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February 20, 2006

Mars Transit in Gemini

Mars has finally moved out of Taurus where it's been for the past six months and is now beginning its transit through Gemini. A Gemini transit of Mars is much more friendly for Aquarians. Mars will now trine your Aquarian Sun and any other planets you have in Aquarius. This will help to energize you to work towards your goals.

Mars entered Gemini on February 17th and will stay here until April 12th.

For Aquarians, the Mars move out of Taurus into Gemini will be uplifting; like a breath of fresh air. It will lighten your mood and energize your daily activities. For about a week sometime over the next seven weeks, depending on when you were born in Aquarius; - Mars will be trining your Sun.

A Mars trine Sun transit is very energizing. It can enable you to breakthrough in whatever area you have been stuck in recently. It can make you much more geared to meeting your goals, so if you have been thinking about a beginning a fitness routine, for example, this is a great time to go for it.

Although a Mars transit through Gemini can make some people more verbally argumentative, this will not generally be true for Aquarians. This Mars transit is likely to make you more confident and decisive in your daily decisions and interactions with other people.

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