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December 16, 2004

Jupiter Trine Aquarius

Peace and ProsperityJupiter entered Libra in September 2004 and will stay here until October 2005. Jupiter in Libra is a fortunate transit for Aquarians as it trines their Sun and in many cases Mercury as well as other planets.

Transiting Jupiter trine Sun is usually interpreted as one the most auspicious transits possible. Taken together with the lucky conjunction it occurs about every 4th year in the twelve year Jupiter cycle through the zodiac.

The transit usually lasts a fleeting two weeks, but occasionally if it happens that Jupiter retrogrades over the degree of your Sun, the transit can last for up to three months.

Typically it can signify a happy and opportune period where the person feels great positive energy and life flows much more pleasantly than usual. Traditionally this transit has been interpreted as bringing luck in finances, fortunate travel opportunities, uplifting career opportunities and/or increased social or spiritual pleasures.

If you have planets aside from the Sun in Aquarius, take a look at what degree they are in. This cycle of Jupiter will involve stations (where Jupiter grinds down to a stop in order to reverse direction) at nineteen degrees and nine degrees of Libra. These stations occur on February 2nd and May 2nd.

Thus people who have Aquarian planets in the middle third of Aquarius (and those with birthdays falling between about Jan 29th to Feb 9th) will get the most opportunities via Jupiter during this transit through Libra. Also examine what house Libra corresponds to in your chart, what house is ruled by Jupiter in your chart and what house your Aquarian planets are placed in natally. These three houses will likely give you clues about the area of life in which you might experience the greatest opportunities over the next year.

It so happens that during this time Neptune is transiting slowly through the middle degrees of Aquarius. It forms a trine with Jupiter for many of these months. This means that most people born in the first eight days or so of February are also simultaneously experiencing a once in a lifetime transiting Neptune conjunct their Sun.

If you are one of these people who will experience the Neptune conjunction to the Sun at the same time as Jupiter trines this placement from Libra, then you may want to be extra careful about the possibility of being overly optimistic, perhaps with the consequence of behaving irresponsibly or making a poor financial speculation or in opening yourself to deception of some kind. On the other hand, this kind of configuration could also bring a once in a lifetime type of happiness, unprecedented skill at creations of any kind and/or deep spiritual growth.

Take action now and enjoy the benefits of Jupiter in Libra trining your Sun.

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The above poster is "Peace and Prosperity" by Brian Miller.

If you're looking for a good book about Jupiter, see Exploring Jupiter: The Astrological Key to Progress, Prosperity & Potential