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February 19, 2005

Is your Rising Sign in Aquarius?

Is your rising sign (ascendant) in Aquarius?

If so, the way you appear to others (your outer personality) will be characteristic of typical Aquarian traits. Aquarius rising individuals often come across as free-thinking, friendly, non-conventional, independent, somewhat detached and sometimes rebellious types.

Your physical appearance will also be influenced by your Aquarian rising sign. In terms of natural beauty and attractiveness, people with Aquarian ascendants are usually ranked second only to Libra rising types.

People born with Aquarius rising often have a characteristic squareness to their facial structure and body type and many of them are taller than average. Aquarians born in the third decanate (from 20 to 30 degrees of Aquarius) which is co-ruled by Venus often have the most universally appealing physical features of all three decanates in Aquarius.

Your physical appearance will also be influenced by the key aspects made to your ascendant. An Aquarius ascendant conjunct Venus will look entirely different from an Aquarius ascendant opposing a Mars/Pluto conjunction in Leo. If you have a few planets concentrated in another sign, this need also be taken into account.

All ascendant types have unique predispositions to certain health ailments. In the case of Aquarius rising, or people with a predominantly Aquarian chart, the health problems tend toward poor circulation and an overactive nervous system. The best natural remedies would include regular exercise, inverted yoga asanas and meditation.

The three celebrities shown here are Alicia Silverstone, William Katt and Roma Downey. To see more examples of male and female Aquarius rising celebrities visit Further info about Aquarian ascendants and descriptions of the three decanates in Aquarius is at Elbert Wade's site.

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