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March 01, 2006

Venus Enters Aquarius

Venus will enter Aquarius on March 5th and move through the sign for one month, until April 5th. At some point throughout this one month period all Aquarians will feel the benefic rays of Venus over their Sun for about a three day period. (If for example, you were born in mid Aquarius, between February 2nd to February 6th) you will feel the Venusian influence most strongly, halfway through its cycle in Aquarius; between March 20th and March 25th.

A Venus transit conjuncting your Sun is a pleasant time when you will appear more graceful and attractive to others. It also usually indicates a greater whirl of social and cultural activities in your daily life.

This year the Venus transit is strengthened in Aquarius because Mars will be trining it from airy Gemini throughout this whole time. The tightest trine point will be at about 19-20 degrees Aquarius, when Mars is simultaneously at 19-20 Gemini. This will occur around March 25th to the 29th. This ray from Mars will raise the volume on sexual feelings and love desire. It can also assist you be more productively creative.

Neptune is at 18 degrees Aquarius. So this trine of Venus and Mars will be further enhanced by a conjunction of Venus/Neptune in late March. This could add some real fantasy peaks to the imagination when it comes to creative outlets as well as romantic affairs.

The art print above is 'Cupid and Psyche. 1796' by Antonio Canova