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March 27, 2005

Mercury/Uranus Aspects (Part II)

Power of NatureTo continue our look at Mercury and Uranus aspects here is a summary of how these two planets interact when there is an aspect between them in your natal chart. This excerpt is taken from one of my ten favorite astrology books of all time - The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin.

Uranus/Mercury Principle: Astuteness, intuition

Psychological Correspondence:
For Positive Aspects: A revolutionary spirit and mind, shrewdness, inventive thinking, a talent for speaking, intuition, interest in or ability for technical science or engineering, physics, mathematics, rhythm etc. - The desire to be independent, intellectual fexibility.
For Negative Aspects: Too many irons in the fire, also the inclination to scatter one's energies in too many directions at once, nervous haste, temporary or occasional confusion, tactlessness, a brutal frankness, over-estimation of self, a contradicting disposition.
Conjunction: Self-will, moodiness, a good intellect

Sociological Correspondence: Mathematician, technician, physicist, a person engaged professionally in the study and application of rhythmics, cosmobiologist.

Probable Manifestations:
Positive Aspects: The power to influence other people, the establishment of innovations, inventions, the stage of sudden cognition or perception in the mind.
Negative Aspects: Failures caused through scattering one's energies or through doing everything in too great a hurry, nervousness, eccentric actions, upset and excitement.