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July 07, 2005

Astrology Aspects and Athletes

Woman with VolleyballAstrologers have long speculated that there is a connection between how the planets are located and aspected in your chart and whether you have the basics to become a great athlete.

Pluto and Mars are the most powerful planets in terms of energy and physical activity levels.

Mars basically represents action, drive, and energy. If Mars is conjunct someone's Mercury, this might translate into someone who puts a lot of energy into their communications. Perhaps they are very loud and prolific talkers? Or maybe they are driven to write books or sing rap. How the planets of communication and energy will combine depends on their relationship to the rest of the chart.

Mars is optimally located in Capricorn, Aries or Scorpio and in the 10th, 1st or 8th houses. It is exhalted in Capricorn and rules both Aries and Scorpio. Aries is a deeply action-oriented fire sign and people with Mars in Aries are typically very energetic and productive if the aspects to Mars are good.

If Mars is sextile or trine someone's Moon, this person is likely to have very good energy levels. They are more likely to be healthy than the typical person and coordination and athletic ability is probably also above average. Similarly with positive aspects between the Sun and Mars. This is likely to represent someone who can be quite a dynamo.

Mars can be enlarged with a contact to Jupiter. If the aspect is positive and these two planets are located in favorable houses it will create lots of positive energy.

But I would think that the positive Pluto/Mars aspects are the absolutely most powerful delineations of athletic ability.

Does anyone have any thoughts to add about this? Please comment below.

The above image is "Woman with Volleyball" by Philip-Jon Haarsma