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January 14, 2005

Debunking Astrology

Someone needs to sit Lucy Mangan down and talk to her about Galileo. A few days ago, in the Guardian, she wrote:

"The next time a woman...asks you what star sign you are...or talks about realigning anything but shelves, make a stand. Back her into a corner and talk at her about Galileo, Darwin, Einstein, Crick and Watson and Jeremy Paxman until she admits the error of her ways. For astrology and the rest to flourish it is only necessary that those with an IQ in double figures do nothing."

It so happens Galileo was a serious student of astrology. Carl Jung,
William Shakespeare, William Butler Yeats, Johannes Kepler, Johann Von Goethe, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and J.P. Morgan are also all known to have devoted a lot of time to the study of astrology.

Bruce Scofield has written an article about the astrology studies of some of the greatest scientists. Link to it here at Mountain Astrologer.

Lucy, for some IQ challenging reading, check it out!