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September 07, 2005

Saturn Transit through the Third House

Saturn in the third houseSaturn recently moved out of my second house to begin transiting my third house. I was relieved, as Saturn in the second house traditionally turns a sharp focus towards ones resources, values and finances.

A Saturn transit through each house typically lasts two and a half years. Depending on which house system you believe in (I personally use the Koch system), this transit could be considerably shorter or longer.

I was wondering what would transpire as Saturn entered my third house. From reading all the astrology books, I was preparing myself for possible confrontations with neighbors and siblings as well as a time when potentially my mind would be sharper than usual as Saturn transiting the third house is quite a positive move for mental activities.

I do think it was on the eve of Saturn transiting my third house, when I went out on the porch late at night and was confronted by a very big old raccoon who was sitting on the patio chair. He slowly slinked off and went away, but the smell lingered on my patio chair cushion. Not to mention that he had previously gone through the garbage bag we had left on the porch and had gnawed it apart and strewn it across the porch. Ah, that's the beginning of the third house Saturn transit, I thought.

Over the next few days, neighbors on two sides of our house began heavy duty construction projects. The noise is deafening.

I guess I shouldn't complain. Construction noise is a better alternative for Saturn third house manifestations than having trouble with your neighbors or siblings. But this is just the start of the transit. Who knows what else will transpire?

I'd love to hear other people's experiences of Saturn third house transits. Please comment below.

The above poster is "Playtime" by Keith Baker.