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March 07, 2006

Psychic Junkies

I don't usually read the New York Times these days but I happened to pick it up this weekend. There was a great article there about a woman who used to be "a psychic junkie" not too long ago. At the worst point in her habit, she was spending about $1,000 per month on online and telephone psychic readings.

Her name is Sarah Lassez and she has since written a book, "Psychic Junkie: A Memoir" to help others who find themselves in the same boat. The book will be available in July. She's also set up a website and online support group.

Personally, I've gone to about three or four psychic readings over the years. In each case I went when I was under relationship or job stress (and in the midst of very heavy-duty transits). I've also seen three astrologers for personal readings and one of them became my trusted astrologer who I visited at least five times over a few years. Aside from her expertise in astrology, this woman also seemed to have strongly developed psychic skills. Unfortunately she retired a few years ago due to bad health.

I didn't happen to have a great personal experience with any of the three psychics I went to. I thought they were kind of scammy and I didn't get the sense they had special skills. But I found the astrology readings really helpful and fun on some level. I thought I got my money's worth there.

I would imagine that this business of online readings has become a rapidly growing problem in the last few years. There are so many online phone-in psychic and astrology reading sites that it must be a booming business. I would guess that many of these venues are scams and prey on people in distress.

What has been people's experience out there?