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November 08, 2005

Astrology Blogs : The Top Ten

There are thousands of astrology websites out there but only a handful of blogs. Here's some links to the best astrology blogs I've discovered recently:

In alphabetical order:

Aquarius Papers is a very informative astrology blog written by Robert Wilkinson. It's chock-full of information about current planet action and how it may impact your chart. Visit his site now for example, to see how the upcoming Mercury Retrograde will impact you depending on which house it is transiting in your chart.

Astrologer's Diary is a nicely written and designed blog by Jessica Adams.

Astrological Musings is a very high-quality blog by Lynn Hayes profiling people in the news and providing daily planetary updates. Blog features astrological insights, astrology in the news, and answers to letters from readers. The author is (Libra) Brandi Jasmine. This blog has not been updated since July; I hope Brandi hasn't given up on it.

Big Sky AstroBlog is for 'the astrologically insatiable' as writes Leo author April Elliott Kent. It's an informative and entertaining read. I've just added it to my bookmarks. is a beautifully presented astrology advice column.

Know It All Astrologer is an entertaining read and a little more geared to beginner astrology readers than some of the other blogs on this list.

Oculus Divinorum blog is a beautiful site about astrology and tarot. It's authored by Isthmus Nekoi. Her New Moon and Full Moon analysis every month is enough reason to visit this site regularly.

That only adds up to eight. I'll complete this post as I come across more great blogs.

Please leave your suggestions below if you know of any other good astrology blogs.

Update April 4th: There is no longer a need for a top ten list of astrology blogs.
This is because there is a great new directory which provides updates on the best astrology posts. Here readers decide which blogs are the most valuable ones. This will soon determine what the actual top ten astrology blogs are - based on votes by readers. Visit Astrology Bookmarks to see this great new resource for the astrology community!

Aquarius Preferences : Survey Results

Here are more results from the ongoing survey of Aquarians.

Twenty seven Aquarians have answered the survey to date.

What are your three favorite hobbies or interests?

1. everything outdoors!
2. music/ singing

3. music

4. photography

5. nature

6. art Painting
7. music

8. knitting

9. watch
10. reading
11. reading

12. sex
13. spirituality

14. mystery

15. yoga

16. writing

17. Reading

18. dancing

19. tennis

20. art

21. Photography

22. being with people I love

23. music, astrology, animals

24. creating peace

25. the net

1. Photography

2. finding out about things

3. movies

4. astrology

5. music

6. screenwriting

7. reading

8. reading

9. movies

10. movies

11. music

12. nature/hiking

13. reading

14. drawing

15. arts & craft

16. cooking

17. music

18. music

19. Flying

20. music/dancing

21. achieving ascension

22. gym

1. road trips

2. politics

3. psychology

4. socializing

5. thinking (could be no 1 really)

6. art therapy

7. cooking

8. running

9. researching
10. crafts/embroidery

11. music
12. music

13. reading

14. sports

15. gardening

16. movies

17. literature

18. Storytelling

19. making things

20. treasure hunting

21. sex

We've had 85% participation from females, only 15% from males.

Out of 27 people who have completed the survey, ten are
extreme Aquarians; people with five or more planets in Aquarius.

Thanks to everyone who's participated in the survey so far.