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February 27, 2006

Reader Feedback

I received an interesting email today. It's the first time someone has written here to tell me what I'm like based on my writing style and basic birth data:

"... is my pen name.
I subscribe to your Aquarian Digest blog.
I am a Gemini with Scorpio rising (Leo moon 9th house). I have been married twice both times to Aquarian women (still married). I have an affinity to Aquarians and fortunately still have no idea what makes them tick.
I am reading your blog with great interest and would like to thank you for putting yourself out there. I became interested in Astrology 20+ years ago and occasionally dabble there.
You express yourself with an air of detachment and aloofness that intrigues me. Exclusive communication with a sense that you are in control.
In Numerology your numbers are (01/30/1962) 1-3-9 = 4. This might indicate that you have an organized mind but a disorganized life (guessing). There might have been no talking to you until 1989 when at that time you opened up to the world and life became more fun. I suspect you are starting to realize that being lucky is more important than being smart. You are an air person (3 of the day) so abstract concepts are very real for you and you identify with (if you can touch it, it's not real).
As for life right now you have no vision or sense of the future. You are in a heads down time and best to be cleaning out your closets. Things looked really optimistic last year but now things have got bogged down. Slow down and don't try to make things happen.

Okay got to run, the new moon having its way with me."

Thanks for your comments.

I don't know much about numerology but I always thought my birth number was 22. I like 22 better than four. It seems to imply less hard work and more boundless potential ;-)

Interesting you should use the word 'detached' to describe my personality just given my writing style. I've always had lots of friends yet other people have used this word to describe me as well (though not so much as I've gotten older). (Eek, I won't even comment on the aloof part, that's a more serious thing. Do I really come across as aloof??) But being somewhat detached is usually seen a relatively common characteristic of Aquarians, don't people agree?

Yes, 1989 was much more fun; that's when I started drinking in earnest. That's also when I finally got my M.A. and started getting my life together. 1988 had been one tragedy after another.

Cleaning out closets is definitely the therapeutic thing I should be doing these days. Thanks again for the comments.

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