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September 19, 2005

Jupiter transit in Scorpio

love signsTransiting Jupiter enters Scorpio on October 27th 2005 and will remain there for just over a year until the last part of November 2006.

Jupiter transits the entire zodiac every twelve years and stays in each sign for approximately one year. The zodiac sign Jupiter is currently transiting through is less important for you personally than the house it is transiting in your personal birth chart and the aspects it makes to personal planets in your chart.

Scorpio can be a very intense, earnest and courageous sign. Jupiter will magnify this. Whether the focus is on intense mental sleuthing, investments or career, sexual matters, the tax man, inheritances, or rebirth and reincarnation, Jupiter in this sign can really ramp up the volume depending on what house it occupies in your chart and how it is aspecting your personal planets.

See a great review of Jupiter in Scorpio by Wendy and Ed Rose.