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February 11, 2005

Valentine's Day Gifts for Aquarians

Aqua FissionValentine's day is this Monday. What are you giving your Aquarian sweetie?

A traditional Valentine's day gift of chocolate or flowers would probably be nice, though Aquarians typically have less appreciation for fine chocolates than would a Taurus.

Think *turquoise* if you want to buy clothes, lingerie or jewelry. Turquoise is the Aquarian color and it looks really good on most Aquarians.

I've made a new page about gift ideas for Aquarians (not just Valentine's gifts). Check out the Aquarian Gift Ideas page here.

People with an emphasis on Aquarius in their charts are also the most likely to be interested in astrological self-analysis. You could give your sweetheart an astrology report that is all about them.
If you know their birth time, date and location of birth you can get some very good multi-page personalized reports emailed to you instantly for about twenty dollars. Choose either a natal report which will outline the specifics of their birth chart and personality traits, or a forecast report which will tell them what they can expect in the coming year.

The above image is "Aqua Fission II" by Tina Kafantaris