronic instruments acting up and other such mishaps.

Much of the time a Mercury retrograde will go unnoticed by the average person. The people who will really feel a Mercury retrograde are those whose charts are strongly impacted by the placement of Mercury during the retrograde.

In this last retrograde, Mercury went retrograde at 10 Pisces on February 13th. It will station direct at 25 degrees Aquarius on March 6th.

In my own case, I have not been watching the daily movements of the planets for a while. So I wasn't even aware that we were in a Mercury retrograde period now. But yesterday was one of those days where everything went wrong. I left for a doctor's appointment at the last minute to be on time but my car wouldn't start. The remote control that opens my car door was not working at all. I was late for the appointment as I called for a taxi. Then I went back out to try to open the car door again, and some very surreal Mercurial person ran up to me to ask if I had a cell phone as he urgently needed to call someone as he was trying to rent a basement suite from one of my neighbours four doors down and needed to try to call them as he was not sure he had the right house because no one was answering. This guy was the very impersonation of Mercury. I will not go into the vivid description, but just trust me. I didn't have a cell, but I let him come in to use my phone as I waited for the taxi. His conversation was classic Mercury; very fast and fluent but not really there or securely grounded.

I caught the cab - I only splurge on a taxi a couple of times a year - and I think taxi drivers are a very Mercurial occupation - and he told me all about what to do about my remote control expired battery.

When I got back I came home to a huge glitch in my computer. I won't go into details but it basically was a real downer and means many hours of work to correct. Something I haven't done yet and need to rely on my programmer friend to help me with.

Later on that evening, I had been looking forward to my husband going out for dinner with his friend and our toddler. I was looking forward to a rare night in the house alone. I told him about the car problem and he said it was only a case of new batteries needed for the remote control. But this did not solve it. (Mercury retrograde was square his Sun). There was no dinner ready for our little boy, he was hungry and showing all the irritable signs, my husband was out trying to restart the battery with his work van and nothing worked. Finally they did leave to go out for dinner on their own (on foot) but after much delay and irritability.

I've gone on long enough but in summary today there were more jumbled plans and missed appointments.

In my natal chart Mercury is widely (seven degrees) opposed to Uranus and square my Moon. In yesterday's and today's retrograde, Mercury was exactly opposed my Uranus and square my Moon. This explains everything to me ;-) Mercury is otherwise strong in my chart as it's my rising sign ruler and placed in my 10th house.

Mercury retrograde when it affects a personal point in your chart will be a real nuisance. But it's not usually anything really serious. It's usually more of a nuisance than a disaster. For a real disaster other transits usually have to be involved.

The beautiful photo above is by Xerones.

February 04, 2007

Aquarius New Moon - February 17th

The New Moon in Aquarius falls on February 17th this year. See a very good overview of this new moon and what it may signify for you at the Mountain Astrologer. (This is a pdf file, scroll down to the second page for the New Moon report.)

January 26, 2007

2007 Forecast for 1962 Aquarians

Aquarians born in 1962 have a stellium of planets in Aquarius. We'll call these people Aquastells.

See a forecast for all Aquarians here. But what more specifics can we add that would apply to just the Aquastells in 2007?

I've heard from over ninety Aquastells who are interested in taking part in a survey about the general characteristics and life experiences of 1962 Aquarians. But before we get the two hundred people required as a minimum sample (please sign on here even if you've emailed me in the past!) I'm hoping that some of you will help talk about the transits we will all encounter this year.

Despite all being born within thirty days in the same year, Aquastells will still have completely different astrology forecasts for this year. Some of us may have Pluto conjunct Moon, Uranus conjunct Midheaven or Saturn on the Ascendant this year. These are the kinds of transits that really scream for attention but they happen in different years for all of us.

It would be so exciting to be able to do a mass forecast prediction for Aquastells. But because we all have our most sensitive chart points (the inner planets and angles) at different degrees, it really is not possible to do this. The only thing we can do is look at some of the less powerful transits that we all share in common.

We all share the same placements of the outer planets. When Aquastells were born, the slower planets were located here;

Pluto was retrograde btw 9.45 and 9.05 in Virgo (less than one degree spread)
Neptune moved between 13.19 and 13.29 Scorpio (less than one degree spread)
Uranus was retro between 29.13 and 28.26 Leo (less than one degree spread)
Saturn moved between 1.54 and 5.25 Aquarius (less than 4 degrees spread)
Jupiter moved between 14.50 and 21.58 Aquarius (a 6 degree spread)
South Node moved from 18.00 to 18.50 Aquarius ( one degree spread)

So all Aquastells will share the following transits;

Once-in-a-lifetime outer planet transits in 2007

Pluto trine Uranus - January, February, March, April, May June, and November and December for all Aquastells. Normally a transit involving two outer planets would not necessarily have huge immediate implications. But because Uranus is so central in the chart of Aquastells, this transit has to be very meaningful. Note also that the transit is amplified in mid December, when Pluto and Jupiter are conjunct in the sky and both trining the natal Uranus of all Aquastells.

Neptune conjunct South Node - all of January for all Aquastells

Uranus trine Neptune - end of January, all of February for all Aquastells

Neptune conjunct Jupiter - for Aquastells born before January 30, this two to three year transit has already almost finished. Aquastells born after 3 February; those whose Sun is in Aquarius between 19 and 21 degrees will feel this transit most strongly this year.

Other outer planet transits in 2007:

Jupiter Trine North Node - mid March through mid May for all Aquastells

Saturn Conjunct North Node - mid March through May for all Aquastells

Saturn Conjunct Uranus - mid August to early September for all Aquastells

Jupiter Trine Uranus - mid December for all Aquastells

The Fleeting Smaller Transits

There are many more transits we will share this year. These smaller transits are fleeting, they typically last only two or three days and often go unnoticed in our lives. But we can just try to track a few of these. It would be fun to share our common experiences of these upcoming transits;

Transiting Sun over natal Uranus

These fleeting transits of Sun over Uranus are of special interest to us. This is because we all share them around the same day every single year of our lives. Because the Sun is the only 'planet' that covers the same degrees of the zodiac each year at the same time, these transits merit our very focused group attention.

Each and every year the transiting Sun conjuncts our Uranus on August 22nd. Every year the transiting Sun squares our Uranus on May 20 and on October 27.

Because Uranus is such an incredibly powerful planet in the charts of Aquastells, this little annual transit of the Sun conjuncting Uranus should really be felt by most of us each year at this time when it happens. Mark August 22nd (and the two day period around it) in your calendars. On this date each year, Aquastells should be especially incredible magnetic to themselves and people around them. The day is filled with unusual events and surprises. Depending on how natal Uranus sits in your individual chart and how strong you are with its energies, this three day period should really stand out for you. Do people have memories of late August standing out in previous years?

Transiting Mars Trine Natal Pluto

In just a couple of days (centering around January 29th) we will all experience a trining transit of Mars over our Pluto. This transit usually brings great energy and the ability to initiate and achieve more than usual. This is a great time to let go of inhibitions and to knock down barriers in your life.

And because Mars is trining Pluto on January 29th this year, those Aquastells who were born close to this date (one or two days on each side) will benefit from this powerful transit energy for the whole year to the extent that it is also reflected in your birthday (solar return) chart.

Transiting Venus Conjunct Uranus

Normally the transit of Venus over Uranus happens once a year and is a two-day fleeting and not necessarily eventful transit. But 2007 is different because Venus will be retrograding and stationary at the last degrees of Leo for a long time. Aquastells will feel the strong impact of stationing Venus conjunct Uranus in the middle two weeks of July, the first two weeks of August and for about five days surrounding October 6th. (Note that during August Aquastells also have transiting Saturn conjunct their Uranus so this Venus/Saturn/Uranus activity complicates the picture quite a bit.)

Transiting Venus conjunct Uranus can bring all sorts of unusual social situations into your life. For Aquastells who have very powerful Uranian auras, you may really stand out for other people at around this time as the Venus out there shines on your natal ruling planet.

Here's a detailed list of most of the transits we will share this year.

If this forecast seems really like dry drivel than you must know I wrote it while under the sombering infuence of transiting Saturn weighing down on and opposing my Mercury. So please help me out! This is just a rough view of the transits we can all spend time discussing here this year. See the links to each transit mentioned above and please add your comments! Thanks.

The photo above is by Jeff Fennell

Transiting Saturn Conjunct Uranus

The transit of Saturn over natal Uranus only happens once every thirty years. Aquarians who were born with Uranus in late Leo or early Virgo will experience this transit in 2007. These people have experienced this transit only once before in late 1977-to mid 1978.

Saturn transiting over natal Uranus can be very upsetting. Uranus is such as free spirit, so prone to eratic behaviour and activity. When Saturn comes by to squish on it, it is a slowing, dampening effect on the wilful nature of Uranus.

The even stronger transit is the reverse one where it is Uranus that transits your natal Saturn. One of the most memorable times in my life was during this once-in-a-lifetmine transit of Uranus over natal Saturn. This happened in 1996 for me and I was suddenly and totally unexpectedly laid off from my job. I had been there for six years and had invested all my self-esteem in this silly (but prestigious and well-paying) job. Although I'd been trying to figure out for over a year how I would get myself out of there and into something new, I had delayed any action and was just stalling and stewing misearably. And then the bolt of lightening came. Almost the exact same day this long-term transit hit exact, I was given the boot (with much sugar coating) to my great shock and panic. I recall this time as one of the scariest points in my life in terms of forcing me to go out into unknown territory and make a completely new career for myself. (In my case Uranus rules my 10th house). In retrospect this transit helped me so very much. I was freed of a real bondage and confinement. I had been living as an Aquarian ruled by Saturn. Now I started the second major chapter in my life where I began living as an Aquarian ruled by Uranus.

The transiting Saturn over Uranus transit will have many of the same vibes. But instead of forcefully freeing us from Saturn's inhibitions, this transit could bind our freedom in some way; it could burden us with some additional responsibility, maybe regarding some older people in our life.

I'd like to see more people's opinions of this transit. Please leave some comments below!

The entertaining photo above is by blueace.

Transiting Uranus Trine Neptune


Transiting Sun Conjunct Uranus

This transit occurs once every year for everyone. It also happens on the same day each year. So if you know what degree your Uranus is in, you can easily figure out when this transit occurs for you each year. In my case, Uranus is at 29 degrees Virgo. Thus each year on the 22nd of August, I experience the Sun conjuncting my natal Uranus.

For people who are strongly Uranian, this day of the year may really stand out for you. I'm looking for feedback and more comments about this transit please.

Transiting Venus Conjunct Uranus

this is a draft. I'm seeking people's comments and interpretations below!

Transiting Mars Trine Natal Pluto

This can be a very energizing transit. It's a short lived transit typically lasting for less than three days. It can be a productive time of initiating new paths in life.

This transit is relatively common and occurs once or twice a year.

Are you an Aquarian who's experienced this transit lately? Please add your comments about this transit below.

Transiting Pluto Trine Uranus

The transit of Pluto trine natal Uranus can only happen once in a lifetime.

Usually when we have Pluto trining one of our outer planets the effect is over a couple of years and may not be felt at all in the outer life events of any given individual.

But for Aquarians, especially those whose chart ruler (Uranus) is very strongly tied in with their charts, this transit can signal a major transformation in life.

In 2007, Aquarians born in 1962 are experiencing this transit of Pluto trining natal Uranus. We're looking for feedback here. How do you see this transit manifesting in the lives of the extreme Aquarians born in 1962?

Transits shared by Aquastells in 2007

Here's a summary of transits shared by Aquastells in 2007. The exact timing is based on the mid point of Aquarius (set for people born on February 4th 1962.) For a discussion of many of the key transits see here.

1/ 2/2007 trans Neptune (Aqu) Opp natal [Leo] Node
1/ 2/2007 trans Mercury (Cap) Tri natal [Vir] Pluto
1/ 5/2007 trans Mercury (Cap) Sex natal (Sco) Neptune
1/ 6/2007 trans Jupiter (Sag) Squ natal [Vir] Pluto
1/ 6/2007 trans Venus (Aqu) Con natal (Aqu) Saturn
1/14/2007 trans Neptune (Aqu) Con natal (Aqu) Jupiter
1/14/2007 trans Venus (Aqu) Squ natal (Sco) Neptune
1/15/2007 trans Mars (Sag) Tri natal [Leo] Uranus
1/17/2007 trans Mercury (Aqu) Con natal (Aqu) Saturn
1/18/2007 trans Venus (Aqu) Opp natal [Leo] Node
1/18/2007 trans Venus (Aqu) Con natal (Aqu) Jupiter
1/22/2007 trans Mercury (Aqu) Squ natal (Sco) Neptune
1/25/2007 trans Mercury (Aqu) Opp natal [Leo] Node
1/25/2007 trans Mercury (Aqu) Con natal (Aqu) Jupiter
1/27/2007 trans Venus (Aqu) Opp natal [Leo] Uranus
1/29/2007 trans Mars (Cap) Tri natal [Vir] Pluto
2/ 1/2007 trans Mercury (Aqu) Opp natal [Leo] Uranus
2/ 3/2007trans Mars (Cap) Sex natal (Sco) Neptune
2/ 4/2007 trans Venus (Pis) Opp natal [Vir] Pluto
2/ 7/2007 trans Venus (Pis) Tri natal (Sco) Neptune
2/11/2007 trans Mercury (Pis) Opp natal [Vir] Pluto
2/11/2007 trans Uranus (Pis) Tri natal (Sco) Neptune
2/16/2007 trans Mercury [Pis] Opp natal [Vir] Pluto
2/24/2007 trans Venus (Ari) Sex natal (Aqu) Saturn
2/27/2007 trans Mercury [Aqu] Opp natal [Leo] Uranus
3/ 2/2007 trans Mars (Aqu) Con natal (Aqu) Saturn
3/ 4/2007 trans Jupiter (Sag) Tri natal [Leo] Node
3/ 7/2007 trans Venus (Ari) Tri natal [Leo] Node
3/ 8/2007 trans Venus (Ari) Sex natal (Aqu) Jupiter
3/ 8/2007 trans Jupiter (Sag) Sex natal (Aqu) Jupiter
3/15/2007 trans Mars (Aqu) Squ natal (Sco) Neptune
3/16/2007 trans Venus (Ari) Tri natal [Leo] Uranus
3/16/2007 trans Mercury (Aqu) Opp natal [Leo] Uranus
3/20/2007 trans Venus (Tau) Squ natal (Aqu) Saturn
3/21/2007 trans Mars (Aqu) Opp natal [Leo] Node
3/22/2007 trans Mars (Aqu) Con natal (Aqu) Jupiter
3/25/2007 trans Venus (Tau) Tri natal [Vir] Pluto
3/27/2007 trans Mercury (Pis) Opp natal [Vir] Pluto
3/28/2007 trans Venus (Tau) Opp natal (Sco) Neptune
3/28/2007 trans Saturn [Leo] Opp natal (Aqu) Jupiter
3/30/2007 trans Mercury (Pis) Tri natal (Sco) Neptune
4/ 1/2007 trans Venus (Tau) Squ natal [Leo] Node
4/ 2/2007 trans Venus (Tau) Squ natal (Aqu) Jupiter
4/ 4/2007 trans Mars (Aqu) Opp natal [Leo] Uranus
4/10/2007 trans Venus (Tau) Squ natal [Leo] Uranus
4/12/2007 trans Mercury (Ari) Sex natal (Aqu) Saturn
4/14/2007 trans Venus (Gem) Tri natal (Aqu) Saturn
4/15/2007 trans Saturn [Leo] Con natal [Leo] Node
4/18/2007 trans Mars (Pis) Opp natal [Vir] Pluto
4/19/2007 trans Venus (Gem) Squ natal [Vir] Pluto
4/20/2007 trans Mercury (Ari) Tri natal [Leo] Node
4/21/2007 trans Mercury (Ari) Sex natal (Aqu) Jupiter
4/23/2007 trans Saturn (Leo) Con natal [Leo] Node
4/23/2007 trans Mars (Pis) Tri natal (Sco) Neptune
4/26/2007 trans Mercury (Ari) Tri natal [Leo] Uranus
4/27/2007 trans Venus (Gem) Sex natal [Leo] Node
4/27/2007 trans Node [Pis] Tri natal (Sco) Neptune
4/27/2007 trans Venus (Gem) Tri natal (Aqu) Jupiter
4/28/2007 trans Mercury (Tau) Squ natal (Aqu) Saturn
5/ 1/2007 trans Mercury (Tau) Tri natal [Vir] Pluto
5/ 3/2007 trans Mercury (Tau) Opp natal (Sco) Neptune
5/ 3/2007 trans Jupiter [Sag] Sex natal (Aqu) Jupiter
5/ 5/2007 trans Mercury (Tau) Squ natal [Leo] Node
5/ 5/2007 trans Mercury (Tau) Squ natal (Aqu) Jupiter
5/ 7/2007 trans Venus (Gem) Sex natal [Leo] Uranus
5/ 8/2007 trans Jupiter [Sag] Tri natal [Leo] Node
5/10/2007 trans Mercury (Tau) Squ natal [Leo] Uranus
5/11/2007 trans Saturn (Leo) Opp natal (Aqu) Jupiter
5/12/2007 trans Mercury (Gem) Tri natal (Aqu) Saturn
5/15/2007 trans Mercury (Gem) Squ natal [Vir] Pluto
5/16/2007 trans Venus (Can) Sex natal [Vir] Pluto
5/20/2007 trans Mars (Ari) Sex natal (Aqu) Saturn
5/20/2007 trans Venus (Can) Tri natal (Sco) Neptune
5/20/2007 trans Mercury (Gem) Sex natal [Leo] Node
5/20/2007 trans Mercury (Gem) Tri natal (Aqu) Jupiter
5/27/2007 trans Mercury (Gem) Sex natal [Leo] Uranus
6/ 8/2007 trans Mercury (Can) Sex natal [Vir] Pluto
6/ 8/2007 trans Mars (Ari) Tri natal [Leo] Node
6/ 8/2007 trans Mars (Ari) Sex natal (Aqu) Jupiter
6/ 9/2007 trans Venus (Leo) Opp natal (Aqu) Saturn
6/19/2007 trans Venus (Leo) Squ natal (Sco) Neptune
6/23/2007 trans Mars (Ari) Tri natal [Leo] Uranus
6/23/2007 trans Mercury [Can] Sex natal [Vir] Pluto
6/25/2007 trans Venus (Leo) Con natal [Leo] Node
6/26/2007 trans Venus (Leo) Opp natal (Aqu) Jupiter
6/29/2007 trans Mars (Tau) Squ natal (Aqu) Saturn
7/ 7/2007 trans Mars (Tau) Tri natal [Vir] Pluto
7/12/2007 trans Venus (Leo) Con natal [Leo] Uranus
7/13/2007 trans Node [Pis] Opp natal [Vir] Pluto
7/13/2007 trans Mars (Tau) Opp natal (Sco) Neptune
7/20/2007 trans Mars (Tau) Squ natal [Leo] Node
7/20/2007 trans Mars (Tau) Squ natal (Aqu) Jupiter
7/22/2007 trans Mercury (Can) Sex natal [Vir] Pluto
7/25/2007 trans Mercury (Can) Tri natal (Sco) Neptune
8/ 5/2007 trans Mars (Tau) Squ natal [Leo] Uranus
8/ 6/2007 trans Mercury (Leo) Opp natal (Aqu) Saturn
8/10/2007 trans Venus [Leo] Con natal [Leo] Uranus
8/11/2007 trans Mercury (Leo) Squ natal (Sco) Neptune
8/12/2007 trans Mars (Gem) Tri natal (Aqu) Saturn
8/13/2007 trans Mercury (Leo) Con natal [Leo] Node
8/13/2007 trans Mercury (Leo) Opp natal (Aqu) Jupiter
8/18/2007 trans Mercury (Leo) Con natal [Leo] Uranus
8/21/2007 trans Mars (Gem) Squ natal [Vir] Pluto
8/24/2007 trans Mercury (Vir) Con natal [Vir] Pluto
8/25/2007 trans Saturn (Leo) Con natal [Leo] Uranus
8/26/2007 trans Mercury (Vir) Sex natal (Sco) Neptune
8/29/2007 trans Venus [Leo] Opp natal (Aqu) Jupiter
8/30/2007 trans Venus [Leo] Con natal [Leo] Node
9/ 5/2007 trans Mars (Gem) Sex natal [Leo] Node
9/ 6/2007 trans Mars (Gem) Tri natal (Aqu) Jupiter
9/ 7/2007 trans Mercury (Lib) Tri natal (Aqu) Saturn
9/17/2007 trans Venus (Leo) Con natal [Leo] Node
9/17/2007 trans Mercury (Lib) Sex natal [Leo] Node
9/17/2007 trans Mercury (Lib) Tri natal (Aqu) Jupiter
9/18/2007 trans Venus (Leo) Opp natal (Aqu) Jupiter
9/26/2007 trans Mercury (Lib) Sex natal [Leo] Uranus
9/26/2007 trans Mars (Gem) Sex natal [Leo] Uranus
10/ 1/2007 trans Mercury (Sco) Squ natal (Aqu) Saturn
10/ 6/2007 trans Venus (Leo) Con natal [Leo] Uranus
10/19/2007 trans Venus (Vir) Con natal [Vir] Pluto
10/20/2007 trans Mercury [Sco] Squ natal (Aqu) Saturn
10/23/2007 trans Venus (Vir) Sex natal (Sco) Neptune
10/24/2007 trans Jupiter (Sag) Tri natal [Leo] Node
10/24/2007 trans Mars (Can) Sex natal [Vir] Pluto
10/24/2007 trans Mercury [Lib] Sex natal [Leo] Uranus
10/26/2007 trans Jupiter (Sag) Sex natal (Aqu) Jupiter
11/10/2007 trans Mercury (Lib) Sex natal [Leo] Uranus
11/12/2007 trans Venus (Lib) Tri natal (Aqu) Saturn
11/13/2007 trans Mercury (Sco) Squ natal (Aqu) Saturn
11/17/2007 trans Mercury (Sco) Sex natal [Vir] Pluto
11/20/2007 trans Mercury (Sco) Con natal (Sco) Neptune
11/23/2007 trans Mercury (Sco) Squ natal [Leo] Node
11/23/2007 trans Mercury (Sco) Squ natal (Aqu) Jupiter
11/24/2007 trans Venus (Lib) Sex natal [Leo] Node
11/25/2007 trans Venus (Lib) Tri natal (Aqu) Jupiter
11/30/2007 trans Mercury (Sco) Squ natal [Leo] Uranus
12/ 3/2007 trans Mercury (Sag) Sex natal (Aqu) Saturn
12/ 4/2007 trans Venus (Lib) Sex natal [Leo] Uranus
12/ 5/2007 trans Mars [Can] Sex natal [Vir] Pluto
12/ 7/2007 trans Mercury (Sag) Squ natal [Vir] Pluto
12/ 8/2007 trans Venus (Sco) Squ natal (Aqu) Saturn
12/12/2007 trans Mercury (Sag) Tri natal [Leo] Node
12/13/2007 trans Mercury (Sag) Sex natal (Aqu) Jupiter
12/13/2007 trans Venus (Sco) Sex natal [Vir] Pluto
12/14/2007 trans Jupiter (Sag) Tri natal [Leo] Uranus
12/16/2007 trans Venus (Sco) Con natal (Sco) Neptune
12/19/2007 trans Mercury (Sag) Tri natal [Leo] Uranus
12/20/2007 trans Venus (Sco) Squ natal [Leo] Node
12/20/2007 trans Venus (Sco) Squ natal (Aqu) Jupiter
12/26/2007 trans Mercury (Cap) Tri natal [Vir] Pluto
12/28/2007 trans Mercury (Cap) Sex natal (Sco) Neptune
12/29/2007 trans Pluto (Sag) Tri natal [Leo] Uranus
12/29/2007 trans Venus (Sco) Squ natal [Leo] Uranus

The photo above is by absolutwade.

January 21, 2007

A Roll Call for Aquarians born in 1962

This is an update for Aquarians born in 1962.

As you know, I'm trying to get at least 200 people to take part in a survey of 1962 Aquarians. These are people born with the highest concentration of Aquarius planets throughout any time in history.

I have some sorry news. I've collected emails from almost 100 people since I put out the call two years ago. But a while ago I was cleaning my email folders and accidentally deleted all the emails from 1962 Aquarians! After this happened I was so unhappy with myself and ready to fold everything and just quit. I really don't want to start all over again.

However then I thought maybe it's better this way. This whole process should be more of a collaboration and less centrally planned (more on that later).

Because I started this two years ago, I am sure many people who responded in the first year may no longer even be interested in participating. And many of the emails I got were people's secondary addresses that may no longer be active. So I thought it would be better to try this instead:

Would all 1962 Aquarians who want to participate in the survey please add your vote in the comments here with just 1) your name (or nickname), 2) date of birth and 3) ascendant and moon sign (if known).

This way we will all know exactly how many people are on the list and how fast it's growing. It's also a good way for people to see if they have an astrology twin on this list.

Once we approach 200 names we can talk about how to best proceed with the survey. I hope you agree this may be a better way to go.

Please add your vote below for the survey to go ahead.
This is just a roll call. Only one post per person please (to keep it simple for counting heads.) You can hopefully also introduce yourself at the meeting place if you haven't yet done so.

January 04, 2007

2007 Aquarius Forecast

I don't think the daily, monthly and yearly forecasts you find for each zodiac sign can tell you much about your immediate life prospects. This is because each person's chart is so vastly different and two Aquarians will usually have very little in common if they are born in different years and days. Of course they will both be Aquarians at the core but the stars will impact them very differently over the course of the day or year based on their unique complete astrology charts. Just knowing the Sun sign is not going to predict much about your love life, career or health issues for the following year.

So you won't find much of interest here unless you understand what transits are. If you are looking for a more basic forecast, I recommend Neil Giles' 2007 forecast for Aquarians who are beginners at astrology. This forecast is based on standard Sun sign astrology where Aquarius is placed as your rising sign, and it effectively becomes the first house in your chart and the forecast is based mostly on the transiting planets in the different houses of your chart.

There's also a more detailed 2007 forecast by Planetary Rhythms for Aquarians who are familiar with the transits of planets.

But as a basic overview, here are the main transits in 2007;

2007 has Jupiter sextiling Aquarian planets all year, Saturn is opposing them for most of the year and Neptune may be conjucting your Sun or one of your other planets this year. What does this mean for you?

Jupiter Sextiling Aquarius in 2007

Jupiter sextiling your personal planets is a nice pleasant transit of ease. It's not nearly as powerful as the trine but it can bring growth, expansion and luck to some department of your life. See the Jupiter trine Aquarius transit I wrote about earlier and interpret 2007 as being a similar influence but not as strongly emphasized with the sextile. This Jupiter sextile transit will be stronger for you if your natal Jupiter is placed strongly in your chart (if it is angular, your rising sign ruler, or aspected to your personal planets).

The pleasant Jupiter sextile will be particularly powerful for Aquarians who have inner Aquarian planets between 17 and 19 degrees of Aquarius (or even better between 17 and 19 degrees of Leo or Sag or Aries, as these are trines and conjunctions) and between 9 and 11 degrees of Aquarius (or even better with Leo, Sag, Aries as above).

This is because Jupiter is favouring and stationing on these degrees in 2007. It will move unusually slowly from 17 to 19 degrees and back to 17 degrees between late February through to late May. It will slow down again to go direct and will be moving from 11 degrees to 9 and back to 11 degrees over an extended period beginning in July and extending right through mid September. Later, the people who have planets at around 17 degrees will benefit from another Jupiter sextile in October.

Jupiter brings expansion of some kind into your life. A sextile is a little helper from the stars. Check what house Jupiter is transiting in your chart and what house your aspected planet resides in. Also check the house ruled by Jupiter. This should provide a clue as to what department of your life will feel the good vibes of Jupiter.

Saturn opposes Aquarius in 2007

The Jupiter expansion is sobered up with a Saturn opposition to Aquarius continuing through most of 2007. Only Aquarians who have planets in the last 12 degrees of Aquarius will feel Saturn's serious lessons this year though. (Unless of course they have planets in the other fixed signs of these degrees). Saturn retrogrades from 24 degrees Leo to 18 degrees and back to the end of Leo till early September. After that it moves on to a better home in Virgo.

Those Aquarians who have a personal planet between 20 and 18 degrees of Aquarius will feel Saturn's message most personally this year. This is because Saturn stations direct at 18.09 degrees in Leo in mid April. It sits heavily between 20 and 18 degrees for all of March, April, May through mid June. For people with personal planets at these degrees in Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo or Taurus, see an earlier post about Saturn transits here.

By the way, for people who want to see where the planets sit on any given day in 2007, I recommend printing out a copy of a free ephemeris for the year. You'll get six pages of planet placements and can refer to it over the year.

Neptune travels between 18 and 22 degrees in Aquarius in 2007

If you are an Aquarian born between February 7th to February 13th you will experience the once in a lifetime Neptune conjunct Sun transit in 2007. If you're an Aquarian born before this time, you've already gone through this. If you are born later in February, you have this major transit to anticipate in the next few years. It's a long lasting transit, often taking three years off and on to unfold. Expect your inner self and personality to undergo major changes during this time. See more about it at the link above.

If you have any other personal planets between 18 and 22 degrees of Aquarius or other fixed signs, you will feel Neptune's disorienting or deep awakening vibes.

Pluto Stomps Slowly through late Sag this Year

If Pluto is sextiling any of your planets in the last four degrees of Aquarius this year, this can be a powerful and helpful force. See more on Pluto transits here.

A Better Forecast for Aquarians?

If we could do a forecast just for Aquarians born in one particular year, this could be much more interesting and useful. I'd like to try doing a group forecast for 1962 Aquarians. These are people born with an enourmous emphasis on Aquarius.

For example, with this group of people we can predict the exact time and types of major outer planet transits. We know the three outer planet transits for this group in 2007 will be Pluto Trine Uranus, Uranus Trine Neptune and Neptune Conjunct Jupiter. These once-in-a-lifetime transits will be occuring at the same time for all Aquarians born in 1962.

It would be interesting to work on this as a team effort and to see how the various transits unfold for different people. Update: I've posted here about some of the transits that will occur for these Aquarians at the exact same time over the next year. We could try a detailed review of 2007 transits on a good sample size of 1962 Aquarians.


The above poster of 'An Aquarian Exposition' is for the Woodstock Festival of 1969. It was probably the most famous music festival of all time. Photo by DBKing.

September 24, 2006

Single Aquarians

Of all the zodiac signs, Aquarians are the most likely to marry later in life and be single for longer periods of time. At least this is what you read in a lot of the astrology books. And just from my own personal observations, I've found it to be true that Aquarians tend to marry later than most other signs.

This is usually attributed to the ruler of Aquarius, Uranus. Uranus is freedom-loving, and can often be erratic and even eccentric. Aquarians are less afraid of snubbing convention and more at home with their independence than the typcial person would be.

Aquarius is heavily emphasized in my chart and I didn't marry until I was 38. Not only is Uranus the ruler of all my planets placed in Aquarius, but it also squares my weak Scorpio moon. I suffered a lot in thinking I would never find my mate and always be single. I was not often at a loss for boyfriends, but the 'fated husband' was a long-time in coming. I'm so very thankful I waited in retrospect, and only wish I could have enjoyed my single years more, and that I had had the relaxed faith that I would eventually find my life partner.

Someone recently pointed me to a neat website. The title is "I can't believe I'm still single". The author is a successful New York movie maker who turned 44 this year. And guess what sign he is?

This guy is extremely Aquarian. He has a stellium in Aquarius including Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. His Sun/Saturn/Venus are locked together within one degree. And though we don't know what time he was born, it's quite likely that his very powerful Uranus (conjunct Regulus), the ruler of all these planets is also not so gently suffocating his Moon in late Leo. He was born January 22, 1962. He probably knows nothing about astrology, but he might want sit up and take notice; maybe even read some stuff on Moon/Uranus conjunctions and Aquarians in general.

In any case, his new site is a representative case study of the single Aquarian ;-).

September 14, 2006

An Update for 1962 Aquarians

Here's a long overdue update for people who've joined the 1962 Aquarius survey list.

We're up to about sixty people now. We still have a long way to go to get to two hundred. Since I put out the initial call almost two years ago, I'm sure some people may have already lost interest in participating. Also, a few people gave me secondary email addresses that may no longer be active.

So, I expect of the sixty we may only see 2/3 actually participating once we're ready to go.

It may be another year before we've got enough people to get this survey off and going! So hold tight and check in every once in a while.

Here's two emails I received from a 1962 Aquarian that I'm sure you will find very interesting.

I just found your blog via starlightnews and was happy to see your interest in aqua62s. I do recall reading your article in '96. I'd like to take part in your survey and will try to round up any others I happen to meet. Maybe by 2012 we'll make it to 200. Have you posted announcements on other astrology blogs/forums?

I was born on 1/22 and both of the sign's rulers are super strong in my chart. I have an exact to the minute conjunction of sun /saturn, and moon and uranus are conjunct on the asc.

I started reading astrology books when I was 12 or 13 and by age 14 I had hand calculated my birthchart (those were the days eh?). I have been studying astrology ever since but have never tried to get credentials and make a living of it.

I have always wanted to meet my astro twin as it would be the ultimate proof of astrology's validity for me personally. Despite all these years of experience with it, I still sometimes have my doubts and wonder if it's all in my head. Well, last summer I had the opportunity to meet an almost astro-twin. He contacted me via online personals and we found out we were born 7.5 hrs apart in the same zone. We only met for 2 hours but it felt like talking with a friend you hadn't seen in years. And we were remarkably similar (in spite of the 7 hours and different gender) in looks, interests, philosophy and psychology. It was a weird experience.

Now that I've found this site maybe I can find a more exact astro twin. I noticed one post from a woman born 1/22.


I have an idea for that survey: one would think there would be an obvious difference in dominant character trait /life path between the early aquastells who have the sun/ven/saturn conjunction versus the later ones with sun/ven/jup.

Also, the early ones would have merc/jup vs merc/sat; and then there's the less glaring difference of venus/sat vs mars/sat.

Of course all those shifting planets get more complicated than that but Jupter and Saturn are very basic opposite energies and might be the clearest to document.

It's really cool how the earlies have the inward or contractive basic character (sun) with an expansive mind while the laters are the opposite or complement.

Anyway, the survey could be set up to have a look at that if there was a large enough group. What do you think? Maybe you were already considering that anyway. On the other hand it might not be a good idea to stir up divisiveness among the aquastells for we are all One. Solidarity forever!

These are very interesting points! What do you guys think?

P.S. If you haven't already done so, please introduce yourself at the meeting spot.

The above photo is "Aquarius Mews" by Sir Mildred Pierce at Flickr.

September 07, 2006

Astrology Readings in Vancouver, BC

Contact me if you would be interested in a personal reading and be able to meet at or near my residence near Cambie/18th in Vancouver.

The astrology consultation focuses on various aspects of your life and personality as chosen by you and could include examining your key personal traits, creative abilities, relationships, career, health, childhood and spiritual issues. To prepare for a reading I study your birth (natal) chart and your upcoming transits and progressions. For relationship questions I also need birth data for your friend or partner.

As of September 2013 the consultation fee is $120 for the initial one hour meeting and $70 for any future one hour visits. If you live in Vancouver and would like to schedule a reading you can call me at 604*684*1826.

August 25, 2006

Pluto Denigrated to a Dwarf Planet?

It looks like astronomers meeting now in Prague are going to reclassify Pluto. They don't think it should be considered a full-scale planet and they are going to classify it as a 'dwarf planet'.

They can do what they think is best I suppose, but astrologers would strongly disagree as to the weight of influence of Pluto in the solar system.

Personally I've experienced three of my most trying life traumas during Pluto transits. The most recent one, about three years ago, I was taken to small claims court by an unhappy and jealous ex-boyfriend as Pluto conjuncted my Descendant. We had separated about four years previous to that but he waited (not knowing anything about astrology) till Pluto was on my Descendant to harass me ;-). Thankfully the case was thrown out of court but it was very emotionally charged for me.

Many years ago my mother died as Pluto squared my Sun.

And when Pluto conjuncted my Moon, I would have to say that year was the most emotionally-trying year in my life so far.

Pluto may be small in size but it carries an incredible punch. Pluto ain't no dwarf planet. Anyone else want to vouch for the power of Pluto transits?

The above photo is 'Pluto' by Dan Zen.

August 16, 2006

Ceres to Join the Planets?

Astronomers are meeting in Prague right now to finally put an end to the nebulous existing definition they use for what exactly constitutes a planet. If one of their central proposals go through, we will soon see three new planets in the solar system.

One is the asteroid Ceres. When Ceres was first discovered in 1801, it was considered a planet by astronomers, but it was soon demoted to the status of an asteroid because astronomers couldn't figure out its shape.

This seems like a very good time in human evolution to recognize Ceres as a planet. Ceres is recognized by astrologers as representing nurturing qualities. It's placement in our chart gives clues about how we nurture and care for other people as well as ourselves. Ceres is also deeply associated with our caring and nurturing relationship to the Earth; to the land and the health of the environment.

In human health, Ceres is associated with the womb and stomach.

According to Nick Anthony Fiorenza potential Ceres issues are: fear of abundance, lack and material struggle; low self esteem; unworthiness; abandonment / rejection issues expressing as attachment to people and things, manipulation of loved ones, over-attachment to siblings, possessiveness, and control of siblings or of one's creations; mother-child complexes; barrenness.

Ceres takes 4.6 years to orbit around the Sun.

It is very interesting that just now, as it's very status is being discussed, it is exactly conjunct Neptune at 18 degrees Aquarius. What might that mean??? ;-)

The above art print is Venus with Ceres and Juno by Raphael.

July 11, 2006

Sabian Symbols and Evolving Images

There are 360 degrees in the zodiac. And thirty degrees for each sign, including Aquarius.

Have you ever looked into the meaning of the degree where your Sun is placed in Aquarius? Each degree has been assigned a unique meaning by a system called Sabian symbols. Sabian symbols were created by clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler back in 1925. A lot of astrologers use them to help them conjure up useful images for their clients.

You can analyze Sabian symbols for any point in your chart, but most often people are most interested in their Sun and Ascendant degree interpretations. Sabian Symbols are always rounded up to the next degree. So for example, if your Sun is at 19 degrees and 17 minutes Aquarius, the 20 degree Aquarius sabian symbol would be the correct interpretation for you.

In my case I have a Sun/Venus conjunction at between 10 and 11 degrees of Aquarius. Here the sabian interpretation is : During a silent hour, a man receives a new inspiration which may change his life.

This has a very personal meaning for me. I won't go into it but it is extremely good counsel for me.

And now we have a new way of looking at each of the 360 degrees. Astrologer Michael Ax and artist Lyle van Loon have created an image and a corresponding phrase for each of the degrees. They have over twenty years of astrological analysis and their insights are very interesting. Their work is inspired by extensive study of Rudhyar, Jones and Goldsmith.

See what they have to say about the zodiac degree you may be interested in visualizing.

For my Aquarian degree between 10-11 Aquarius, they have created the image above. The phrase belonging to it is Synthetic Vision: the experience of knowing solutions to complex issues in the world and deciding to put one's life in gear to bring these solution into being.

Now for the first time we have images to associate with each of the 360 degrees.

See also an abbreviated version of the classic Sabian Symbols meanings at Cafe Astrology.