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February 15, 2006

Aquarius Birthday Photos

I'd like to start a collage of birthday photos from Aquarians. If you are an Aquarian, I'd love to hear from you and publish any photos. Please send me your photos here. If you prefer anonymity that's fine, otherwise, please give me a link to your site that I can include with the photos.

Update March 11th: In the interests of expanding participation here, I'd like to put out this invitation to all Aquarians to send me any photo of yourself - it doesn't have to be taken on your birthday. Please include your birthdate and the date of the photo (and if you happen to know your ascendant and moon sign please add that) and any other info you want included.

Here we go, the first submission:

Christine, born February 9th, 1962, celebrating her 44th birthday.

She is a Taurus rising with a Moon in Aries.

Update February 2007: Thanks Christine, for the second photo celebrating your 45th birthday!

The next photo here was submitted by Madison. Madison was born in 1986 on February 9th. She is very, very Aquarian, with a huge stellium in Aquarius including Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Her ascendant is in Scorpio. Thanks much for your pic!