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December 16, 2004

Extreme Aquarians

There was an unusual batch of extreme Aquarians born in 1962. These people are 'extremely Aquarian' in that they have the highest concentration of planets in Aquarius of any people ever born in the entire history of mankind.

The following three superstars are all extreme Aquarians:

Garth Brooks
Link to a short biography
Bestselling Album: The Hits

Sheryl Crow
Link to a short biography here
Best Selling Album: The Very Best of Sheryl Crow

Axl Rose
Link to a short biography here
Best Selling Album: Greatest Hits

Abhi of has contributed the following additions to this list. He found them at AstroDataBank. Thanks!

Lisa Jobe: American musician, a horn player

M. J. Cage : American athlete

Abdullah II, King of Jordan: Jordanian royal family, the Prince of Jordan and the eldest son of King Hussein.

Mary Kay Letourneau : American school teacher who became one of the biggest news figures of the year when she was found to be pregnant by her teen-age lover, a student.

B. Winter : American athlete, defensive tackle.

Anna Kanakis: Italian beauty queen and model, crowned Miss Italy in 1977.

Clint Black : American country singer and writer, who taught himself music, has won a large collection of country music awards, and several gold and triple platinum records.

Jennifer Jason Leigh : American actress and noted family, the daughter of actor Vic Morrow and screenwriter Barbara Turner.

Steven Anthony: Malaysian homeless man; though disadvantaged and autistic, he tried to compose poetry.

Keith Vineyard: American stockbroker, an avid reader who put himself through college. Later, he rented farmland from the Gallo brothers and raised watermelons.

Eddie Izzard: British heterosexual male transvestite stand-up comedian, actor and entertainer.

K.H. Fields: American athlete

Michael Mair: Italian skier who specializes in downhill racing.

B. Nnan: American athlete.

D. Bracken: American athlete, punter.

S. Fletcher: American athlete, line backer.

T.G. Sluby: American athlete

G. Reasons: American athlete, line backer.

I'd like to eventually expand this list to more individuals. Please drop me a line if you happen to know of some famous 1962 Aquarians and can point me to their biography on the web.

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