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August 19, 2005

Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant: Physical Appearance

If you have a natal planet conjunct your Ascendant, this should have a visible impact on your physical appearance.

If the planet is Venus, for example, you will most likely have a beautiful appearance, a great complexion and possibly dimples on your face.

I'd like to do a series of articles about planets conjunct the Ascendant and how this relates to physical appearance. I'm looking for volunteers to send me photos of consenting people they know who have a planet conjunct their Ascendant.

We can start this series with the eighteen month old baby pictured here. It's an example of someone born with Jupiter exactly conjunct their Ascendant.

Jupiter conjunct the Ascendant would typically give a larger than normal physical frame. People with Jupiter in their first house can often have weight problems at some point in their life.

Jupiter is the greatest benefic planet there is in astrology, and if this planet is conjunct your Ascendant you are considered very blessed. Your health and sport abilities will be better than average, and you are likely to be popular with your peers and the world around you. All social affairs will come much easier to you than for most people.

Jupiter conjunct your Ascendant will make you jubilant, at least in outer appearances, and also portend a philosophical or religious tendency at some point in your life. If you are a lawyer, you may excel in court. You are the outer embodiment of Jupiter, the planet representing the judicial system. Typically, with Jupiter conjunct your ascendant, you can see the 'big picture' better than others. You could also do very well in sales and advertising, as you are much more persuasive than most people.

Here's another photo of baby Ascendant=Jupiter, this time on his first birthday. Does he not look sincere and all Jupiterian;-)?

I'm somewhat biased here as this is my child.

When looking at planets conjunct the Ascendant, it's important to be sure you are working with an exact birth time. Every four minutes the Ascendant moves one degree. So if you are half-an-hour off the exact birth time, this could move the Ascendant eight degrees off where you thought it was.

I'd love to get photos and chart interpretations from other people as concerns Jupiter or other planets conjunct the Ascendant. Please comment below or email me.

Update May 2006:
Just got the first Jupiter Conjunct Ascendant photo emailed in. Thanks much for this.

This young man has a Jupiter Uranus Ascendant conjunction in Sagittarius. He is 1.90 meters tall and 80 kilograms and was born on the 10th of September 1983 in Instanbul Turkey. (His sagittarian line-up is Jupiter at 3 degrees, Uranus at 5 degrees and Ascendant at 10 degrees.)


Update February 2007: Thanks much to Lorraine for also sending photos. She says;

"Hi. Attached is a photo of my grandson, Daniel, who was born on 2/15/06 at 11:58 pm, Beverly, Massachusetts. The first photo is his 3 day old photo; the 2nd was taken this past Christmas. He really has the Jupiter/Ascendant look ... the Scorpio eyes to boot! (Scoprio Ascendant)."


I have this aspect too, my Ascendant in aquarius, conjunct Jupiter (square pluto though..).

I read your article, and i liked it so i decided to send you a photo of mine :)
I was born in 18 september 1985, 17:15 in Thessaloniki Greece

I am 1.81m tall, 60 killos(hopefully i don't have weight problems, maybe because i have a very strong saturn as well)
I hope it helps to your research :)


Hi Moira,

I loved your article on planets conjunct the ascendant!
Here's my picture.

Jupiter conjunct Ascendant in Scorpio (also with Uranus conjunction)
Ascendant: 29 degrees Scorpio
Jupiter: 29 degrees Scorpio
Uranus: 6 degrees Sag

A Newborn photo

My son was born on Friday, 9/21/2007.

He has a Sagittarius ascendant conjunct Jupiter, with Pluto in the same house.

Thanks again for sending this info in. I look forward to hearing from more people!


Anonymous said...

My ascendant is Capricorn with both Jupiter and Saturn conjunct. Not only does this give an interesting slant to the weight loss/gain discussion but apparently this conjunction only happens once every 20 years? Does this mean I only need to diet once every 20 years or that it will take me 20 years to diet effectively? My only Aquarian influence appears to be unaspected although I do identify very strongly with certain characteristics. Could this be to do with my sun sign ruler mercury being in the 2nd decan of Libra?

Anonymous said...

Hello, you may be interested in the Astrofaces project:

Sorry if this is old news to you.

I have Jupiter conjunct my Aquarius ascendant :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder. I wrote about the Astro Faces project in January 2006 here:
This project should be the central meeting spot for all queries relating to physical appearance and placement of the ascendant, sun and moon.

Anonymous said...

My son was born on Friday, 9/21.

He has a Sagittarius ascendent conjunct Jupiter, with Pluto in the same house.

You may see a photo of him here:

Anonymous said...

Hello, your jupiter conjunct ascendant in Aquarius is beneficial, and so goes for your saturn in scorpio. But venus and mars are not well placed, venus in leo can be childish and need too much attention, and mars in virgo can bee sharply critical. Just be aware of this, you do have many other good positions.

Anonymous said...

I have Jupiter conjunct my ascendant, Gemini. I have a picture for you. I was born in 1965. I think I look like your son. How do I send you my photo? my email is

*To Thine Own Self Be True.* said...

I'm a Pisces with JUPITER/SATURN conjunct LIBRA (ascendant)- one degree orb!! I definitely became more CONFIDENT in my later years, I was a chubby baby, skinny child, chunky teen & now a slim adult - I dont diet, however, Im very active - I need to excercise my mind & body to feel balanced. I was a happy baby (according to relatives). I'm pretty popular & love to laugh so you were spot on:)

Left Blank said...

I have Jupiter conjunct my Ascendant in Aquarius. I was the largest kid in my kindergarten class. I do watch what I eat very carefully, and I have a full figure. I am very blesed with a wonderful marriage and three (now adult) children, a great job, a beautiful home. I love to cross country ski, canoe, bycicle, etc. and I am very healthy. I have never taken a sick day. I was a child protection social worker (lots of court activity) and I am now a service compliance auditor. I wanted to become a nun when I was younger and I am spiritually minded. I am pretty clairvoyant.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Is this only for aquariuses? I'm a gemini, jupiter conjunct asc in leo.

jo said...

such luminous eyes! I've jupiter trine ascendant ( jupiter in gemini, asc in capricorn )
you could see how the Jupiter conjunction modifies the ascendant sign, but then you could still distinguish the similarities amongst the ascendants. Truly a "jupiter" signature ;)

billy said...

i am a a Sagittarius with a Sagittarius ascendent conjunct Jupiter, also moon in Sagittarius
photo here

Anonymous said...

hi, what about jupiter in opposition to ascendant? is there any way this aspect contributes to physical appearance? ive got mine in aquarius opposing leo asc.

Robin said...

hey,its like some thing i forgot about my self.....i have Jupiter and Venus conjunct with my Lio ascendant,at my child hood i use to be very attractive and bold, but with age i am losing all my charm and attraction,don't know birth chart says i have moon in the scorpio (only star on the wrong place) i was born in 27th august 1990.any advice?

Anonymous said...


I have very early sag ascendent
(2 degrees). Both my moon and neptune are at 11 degrees sag conjunct the ascendent. Most people say that those with sag rising have "horse like faces". I look nothing like that. Others tell me I have a "baby face". I just turned 35 yrs old and people think I am still a college student. Only college age males approach me to date. Just last week a 24 yr old approached me at work and I'm thinking - "I'm 11 years older than you!" I never am approached by older men which is so disappointing. It's really unbelievable. The older I get, the younger I become in other people's It's really a mystery to me and always has been, so i think maybe having neptune/moon conjunct ascendent has something to do with it(?) I'm a very private person (cancer sun)and never post pictures so sorry I can't help in that way. But hopefully you can gather some info from what I've written here :)

Anonymous said...

I'm actually an Aquarian (Sun and ascendant, although those aren't the only things there) with a Jupiter conjunct ascendant, although Jupiter is in my 12th house in Capricorn. Does anyone have any ideas what happens when Jupiter is conjunct the ascendant in another house and sign?

ilinca said...

Hi there. @ Isadora-author: are you still doing this project? If so, I'd be happy to send some pictures.
From my experience, something in the astrological chart reflects on outer appearance- but it's not always the same sth. I usually try to guess by the sun sign just because it's so easy to find out...and sometimes it's striking: people who look so alike coming from completely different backgrounds turn out to be born couple of days apart.
I have had it easy especially with Sagittarius males. And second with Aries (all genders). Also Pisces.
But I have also been very I think the ascendant, the moon, planets in the 1st house do also count a lot.
By the way, I have not been very convinced by only matches sometimes.

dana said...

Thank you! Very interesting. I have pisces rising conjunct jupiter, and I sometimes look large and sometimes small. depends on my mood :P

Dan said...

Hi i just tripped over this site looking for a chart generator but noticed this blog which looks like alot of fun and laughs, Im Def Aquarian born 22.1.1974, 6:43am, Sydney, Aust. My have Sun/Venus/Merc is conjunct my Acs with a weak conjunct of Jupiter in 1st house :D how will this determin which i will look like lol oh for futher exercise i got a Cap moon and my Mars in Taurus the flavor i really like too lmao! ok 1 more thing Uran on MC (hides face)

Dan said...

ahh forgot to mention my ASC is Aqaurian too, n dont forget to spread the love :DDD

Anonymous said...

I have Venus+Jupiter+Saturn conjunct Ascendant in Libra.. I'm often perceived as friendly, charming, easy-going and exotic.
But Pluto in first also make me skeptical of all things..

Allison said...

I have Uranus and Jupiter conjunct my Ascendant from the 12th house (Jupiter 1 Libra, Uranus 2 Libra, Asc. 4 Libra). I'm not sure how it affects my appearance. I'm 5'8" which is taller than average for a woman here in the U.S.. My weight tends to fluctuate (the planets are opposed my moon as well). I'd be happy to send you a photo if you're still interested in this project.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. This could explain why ii didn't fiit the actual libra rising physical description (Jupiter conjunct ascendant LIBRRA).. Ive had quite the battle with my weight but have lmanaged to lose some weight..still trying real hard to lose it all (dont know where that motivation came from or went?) by the end of the year.. Im so glad i found your site :) thankyou so much..bessed day

Unknown said...

Jupiter in 12th house, exactly conjunct my capricorn ascendant. Jupiter in capricorn 11 degrees, ascendant in capricorn 11 degrees. I'm very attractive.

Cumene Gurl said...

Wow. I am amazed. I have Venus conjunct ascendant and I do have dimple on my left cheek. Amazingly accurate. Clear complexion too.

Cumene Gurl said...

Wow. I am amazed. I have Venus conjunct ascendant and I do have dimple on my left cheek. Amazingly accurate. Clear complexion too.

Unknown said...

I'm much closer with pluto but I'm 6° away from jupiter also but pluto is what I've been told

Unknown said...

Ohh and gemini with libra rising in pluto, jupiter in scorpio very close though

Unknown said...

I have Jupiter conjunct the ascendant in Capricorn with sag sun I have always had problems with people judging me by outer beauty and mistaking me for much younger than I am yet I hold a great intellect...i find it has been a curse much comparison to having Jupiter combust the sun! Just in a more dark need to know you, but don't know why type of way,

Unknown said...

I aslo look nothing like this right now literally a chameleon

Unknown said...

I have Jupiter conjunct the ascendant in Capricorn with sag sun I have always had problems with people judging me by outer beauty and mistaking me for much younger than I am yet I hold a great intellect...i find it has been a curse much comparison to having Jupiter combust the sun! Just in a more dark need to know you, but don't know why type of way,

Shayy5300 said...

I have Jupiter in Aries conjunct the asc I heard it means the person was traveling a lot since birth and I its very accurate I have been living in 34 apartments since I was born and I love to travel also it makes your skin lighter in color in competence to the family and also this one is very true my skin color is the lightest in my family and I feel so big

Pochapocha said...

I think that Istanbul guy should be revised, he looks more like a Scorpio

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Anonymous said...

I have Jupiter in Virgo 12th house conjunct Asc Virgo. Weight gain and loss has always always been a focal point of struggle and visible stress. The body and mind are often disconnected. 12th house more into spiritual meanings of life and love with things that cannot be seen against virgo, mercurial, constantly thinking (over thinking) articulating, perceiving what's real and tangible in the mind (much less physically driven towards change) mars in aries square Uranus and neptune. I look very mercurial. Sun cusp Gemini/Taurus. Giant eyes small frame with larger body. Short and muscular. In my smallest and most fit moments in my body I was never a small woman despite being height weight and body mass being classified as petite. Fair skin and pale eyes. Upturned nose. I do feel very virgo looks wise.

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Unknown said...


Unknown said...

YOURANUS ON ASCENDANT = Q U E E R !!!!!.ha! ha! ha!

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Unknown said...

YOURANUS ON ARSE-ENDANT = G A Y !!!!🤗👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

Unknown said...

22/V11/1965 est.
3:am if looking towards the Atlantic, the brightest star was Jupiter which had just risen.
twas at 20°gem 31.
asc was 22 gem.
Jupiter radiates more light than it receives from the sun - a sort of star until itself.

(merc exact conjunct venus 25 Leo. Late.
Ic 28 leo, early.

Plu conjunct part of fortune.
Mars libra 5fth.
Sat 16 pis r. 10th.
Moon 5 taurus. 11th.).