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May 12, 2005

Venus Trine Sun

Flowers and VenusVenus entered Gemini about three days ago and will be in this sign until the first week of June. For people with Sun in Aquarius, Venus in Gemini will be trining your Sun sometime over the next three weeks. Venus typically moves about one degree a day through the Zodiac and the effect of this transit is fleeting, usually only about three days.

Venus transiting Sun is a light-hearted transit. It often means you will be socializing with friends, having more fun than usual, and receiving unexpected gifts. It's a great time to buy yourself some eye candy (flowers). Your outward appearance will be more appealing to others during this transit. Good hair days are guaranteed ;-).

If you were born in mid Aquarius (around February 3rd) you will encounter this transit between about May 20th and May 22nd. If you know the degree of your Sun in Aquarius, check the ephemeris at Astrodienst to see when Venus will be trining your Sun from the same degrees in Gemini.

The above image is "Gerbera Spectrum" by Allen Fine