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February 03, 2005

Uranus and Alienation

Bruce LeeIf Uranus is highly emphasized in your chart, there may be an unresolved issue with rebellion, eccentricity or a feeling of alienation.

People who have Uranus in hard aspect to the Moon or Mars are particularly likely to feel the alienating influence.
Lynn Finger has written an article about Uranus, Alienation and the Martial Arts for the Mountain Astrologer. In a study of 27 martial artists she found that in addition to the expected energizing Pluto/Mars, Pluto/Sun aspects, many of these people have Uranus/Moon and Uranus/Mars connections.

Her thesis is that the practice of martial arts is a great way to heal the negative manifestations of unresolved and unintegrated Uranian influences. Check out her article here.


The above image is a poster of Bruce Lee.