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November 18, 2005

How to Seduce an Aquarian

Are you interested in seducing an Aquarian? Good luck with your quest. Aquarians are indeed seducable, but probably less easily than any of the other eleven zodiac signs. Aquarius Sun signs are said to be 'fifty years ahead of their time'. Keep this in mind if you want to arouse their interest. Here's some suggestions on how to seduce an Aquarian male or female:
  • If you go on a dinner date with them, think of a funky place with some bohemian atmosphere. Aquarians aren't often enamored with chain restaurants.
  • While eating out, be considerate to the waiter. They are your equal. Aquarians are humanitarians in general; they know that no person is better or lesser than them; they are not into pompous show-off stuff.
  • You'll stand a better chance with the typical Aquarian if you can relate to the famous personality that said this: - the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace things, but burn like fabulous roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue center light pop and everybody goes "AWWW!"
  • Thinking of a movie after dinner? How about suggesting the nearest IMAX 3D theatre instead? Currently playing is Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon. Now that would turn on any Aquarian ;-)
Well I'm just joking around here. Would much like to see some other ideas on how to seduce an Aquarian.
The above art print is Untitled by
Nadja Bernhardt

Update August 2014:

Hi All, thanks for your comments. I just wanted to highlight this one very detailed note here from an anonymous Aquarius woman. 

There are some swear words involved and i hope this does not offend you because otherwise it is a very interesting read. Enjoy.

To all those wanting an Aquarian perspective:

I'm an Aquarian Sun with an Aries Moon and Rising woman. I abhor cheating and am honest to a fault. I will always tell the truth and be 100% loyal, physically and emotionally, to my partner even when temptation arises, if my sexual and emotional needs are being satisfied. If he's cheating or playing games with other women, then all bets are off. 

I think my rising and moon sign adds a lot of fire because I am very passionate and sensitive. I have walls and I want to meet a man who is strong enough to tear them down. I only get cold and distant when I'm really hurting or am dealing with something painful from my past. 

It takes me years to get over a break up, even though no one sees me sweat and I act like everything is roses and sunshine. I don't let people in so easily, because the fallout for me is bad after a break up, worse than anyone else I know. 

I don't feel or think like other people. Emotions definitely confuse me and love and commitment are scary as fuck, but the right lover is worth facing the fear. It took me until I was in my late 20s to reach being comfortable with the emotions that love and sex bring, and I'm still not 100% there yet. Before that, I had casual sexual relationships or would be intimate with lovers that I knew had no long-term potential, but were different, fun or interesting. I made sure no one got hurt by being 100% upfront about my intentions from the beginning. The way other people feel matters to me, but I know that promising something I can't provide will be even more miserable for us both and I hate feeling tied to something that I don't want. 

We all grow at different stages. An emotionally stable Aquarius is an amazing human being to be friends or lovers with. We will take you to the moon and back every time we kiss. :) 

My best and closest connections have been with a Sag. and a Leo. The Sag. was my first and I have never forgotten him or stopped loving him. He's happily married to another girl now and we are still friends on FB who wish each other happy birthday. The Leo had my mind, heart and soul, and I could be myself with him. Unfortunately, he was a cheating womanizer and ended up dating one of my friends. We are not on speaking terms. 

I avoid Taurus/Scorpio/Virgo like the plague and run the other way. Scorpios are fucking crazy, jealous and petty, even though the sex and passion is fantastic. All that emotional turmoil is a drag long-term. AVOID THEM, UNLESS YOU LIKE FUCKED UP MIND GAMES, PAIN AND TORTURE. Virgos are boring and hypercritical. We lack chemistry and are incompatible on every level. Tauruses like routine too much and are very possessive. Our ideas on life are very different and neither one of use could compromise. My longest relationship with my Taurus ex-bf was an abusive, controlling one. I haven't dated anyone in the five years since we broke up. 

Any one of my lovers would take me back. We are still on friendly terms, but to me it's really just friends. Once it's over, I don't look back. 

Although I'm more the introverted, shy type of Aquarius that is creative and bohemian, I work a corporate 9-6 and kick it's ass and am willing to work to make my own way in this world. I balance the creative, emotional and intellectual side of myself professionally.

I care too deeply about the world and it's inhabitants. Small things in nature give me deep joy. I love my cats and dogs and will rescue all kinds of stray animals. I'm not scared of bugs or reptiles and I will help an animal that has been run over by a car with my bare hands. I am "green". I don't hurt animals or small living creatures. I don't wear things that come from animals and am a vegetarian. I'm an INFP, if that helps. 

It's also 100% true that I'm a total filthy fucking slut willing to try anything in bed. I'm into S&M, role play, and a bunch of kinky shit. Although I seem submissive, I'm a switch and am pretty bad ass. I FUCKING kick ass in bed and am better than any Scorpio or Leo I've met, I'm just saying. 

I don't sleep around. I only have sex when I am in a committed monogamous relationship. You have to win me over mind, spirit, and soul before you get to my body. So all those fleeting casual things no longer work for me. I am SUPER picky and need deep, intense passion and a legitimate connection. Things most men are not willing to work for, sadly. 

All my guy friends are really just strictly platonic friends, on my part. Most people dig me because I am really attractive, even though I don't wear make-up or high heels and don't dress conventionally slutty, but am more conservative seeming. 

Male attention from men I'm not interested in, or those who are just trolling for sex, makes me uncomfortable so I act cold and distant. If a married or committed man hits on me, I will be a total FUCKING bitch with no remorse. I HATE cheating and think it's the worst form of betrayal. I have respect for other woman and myself, so I would never do that to another. 

I do not lead men on. I'm just interesting and people like talking to me and I like talking to them. I don't let men buy me a drink because I get my own. If I'm seriously flirting, I have every intention of getting to know you on a deeper level.

I find the comments here to be hilarious. Most Aquarians cannot be grouped together. They are all different from one another. 

I will say that every Aqua man I knew is a giant man whore and does not do well with commitment unless they are stimulated and fulfilled 100% sexually and intellectually. Unfortunately, most of you earth and water signs can't do that, but it does also depend on the other aspects in your chart and how much you are willing to understand the unquantifiable. Air and Fire signs can get there easier, if they are willing to put in the work. 

If you really, truly get under an Aquarius's skin and into their mind, you will have an indescribable, loyal love like no other. We will blow your mind. We are unlike anyone else. We are SO fucking worth it. It just depends on whether or not you are. Our requirements are different from most people and it takes a while to get acclimated to the way we love. 

All people are different and astrology only plays a small part in relationships. You can do anything you wish, but you can't force love. A lot of it depends on the degree of emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and social maturity and whether y'all can fill each other's gaps. Any one who is fucked up or hurt will take it out on others in love. I do not wish that on anyone who reads this. 

We are so beautiful and human. We are ALL insecure and scared in different ways. Just know that if someone is letting you see that vulnerable side of them, that you should respect and cherish that, and try not to hurt them. We are all a little fragile behind the masks we put on. 

Hope that helps. Good luck to you. May you find what you are searching for, someone to give you hope and fill your life with boundless love and passion. 



Anonymous said...

This is really fantastic, and completely true of us (Aquarians). I can't say I'd love to go recycling the "morning after" but if going out to dinner, the perfect date!

Moira said...

Thanks much. You're probably right. Maybe I should take that morning after recycling point out.

Anonymous said...

If a woman were to tell me that she wanted me to take her to see "Magnificent Desolation", I'd know that she truly "got it"! Absolutely love that film; I've been down to Chicago twice to see it, and can't wait for the DVD to come out!

Anonymous said...

thats great. so true too. i thought i was the only one.hahaha

Anonymous said...

Maybe dressing up like Aragon or Arwen and taking them to a bridge in the woods and getting real close like they did at Rivendell would have a huge impact on an aquarian!!! Then make the suggestions, when your both magnificent and the full beauty of nature is all about! yeah baby!

Anonymous said...

You Aquarians are Obli-vi-ous. Oblivious. You have NO IDEA that somebody like a hooked Gemini like me likes you! But damned if you aren't magnanimous, all-embracing, untouchable and hot!

Christine said...

Show an interest in earth-saving endeavors and talk about 15 or so of them in the course of the evening interspersed with mentioning all the wonderful things you love (food, places, music, books, etc)

Kitty said...


Spot on about Aquarius! Esp the bohemian thing! My frnz call me a total bohemian :) I would also love a guy who basically lets me be my true self, loves my individuality and sense of style, and is true to himself and is independant.. I would hate a guy who needs constant mothering or refuses to give me my space and freedom. In all these, I feel Sagittarians take the cake, coz they are also freedom-loving, independant travel-freaks like us Aquarians!

Great blog, keep up the good work buddy!


Anonymous said...

Go to a YOGA class together. Any sort of meditation together would do an Aquarian, but even better... TANTRIC YOGA. Then a vegetarianor vegan restaurant. Hehehe

Anonymous said...

Simple. Let them think they successfully swiped your drugs without you noticing. And by drugs I mean candy or tobacco products.

Anonymous said...

If nothing works, tell em you're a SCORPION, and they'll kiss your @$$.

Anonymous said...

Now thatz Sad About the Scorpio..
Thtz a cheap shot..
Well To attract an aquarian u need just 2 words ~~LOVE & HONESTY~~

carolina said...

total bohemian !!! spot on!!!
... and sadly the scorpion thing... they are truely very scary to me. On a date - stop pretending, we can see through all of that crap. Be true to yourself even if it is wierd! We will love you for that. We belong to all but yet to none.

Anonymous said...

What is it about the scorpions that you Aquarians don't like? I'm a scorpio and I have many Aquarian friends, in face my best friend of 14 years is an Aquarian, and I have this huge crush on this guy who is an Aquarian.

Anonymous said...

scorpions definitly run for the hills. I have never gotten along with any of them

Anonymous said...

Aquarians need to chill when they are with a Scorpio. I have been dating this sign, and it has been utter torture. She goes away for months at the time and in her mind is perfectly all right. Meanwhile I get the feeling that she is somehow cheating on me. I think I'm sick of it. As a matter of fact, I think I will muster the balls to break up with her the worst way I know how. I will tell her that I do not want to ever speak to her again, and that I do not ever want to see her again. I think that will crush her illusion of the wanting to be friends crap. That is the best payback I could think of handing to an Aquarious. Just say NO to friendship.

Sanjukta said...

Wow nice post and very interesting comments.. I liked most what carolina said "Be true to yourself even if it is wierd! We will love you for that. We belong to all but yet to none."

And totally agree with anonymous best way to payback to an aquarian...Just say NO to friendship.

I just wrote in my blog how this guy, i had a weekend fling for, is not ready to be friends with me and that hurts..

Anonymous said...

Seducing an Aquarian means not giving everything away during conversation. Being playful and a little mysterious keeps me interested. Also be brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just wondering if any aquarius people could help me out. I'm a pisces, and my best friend is an aquarius. I'm always really close to aquarius females, but I always end up adoring aquarius guys, too, and usually end up getting hurt. Is it possible for me to be with an aquarius and not get hurt? And how would I go after this aquarius (surpirse, surprise) that I'm really into? Will he like me if I'm my pisces self?

River said...

To the Pisces seeking advice about an Aquarian match:

I'm an Aquarian and have had 2 important relationships with Pisces. Well both relationships ended so that should tell you something. They were, however, very important while they lasted.
My pet peeve was when I unconsciously did things that upset them, they would never communicate this to me directly which would have have given me a good chance to rectify the situation and make amends if called for. Instead they would try to "Get me back" which only pissed me off and nullified any desire on my part to apologize. I also found it very difficult to do the things I wanted with them and seemed confined to following their routines which ultimately led to the breakups.

I do have a soft spot for them and find them very attractive! But, I will try to avoid them for relationships from now on. Sexual Adventures are always ok!

Note: I have Moon in Pisces, Sun + Venus + Mars in Aquarius

bride of the wizard of oz said...

That's easy. Just act like you all you want from them is sex. No strings. The stranger the better, be a contortionist, think about vigorous sex not romantic sex, obsessively look at any and all space and sci-fi movies, shows, discovery channel and make everything about them. Don't expect anything, Don't call them let them call you every three weeks when they have the urge to merge with you and don't mention that you know they are lying in your face. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. They'll keep coming...back whenever they feel like it.

Anonymous said...

As an Aquarian female, I say one simple word where Scorpians are concerned "NO!"

They are too possessive and clingy for us...I know two Aquarian men that were stung by Scorpian women; at first they just couldn't get enough, but then when they needed space from them, it was not to be. Drove them both absolutely crazy because if it is one thing Aquarians need from time to time, it's SPACE! Even if its to do absolutely nothing.

As for Scorpian men...wayyyyyy to intense for this Aquarian female! Way, way to intense..I like it light and airy...and intellectually stimulating..go through my brain..and you're in...

Anonymous said...

Any chance for some advice?
I'm a Pisces and I can see myself falling for an Aquarian...
We connected online and speak on the phone frequently, text messages. (he's in NYC, I'm in the UK, there was mention of meeting up him, actually).
Now, the connection we had made is quite incredible and we have a lot in common (likes, dislikes, as well as traits...I am not an all typical Ascendant is in Aquarius, Moon in Aries and 3 more planets in Sagitarius). He seems as fascinated as I am, but he is actively dating over there and doesn't expect us to be exclusive since we haven't met yet...which I am ok with...the question do I get him to innitiate more conversation? I'd like him to continue with the interest he had shown, stay on his mind (he claims he does think of me often) until we meet. He even asked on my oppinion on marriage and kids, since he is ready for both...i thought that was unusual for an Aquarian...but he is not running from such conversation (I don't talk about it unless he does).
My knowledge of Astrology still leaves me short...can anyone help?
He offered to come see me, or invited me to come visit, if I feel comfortable doing so (I have friends over there, so great excuse to go), but since a less desireable conversation (result of my grumpyness and a little too much care for an Aquarian), the connection has gone back from strength to strength, but no further mention of visiting... My friend in NYC warned me on flight prices going up when she invited me to come stay, so I already have a ticket (and will be around for HIS birthday), but I haven't mentioned anything to him do I tell him? He seems sincere in his interest in me and I tend to believe a point (after all, I know he is dating over there, on the other hand, he tells me I have nothing to worry about).
Please, help!

BABYGIRL said...

any comments reguarding to myself please feel free to contact me at any time oky dokey smokey.. fuck that bitch as nigga *I DON'T LOVE HIM NO MORE *YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ^WAIT I DO MISS THE THOUGH OF 'US' SOMETIMES I WOULD SAY 50/50 CUZ I NEED ROOM TO ROAM JUST AS I UNDERSTAND YOU DO


Anonymous said...

i think Auarians sound so much fun and every thing i ever wanted in a person, i really like it that they like to have their own space now and then. I'm actually the weirdest Aries ever cause i've actually found out that i'm only about 40% Arien Wierd!!!! Anyway have to say Aquarians sound hot!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, it's an interesting topic. I'm a scorpio woman in love with an aquarius man. But I can give him all the freedom he wants as I have been giving him for nine months already without asking anything. All I need to know if there is a chance that anything more comes out of that. I'm really in love with him but I've never told him that because I didn't want him to get scared and run away.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Babygirl. I appreciate the time you put into your comment to my dilemma. Lots happened since November. I have taken your comments into account and used it to become more cautious.
He keeps surprising me with his reactions...self initiated emails from a long trip to South America, cheeky or supportive text messages (depending on my requirement, so it seems), expression of joy to my soon arrival in NYC. This is a great contrast to times when he goes quiet. I have realised that his behaviour very much mirrors mine in some previous relationships, friendships, etc, so I kinda feel like a hypocrit to complain about it.
Aquarians need a sense of freedom and I have the same...Eccentricities are nothing new to me, could it be that I got attracted to an Aquarian because I am so similar?
Still, as a result of a strange mix of signs from 'my' Aquarian, I decided to show a very defensive, non-obligatory/ non-commital response to his enquiries about my time in NYC, making sure he knows I also have time to spend with friends and doing my own thing. That seemed to have surprised him very little, but also reconfirm his determination to spend time with me. Weird, all round, ha?

=P said...

Read all those comments and just . . . .0.0 WOW! LOL!

Scorpion + Aquarian is the worst thing I could possibly think of and why do people lie to us Aquarians? Right when we see you we've already taken you apart with our minds/eyes before you had the chance to look at us. 17 year old Male Uranian-Aquarian and I've yet to date someone that HAS NOT lied to me on the first date (Scorps are the worst).

stressedscorps said...

I involved with a Aquarius and i am so in lust over her. She is so intense and so seductive/erotic. I am a scorpio and yes i suffer so bad over jealousy she is off with this one and that one and i hear the lust in her voice she loves turn on attention. Not to mention i believe bi curious and attention from a woman she calls hot!.This has been extremey painful being "Platonic" friends only yet she wants that secret lover and lovers. If you want there attention just shut your cell off or ignore her for 24 - 48hrs watch the change in aquafriendly. i hurt so bad doing that to her she called me 50 times.. I FREAKIN LOVE this woman and she runs or squirms if i say that. I spilled my heart to her to many times i need to change the game and keep her wondering.. I AM EXHAUSTED yet way to turned on I believe it is called " Bondage" I adore you aqua girls and hope to kiss one soon.

stressedscorps said...

She is a notorious liar also. Would she cheat hmmmm this is a tough call but i think she loves being clawed at even in her saftey net. New thing is a woman who i know is in lust with her.i can ony take it easy for myself and not let this drive me crazy.. there are to many fish in the seas not to mention to many more aquarius that i can mesmorize

Anonymous said...

for the one who talked about "payback" to an aquarius--funny thing is--the aquarius won't really care about losing your friendship.. as much as we love to be around people, it's just as easy to make a relationship as it is to break one for the aquarius. just being honest.

-a fellow waterbearer

Anonymous said...

i agree: aquarians should stay the HELL away from scorpios!!

the aquarian has an uncontrollable urge to psychologically pick a scorpio apart (its so fun, we can't help it!!) and scorpios cant stand being analyzed and reminded of their faults.

unless you enjoy never-ending arguments leave this one alone..

Anonymous said...

Mr Scorpio.. Well i am like born with the jealous disease and i try hard knowing it is a sin to control it. there is nothing anything can do to make someone like or love them. I learn this the hard way. I can only tell you i will make you feel like the most incredible and beautiful woman on the planet and that is what draws an aquarius towards me. not to mention i always have something exciting "jobs"business"money "over the horizon. So is she out for my money?? I walked away and she was so hurt she hates that someone else might love me or get there claws in me. How do we make a couple out of us so she can still have her freedom . I am willing to be a friend with benefits in some way..she rocks and is so adorable i dunno i think if she sees me with another gal in some way she will get mad and then agree to better terms. She is so nice after a few days away ?? There are great passionate sexy ,exciting and understand scorps who let there woman yell at them.

Anonymous said...

"just say no to friendship" hahahahaha

So true

I mean lets be honest who have you met aside from an Aquarius who wants to be friends with the person they just broke up with anyways...get real..oh yeah the real world a place which they do not inhabit. It's cool neither do I.


Hi Aquarians,
Im a vulnerable/ crazy Gemini girl and im tragically in love with an Aquarian boy. Ive known him a yr, but we became intimate on a residential about 6 months ago. He was totally taken by my weirdness, humour and tits, I knew we were going to be friends for life but I was very confused and cut off a little. When we got back he began calling me and wed talk for hours and hours, and then, he said Ive something to tell you tomorrow in person, we both knew what it was so I forced him (took like an hour) and he said ‘Im in love with you’. I told him I felt the same but stressed that I dint ever want to loose him, and if that was going to be the case (as it is now) id rather just be friends, he insisted that hed always feel this way and cried. So from then on we were seeing each other, it was all very light and fun and then randomly, one evening after wed spent the day together he said hed rather just be friends, I said that was fine, because ultimately I just wanto know him and be in his life. I continued calling him, but then he got all aquangry and said he felt like a ‘caged animal’, which I believe is suicidal in aqua terms. I seized calling him and didn’t see him till we got back to college in Sept, but he was ignoring me, he told one of my friends that he hated me and didn’t want anything to do with me, I could’ve killed myself on that day. Im still in shock to this day, we were so close. I think im the only person in the world that he hates, its sooo painful. Everytime I see him his eyes dart at me like hes gonna kill me, he takes a deep breath puts his head down and walks the other way- it’s a routine, my friends call him aquatwat. The pain has surpassed rejection and it’s the sheer fact that I will never know him ever again, I think this is a lot for me as a gem. I mean I totally admire this guy, I look up to him n respect him and I aspire to be like him.
How on earth am I suppose to get to know him again?? I cant imagine loosing such a person, I know theres plenty other Aquas to meet, but this one is truly special. It feels like hes died on me. Ive learnt a lot, I know now to quit the clingy shit and impulsive calling I know to give him (and ppl like him) plenty of space, im not really the clingy type but wen hes was all not- arsed and laid back I couldn’t help but pounce on him- literally, I know ive driven him away but how do get to know him again??
And why is he acting this way? Was he really in love with me, he insisted many times that he was. And, most importantly will I ever see him again?

scorpsstressed said...

Dam! im like avaliable Gemini girls are the ultimate teasers..hmmm i feel so bad for you becus they are suppose to be a good match.
im a scorp in lust with a aqua woman who has another les/bi woman in lust with her also..and she loves all the attention


Yes but does she hate you like my aqua does. sometimes i cant help but thinnk that all they really care aboutis being special and different in someway, they can be total attention whores to put it simply, i mean PARIS HILTON- enough said. I cant believe thay get away with the age old 'but im just an eccentric', they may well be, but it gives them no right to play games.
would any aquarians like to explain the reasoning behing this to miss gemini and mr scorp, whereby you treat an aqua like shit for a week, ignore yr fone n pretend yur in love with sum one else n theyre all baby baby, but when you give them everything they just throw it all away.

mrinpainscorps said...

I love this Gemini girl wow i thought i was the only mess. Well they call it aquafriendly haa. This aqua girl is Asian and let me tell you erotic hot i am in a mess of lust and i know im in bondage. She will never accept me until i walk away i freakin hear her crying i hurt so deep i love this woman i mean i would do anything for her. Well recently i used a term secrets and lies in my email subject line and blew it becus she is avoiding me.. Really becus she has all her family and friends not to mention i believe a guy entertaining her on vacation so i am the last one. She asked me if she was to drop everything would i take care of her. Duh i would is that a good think i have emotion problems already and this is rippin me inside. friends with benifits and only friends..sounds crazy but they love there freedom. I know this bi/les "friend" close now is on the make to score patients is there weakness and she said she was hot..she is def bi curious its not a bad thing but it can become an addiction and she may not have a good man relations or marriage..i am jealous yea i say but i cannot do anything it arouses turns her on mentally and physically she denies everything but i need to step back i am struggling so bad she is so attactive and adorable i never fell so hard. I am in heated lust and seduced erotic actually.. i dropped everything for her.

Worriedscorp said...

Aquarius and Gemini
On their first meeting Aquarians see Geminis as witty and intelligent, someone who has a mental ability to match their own. Geminis see Aquarians in much the same way and appreciate meeting someone who understands what they are about. Aquarians are interested in everything and want to be friends with everyone so finding a new friend who can talk more than they do is a real treat. Both use their heads not their hearts and this will bond them together almost instantly. Despite their lack of passion there will be an instant sexual attraction between them.

Although this sexual attraction exists it may not be explored immediately as Aquarians find friendship more important than a physical relationship and Geminis are quite happy to talk about sex rather than participate. When they eventually do get physical the Aquarian will find the Gemini's very active imagination is a real turn on and the Gemini will appreciate having a partner who doesn't need emotional ties. This looks like the perfect match except that their mental games may get out of hand and the Aquarian can get hurt by the Gemini's sometimes hurtful words.

Aquarians want to be friends with everyone and Geminis need excitement from stimulating conversation. This combination can be one of the best especially if they both have planets like Venus (love) and Mars (desires) in compatible signs. If not it may be that the Aquarian disappears to be with their friends leaving the Gemini looking elsewhere for entertainment. This relationship will be hard work but if they are prepared to work at it Aquarians can learn that being in a relationship doesn't mean you have to give up your friends and Geminis can learn to accept that there is more to life than just playing games

Anonymous said...

Scorpios are great to date after you've known them for 10 yrs.

It takes this long to determine who they are.

They think they are inflicted w/ being Scorpio's, are seemlessly flawed, and spend their life repenting for it. They'll tell you this.
Make sure that your goals alone are what they have in mind for a future. Dead on. ANd numerous common hobbies. Your either a fit or your not. But find them after years of friendship, and boy they've got you covered. Their self prescribed flaws are the thing that humanise them in your eyes, and that little thing right there is total acceptance and understanding, unspoken of course. The'll be your lover for life, especially when you had a good history w/ them before as friends.
Looking forward to hear your thoughts

hurtinscorp said...

WOW that comment was right on about me. I am in a fantasy and lust over this woman so bad..
Aquarius chicarooni haa.. But my problems are possesive , jealousy she loves having all these lustful guys chasin her .. I dunno i am not with her and who knows. My other problem is being seduced.
Thanks for all the comments...

Anonymous said...

For Mr pain-scorp, this is just like my aqua girl mate.


But Alice had got so much into the -way

of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen

that it seemed quite dull and stupid

for life to go on in the common way ...

Put cats in the coffee, and mice in the tea- And welcome Queen Alice with thirty times three!

The safest way to enter into romance with an Aquarian female is to remember she's as paradoxical in love as she is in everything else. That way, you won't be expecting Priscilla Alden and get Pocahontas.

This girl has all the faithfulness of the fixed signs when die's in love, but she also has the detachment and lack of emotion of the air element. It's possible to have a happy relationship with the Uranus woman if you leave her free to pursue her myriad interests and circulate among her friends. Never try to tie her to the stove or the bedpost. Ask the man who's tried. She can suddenly decide to study ballet, meditate in the mountains or join the Peace Corps. Remember the story of the princess with the long, golden hair who lived high in a tower? That's the Aquarius fe­male. Cutting off her flowing tresses won't change her any more than it did in the fairy tale. She dreams different dreams than you or I. She hears a distant drummer-and follows a star most of us have never seen.

She belongs to everyone, and yet to no one. Her love can be tender and inspired, but there will always be a vaguely elusive quality about it, like a half-remembered song. You can hum the melody, but the lyrics keep slipping away. The Aquarian girl's demand for freedom is insistent, but her allegiance to anyone who can accept romance with­in such limits is boundless. Here's something you'll like:

She won't be terribly interested in your bank book (unless Cancer or Capricorn or Taurus is on her ascendant). Money is never the prime consideration of the typical Aquarian woman. She won't care if you're not the richest man in town, but she'll expect you to be respected in some way for your intellectual achievements. Dr. Christian Bamard and his heart transplants or Wemher von Braun and his rockets interest her far more than J. Paul Getty and his billions.

When you set out to catch this butterfly in your net, remember that she'll never spend her unpredictable life with a man who isn't true to himself. Her own code of ethics may be as weird as anything you've ever come across, and quite different from the accepted codes of society, but she lives up to it totally. She'll understand that your rules may also be highly individual. That's fine with her, but don't compromise those rules. If you're looking for a passion flower, you've picked the wrong daisy. Passion is not her forte if she's a typical Aquarian. She'll think physi­cal love is pleasant enough, if it's not overemphasized. In other words, she can take it or leave it alone. Uranus fe­males can respond to lovemaking with a haunting, deep intensity, but if you prefer to keep it platonic for long periods of time, that's all right, too. Like all Aquarians, she may have an unconscious fear that desire for one per­son will imprison the spirit in some way, and keep her from being true to her one great love-freedom. Freedom to ex­periment and investigate and freedom to give time to hu­manity. Also freedom to pursue her rather kicky, off-beat fancies.

She's an ideal girl if you're planning a political, scientific or educational career. You couldn't do better, unless you happen to run across an Aquarian girl with adverse planetary positions in her natal chart who enjoys shock­ing people by walking barefoot down Main Street or smok­ing big black cigars on buses. There are some pretty wild, way-out Uranian females here and there. But the average girl born under the sign of the water bearer is a social delight. She's graceful, witty, bright as a penny, and ex­tremely adaptable to all forms of society, high and low and in the middle.

Her lack of suspicion under normal circumstances is a special bonus. A traveling salesman should find his dream girl in the typical Aquarian female. If she actually catches you being unfaithful, it will cause a deep wound to her sensitive nature. You'll know it the minute you look into those strange, dreamy eyes. But she won't suspect you without cause, and she'll rarely doubt your word. The typical Uranus woman will never check up on you after you leave, phone you at the office, inspect your handker­chiefs for lipstick stains or look for blonde hairs caught in your cuff link. Deception will have to be brought forcibly to her attention; she won't go out looking for it. Before you give her too much credit, consider that her lack of pas­sionate jealousy is due to something more than strength of character. First of all, she probably dissected your psyche under a microscope before she gave you a second glance. Besides, she has so many outside interests and so many people who turn her on to talk with, there's not much time for her to worry about what you're doing when you're out of sight. Out of sight can often mean out of mind for Aquarians of both sexes. Absence seldom makes the Uranus heart grow fonder. Occasionally, an Aquarian woman will suffer a promiscuous or flirtatious mate, be­cause there's something she needs which she can find only with him, so she looks the other way. On the other hand, if she doesn't really need you, that moral strength will work in reverse at the first actual proof of infidelity. Shell simply walk away. Don't try to kindle the embers, they're stone cold dead. Of course, you can still be friends. Why not?

She's willing. It never embarrasses an. Aquarian girl to be chummy with ex-lovers or husbands. She's forgotten the past and wiped the slate clean of memories.

There is one peculiar and notable exception to the rule. Like the Uranus man, the Uranian female will remember the first true and honest love for a lifetime. Only the first, however. Are you wondering whether that Aquarius girl you once knew still remembers you? The answer lies in her definition of love. It could have something to do with the first boy who gave her a bunch of sweet peas when she was nine-the boy who walked her through the park in the rain-or the one with the funny ears who knew the clown at the circus, and used to feed her peanuts.

Uranus women involved in extra-marital affairs are rare. They can be tempted in exceptional situations, but a dis­honest relationship goes against their chemistry. It won't be long until an undercover romance is broken off for good. Yet, there are many Aquarian divorcees. There's a reason. If a situation becomes intolerable, the Uranian nature turns cold suddenly. They can disappear overnight, and never look back. They don't seek or enjoy divorce, but it isn't the shock to them it is to their more sentimental sisters. Uranus rules change, you know. Since she's such an individualist, with a list of friends several miles long, the Aquarian female never hesitates to make her way alone if the need arises.

Expect her to probe into your heart until you haven't a secret left, or a dream that hasn't been analyzed. But don't try to dissect her private thoughts. That's not the way the game is played with Aquarians. She'll keep her motives hidden, and sometimes take a perverse pleasure in de­liberately confusing you. She'll usually be truthful to a fault, but remember, with an Aquarian, telling a lie is one thing. Refraining from telling the whole story is another.

It's comforting to know that an Aquarian girl is pretty cagey with a buck. That is, it's comforting to know unless you're planning to hit her for a loan. She might say yes a time or two, but if you let your credit rating slip, she can be colder than the guy at the bank when you skip your car payment. On the rare occasions when she ac­cepts a small loan herself, you'll get back every penny with no stalling, excuses or feminine wiles, if she's a typical Uranus female. As for every man's nightmare of charge accounts, you'll have little worry on that score. Aquarian women are uncomfortable about owing money. Bad debts don't fit in with the Uranus code.

Her appearance is puzzling. Most Aquarian women are lovely, with a haunting, wistful beauty. But they're change­able. They can give an impression of smooth whipped cream, then suddenly switch to salty pizza as quickly as a bright, blue, zig-zag bolt of Uranian electricity. Next to Ubrans, Aquarian females are often the most beautiful women in the zodiac. At the very least, they're interesting-looking. The Aquarian manner of dressing can stop you dead in your tracks. There are a few of them who could grace the cover of a fashion magazine, but the average Aquarian girl is anything but conventional about her cos­tumes. She can wear some outfits a gypsy would envy, and her naked individuality can produce some mighty unique combinations. She'll usually be the first to wear a new fad, no matter how zany it is, yet she can also stick to Grand­ma's styles-even great-grandma's styles. With typical - Aquarian indifference, she'll mix yesterday's lace snood with today's metallic jump suit, and the effect can be a little startling. She'll wear her lace nightgown to a formal ban­quet, ostrich feathers to the supermarket, bell bottom slacks to the opera, sneakers to the theater, diamonds when she visits the zoo-and top it all off with a faded Mother Hubbard she picked up in a thrift shop.

Your Aquarian girl will probably have an unusual way of wearing her hair. Her tresses are as unpredictable as her personality. They can be worn braided, pig-tailed, pinned in a bun, flowing down like a waterfall, short as a marine's, in Mary Pickford curls or as straight as a poker. One thing you can depend on. Her hair won't look like the hair of any other female on this planet.

A conversation with her can be remarkable, to say the least. She has charming manners, and usually behaves in a timid, almost reserved way. Then comes one of those sudden Uranus urges, and out will pop a remark with absolutely no relation to what anyone is saying. You'll be talking about the fluctuations of the stock market, and she'll interrupt out of nowhere with: "Did you know that Woodrow Wilson, Jack Kennedy, Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, Calvin Coolidge, Benjamin Harrison, Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt and William McKinley all have double letters in their names?" There's only one way to answer a question like that. Tell her she missed Millard

Fillmore, Ulysses Grant and Thomas Jefferson. Then gen­tly, but firmly, lead the discussion back to the stock market. Other minds may progress in fairly logical steps, but hers rigs into tomorrow, then zags back into today with no more sense of direction than a flash of lightning. Now and then she'll toss off an unexpectedly poignant phrase. You'll ask her what she thinks of space travel and she'll answer, "When I was a little girl, I thought the stars were holes in the floor of heaven where the light shone through." If she's in a different mood, you'll say that melted snowmen make you sad, and shell counter with: "A melted snowman is just a pile of slush, Charlie." First misty-then practical. First timid-then rowdy. Aquarian women will rudely ridicule flying saucers, then tell you a story about a polka-dotted elf on a windowsill. Never talk down to an Aquarian female. She'll resent not being considered your equal, and an unsympathetic attitude will cause her to retreat and become unapproachable.

Since Uranus rules the future, you might imagine that these girls would be natural mothers. Children do, after all, belong to the future. But the average Aquarian woman may be bewildered by motherhood in the beginning. She has to adjust to devoting all her attention and energy ex­clusively to one human being for a period of time, when she's used to spreading herself far and wide, and this can take some practice. Her natural aloofness may make it difficult for her to demonstrate warm affection outwardly. The typical Aquarian mother is devoted to her offspring, but also somewhat detached toward them. But shell prob­ably be the most willing PTA worker in the neighborhood. She'll talk happily for hours with their small friends on their own level without patronizing them, and she'll give up her afternoons to work for a school project. The chil­dren will learn the lessons of brotherhood and humanity from her by observation. Aquarian mothers are never fiercely protective of their children. They take a tolerant view of the most startling confession. A Uranus woman will seldom punish a child for telling the truth, no matter what he's done. With her unprejudiced viewpoint, she'll gain the complete confidence of her little ones. She's great at reassuring young minds about everything from monsters hiding under the bed to the pain of being ignored in the playground. She can turn their tears to laughter in minutes. Your children will find her jolly fun, a little helter-skelter, relaxed about housework, helpful with homework and gentle when they're ill. She won't smother them with affection, and she'll seldom nag. Maybe Tommy didn't wash his hands the third time he was told, but she's more interested in what he learned in science class.

We may be a little ahead of ourselves. Even though Uranus likes to reverse the existing orders of things, before your Aquarian girl becomes a mother she has to become a wife. And before she becomes your wife, you'll have to convince her that marriage isn't synonymous with Al-catraz. She won't exactly rush into matrimony. She's in no hurry to take your name until she's weighed you, sorted you, tested you, and found out what makes you tick. The opinions of her friends and family will mean nothing, though she may ask them what they think out of curiosity. She has her own yardstick for measuring you. Assuming you pass her test, marriage to an Aquarian girl can be confusing. She'll listen pleasantly when you give her advice, but there's something in the Uranian make-up that prevents her from following directions explicitly. She can't stick to the recipe when she bakes one of her angel food cakes anymore than she can park the car exactly where you told her to. There's some kind of a snag in her thinking that causes her to believe just a little twist will improve any­thing. But shell smile agreeably as she goes on her own sweet way. There's a constant urge to experiment with a different way to make the coffee, fill her pen, fasten her ice skates or cross the street. She'll wear a sweater back­wards, mix her brandy with milk, arrange flowers in a fish bowl, rinse her hair in shaving lotion or make a rock garden on your desk. But don't ask her why. She doesn't know herself. The unique and unusual is her wave-length, that's all.

Because her nature is so impersonal, expressions of deep feeling won't come easily. Except for those sudden remarks that sound likes a combination of Robert Frost and Yogi Berra, she has few words with which to express her love, and her pattern of physical passion is woven closely with threads connected to the mind and soul. Although the unique Uranus outlook leads some Aquarian girls into peculiar attachments, once they find the right mate their marriages are usually models of happiness.

Your Aquarian woman can float through her days and nights with all the grace of a proud swan, but she may behave like a clumsy bear in romantic situations. The line between friendship and love is often all but invisible to Aquarius. Love songs about people who only have eyes for each other strike her as silly. There are so many miracles in the world for eyes to behold, it seems to her a terrible waste for two pairs of them to do nothing but gaze into each other's depths. Shell be glad to let you take her hand and walk beside her as she looks with happy delight on the sunrise, an antique car, the milkman's horse, a yel­low garbage pail, a stuffed owl or a red balloon caught in a church steeple. But don't distract her with too much to-getherness. Let her wander through her wonderland alone when she chooses, and she'll never question your pinochle games with the boys.

The quickest ways to lose her are to show jealousy, pos-sessiveness or prejudice; to be critical, stuffy or ultra-conservative. You'll also have to like her friends, who will come in odd, assorted sizes and shapes.

She's susceptible to sudden flashes of inspiration, and her intuition is remarkable. Her judgment may not seem sound or practical at first, because she sees months and years ahead. The Aquarian girl lives in tomorrow, and you can only visit there through her. What she says will come true, perhaps after many delays and troubles, but it will come true. I suppose, after all, that's the most special thing about your February woman. She's a little bit magic.

thesage said...

>as much as we love to be around >people, it's just as easy to make >a relationship as it is to break >one for the aquarius.

That isn't true Aquarius. You're just trying to shield yourself but you know what you'll have to come down to earth sometime and deal with the situation.
You can't fool this perceptive Sagittarius. An Aquarius will be destroyed if you don't want to be friends esp because you were more than friends and he is attached to you but won't admit it to himself. They want friends even if you are more because they are so insecure you have no idea. And honestly being a fair person myself I say if you want to get back at an Aquarius ignore them put them out of your mind and watch them grovel and become the insecure jealous ones. A taste of your own medicine waterbearer.
Hey I've been dating an Aquarius for a few months he never said we were exclusive or anything he doesn't talk about his feelings. I love how eccentric he is I love his mannerisms but you know what I don't love? His self absorbed selfishness. Look I know that we have wonderful times the best of my life so I can't really hold a grudge for long. I adore him anyway but I will kindly state 'Did you talk over me because you don't respect me?' In a sweet slightly hurt tone. This guy is clueless did I mention.
If you love this man let him have his way and understand that he is extremely insecure. It is not unusual not to hear from him for weeks it doesn't mean that he's straying or doesn't care. He is just in his ivory tower he's an air sign. If you have questions ask him but be nonconfrontational and pile on the affection and adulation. (they like that even if they are cold and detached.)
If you want him to run from you speak about 'emotions' excessively and argue with him. I don't even fault you for doing that because a normal person would get worked up. He's not like you he has no 'passion' or whatever. He has quiet determination.
But honestly you shouldn't assume that you are exclusive at all unless you ask and DON'T DON'T get too attached to him. I know everything he does will make you more attached but resist. If you are a water sign you will get hurt so remember just because you date this man doesn't mean you should give up anything whatsoever.
But you will learn because he won't change anything in his life. He will want to maintain his autonomy...all that happened was he added you to your life and he wants you to share in it. So in a way it is different than a regular boyfriend that you might have were you merge with each other and become one etc. It is hard believe me I am a scorpio/sag cusp.
When I got with this guy I was in love and all that but his excessive game playing put a damper on things. And I didn't have that much of a circle of friends but now I do because I refuse to wait for him to call me and such. He has about a million friends and he'll want you to go out and meet them but he might not show much interest in your friends this isn't unusual.
And you know he's like you can call me too but that isn't how things should be and second I know how important his space is to him. Always have a life of your own or you'll get sucked into the cold quagmire and give more than he's willing to give.
Now having said all this Aquarius may really love you but he won't know how to express it. So look at his actions his body language. I communicate telepathically with Aquarius and through touch. One time he told me 'Some things are true but they aren't always said' basically he was trying to express that he has some type of feeling for me but his very nature makes it difficult you see.
Not one time have we spoken about 'us' or what we are doing because instinctively I can tell that he's a man that shows you he probably won't tell you unless you tell him how fond you are of him and he says 'I am too'. He is not a man of words but he still likes to hear those words from you!!
pfft So if you are expecting romance and sweet nothings look elsewhere my dears ie cancer. I love cancers .
He is very shy also...I can sense that one time when I was praising his intellect he wanted to tell me something...but he couldn't get it out. He has even told me things that ordinary people would tear up about with just simple resignation. The only sign that I have of how he feels is his gaze and the slow way that he blinks his eyes.
He has his selfish ways but I don't think he's trying to be selfish. He is a fixed sign it is best that you let him lead...initiate things. He tells me that women are afraid of commitment and I knew right away that he was the one who was afraid. He wants control he will forever play games to reassure himself that you care. He is afraid of being possessed and losing himself and if he falls in love with you don't be surprised if he is detached. He can't handle emotions well. Give him time and give him space if you have to just go out with your friends more often or date so that you don't get too attached with him and end up overwhelming him. He is already so fragile.
Having said all this I love Aquarius and his brilliance but he has made even me a confident Sagittarius because I thought that he didn't care. But I was wrong he does care he just doesn't demonstrate.
If you have issue with something he did just tell him in a nonconfrontational way. He is quite sweet and fair and you will have the time of your life. He appreciates honestly. He loves intelligent conversations scifi and lots of passionate sex but remember if you are sensitive don't give your heart away. Resist.
And he is an analyst so if he wants to see you again and again it is because he thinks you are worthy. You have impressed him. Take that as a good sign. Don't demand things from him.
Create a beautiful idealistic world with your imagination because he is an airsign he doesn't like to deal with the mundane which Sagittarians don't either. I think these two signs have a shot because they are cerebral idealistic and aim for the stars. However Sagittarians are mosly gregarious honest and affectionate and demonstrative too. Or at least I am

thesage said...

>The quickest ways to lose her are >to show jealousy, pos-sessiveness >or prejudice; to be critical, >stuffy or ultra-conservative.

Oh yes that's the quickest way to lose aquarius but you know what. They can be prejudiced dogmatic and critical and also ultra conservative. Even after it has been proven to them that they are wrong because they are stubborn.
My Aquarius believes in certain things. He is a hypocrite but that's for you to know and keep quiet about lol. He can be snobby too imagine my surprise. But it is true if you want them in your life you have to accept their flaws...just don't remind them of it.
I had a 'discussion' with Aquarius and with proof and facts was able to disprove a statement but he is so stubborn he will still believe what he believes he's dogmatic. Now I didn't realize taht you weren't supposed to do that with an Aquarius sometimes he'll even put you in his place. But if you love him what do you want to be happy or to be right I think to be happy. I learnt to pick my battles if I want to debate I can join some club or forum but I shouldn't debate with him. I should let him be right after all we forget he is still a man they have fragile egos and he doesn't like to be told that he's wrong by a woman. I do see the error of my ways. I must have been out of my frigging mind.
I am better now I just smile and give him a kiss. Darling I don't care about politics I care about you. You can believe whatever you want I support all your decisions in my eyes you are perfect and statues should be erected for your magnificence. He is truely magnificent really. When he does show up from his detached mood...1 to 2 weeks later you will have a blissful time. Enjoy your Aquarius. Nibble on his ears. He will teach you about quality and find out what he likes be attentive. They do like romance they are just shy. They like you to be romantic but they dont want you to demand things. And he's a giver what guy would behave like a perfect gentleman anymore? He is so polite and sweet you won't regret it.

lol #1 fan

thesage said...

>there is nothing anything can do >to make someone like or love >them.

Yeah there is. People are very predictable. You ignore them you out Aquarius them and watch them come back unsure. But you have to detach and you know how you do this...just go out for a drink meet a new person and talk to them. Just like that get used tot he idea that hey I could go out with this person. Suddendly whatever relationship you are in isn't as important. Remember plenty of fish in the sea. If you need to detach do that. I am not saying have sex you don't have to but just talking to someoen else and considering them will put things in perspective. I do this all the time because although I do have a possessive streak I don't have to show it. I have learnt with time that people love your emotional intensity well you can be intense in the moment but you can detach too.
If you want someone to love you ignore them don't answer their calls and dare I say be cold. And you'll be wondering who the true Aquarius is. Sometimes these control freaks need a taste of their own medicine. Not being spiteful just being honest. ;)

thesage said...

I mean lets be honest who have you met aside from an Aquarius who wants to be friends with the person they just broke up with anyways

Sagittarius. I remain friends with all my ex's except for the Taurus that got physically abusive and was excessively jealous. And naturally all my ex's want me back. Aquarius just wants to be friends so that he can have someone around who loves him. We know he's a lonely guy and we feel sorry for him ok because brilliant men should never have to be alone. They deserve the red carpet. I believe intelligent men should get the best women and should have sex whenever. I try to live out this beilef so naturally I can only love Aquarians and other great minds. So yes I put up with alot of silliness and attitude and arrogance but I can remind myself that it is worth it. He is a great man and it is true. Aquarius is an inventor...he may not love you the way that you need to be loved but that is what other lovers are there for. Don't forget Aquarius we give you some of our power willingly because we admire you. Not because we can't help it your coldness and detachment makes it almost impossible for anyone to commit only to you for long. People need love and affection and that is my main complaint

thesage said...

continued calling him, but then he got all aquangry and said he felt like a ‘caged animal’, which I believe is suicidal in aqua terms

Dearest crazy gemini girl don't beat yourself up. I know exactly why he got mad. When he said lets be friends you agreed without pouting. Aquarians like to be the detached ones they don't want you to be the detached one and they are EXTREMELY insecure. Their space is all important no matter how long it takes I would say call once a week just to say 'hi i just wanted to hear your voice' but generally don't call at all. I have gone 2 weeks without a phone call from him and when he spoke to me I was ICE. They don't like their behavior mirrored to them. But I don't see that you did much wrong aqua can be extremely selfish and self absorbed. If he is't an aquatwat he'll come around but see how aqua really is. I know he is special but you are too after all not everyone can handle an Aqua.
You took his line...I bet he expected you to say 'no i have strong feelings for you' and he probably thought he could beam to himself but you prolly pulled the rug from under his feet. He'll come around once he gets over himself and if he did love you like he says he will have to put his pride aside but if he doesn't you didn't want him anyway.
I say make more aqua friends or date someone else to get your mind off him. If he comes around cool but if he doesn't you won't care by then. There are plenty of special people that waiting to meet you.

thesage said...

>ignore yr fone n pretend yur in >love with sum one else n theyre >all baby baby, but when you give >them everything they just throw >it all away.

you got it they are attention whores. Thats why you should have your fanclub too. Don't give them everything and continue to have a life with other people in it. Believe me when I got involved w/ Aqua I was ready to give up all for love but I soon realized this bird is different. Don't let them take you for granted repeat after me out of sight out of mind. If they don't call they don't exist. You know what I do...and I am a homebody but I've had to actually get a life and even go out drinking and make some new friends so in a way Aqua is a blessing. They teach you how to life life to the fullest. Take this opportunity to rediscover what enjoying your space really means. The first time I reember crying because I though the didn't call me he hates me it is over but I didn't call him. I have PRIDE. But you'll hear from them...enjoy the attention too.
People are predictable if they discover that you're a nice loving person they won't even get involved with you seriously. To the person you are trying to attract you shouldn't be available. And it isn't even a game you really do learn to value your space also and not give a commitment so easily.
You know Aqua had a gf for years and do you know what she did int he time that she's known him. She got her doctorate. She discovered that she had space and she was going to get a life after all and naturally she left him because he's not affectionate.
My loving style is more like a scorpio but I have learnt that other people value me too and I shouldn't be tied down to someone who can't be bothered to pay attention to me for more than once every two weeks. Honestly do you even know if your aqua wants a relationship.
Remember you can have your fan club and enjoy the same attention that aquas do with their so called million and one friends. Yeah paris hilton biggest flirt nuff said,
If you want the aqua relationship to get serious hold back but if want to continue to have fun with them be more affectionate. lol people don't want those that are too available and they won't ask for a commitment. Reverse psychology works everytime thanks to aqua who taught it to me

thesage said...

> hurt so bad doing that to her >she called me 50 times

Don't feel bad. That is called giving aqua a taste of their own medicine. You can have plenty of fun with them lol. THe aqua guy I thought was passionate but he's not. He just wanted what he wanted and when you say no he wants it even more. He called about 50 times to convince me to go out with him. He's so predictable. That's ok I know how he thinks now. Hon don't let an aqua hurt you. I've seen all over the internet how people have gotten their heart broken. Just mirror their behavior to them and see how they like it. Think of it like tough love I love them but you really do have to do that once in a while and act innocent about it lol.
That is what I do so he can't hate me can he. I'm onto his game playing ways but all I ever wanted was love but you live and learn

Anonymous said...

both scorpio woman i dated had a few things in commen dishonest,maniplitive,hard headed.
but are great in bed.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 'thesage' to some extent. Aquarians, especially the female ones I have met in my time are totally riddled with insecurity. Hence the reason why when they break up from a long-term relationship, they still feel the urge to be present in that person's life especially if the person has another partner. The aquarian could be in a relationship as well, but they need to feel wanted and needed so they try to exercise control over their ex's. They appear to be the life and soul of the party, but in reality, this is just a mask for their deep insecurity. The aquarius woman and scorpio man combination is a kill-joy. The aquarius woman is so determined to control, that they end up mothering the scorpio - scolding them and putting them down. Yet they wonder why the scorpio man feels the need to cheat on them - 'you just don't find the idea of being in bed with someone that acts like your mother attractive'.

The aquarian woman likes to be considered a humanitarian, but this is all in aid of them being viewed as simply down to earth. In truth you cannot find a bigger hypocrite. They seek power just like the rest of us. As for the aquarian being able to take a scorpio apart, that has got to be a first. The scorpio will allow them to read what they like and make a situation what they want it to be, but this is simply because the scorpio craves peace of mind.

My best friend who is a scorpio male was married to an aquarian. I have never seen a more controlling and draining relationship. It's been 3 years now after their divorce and she still tries to control his life. My scorpio friend seems to go along with it at times, but purely because it makes his life a lot easier than having her back. She wants to be the one to tell him when he is allowed to take his girlfriend out. If he resists, she uses the children to get to him. She may not want him back, but she has to have her own way with him and if this involves pretending to be at death's door just to keep him close, she will..
The one weakness that the scorpio man has is their fairess and their nature not to inflict deliberate pain especially on someone they have children with. The scorpio will do anything for their children and the aquarius woman knows this and use it to their advantage to ensure the scorpio never gives his time to any one else. On the flipside, the scorpio man also loves attention so the thought of two women clamouring for it could make a scorpio man feel quite important. One thing I would credit the aquarius woman with is their incredible intelligence. They are the most subtle manipulators and they move faster than air. They are very skillful in the art of manipulation. The rule of law for aquarius women who have been in long term relationships especially one with a scorpio man is - 'I may not want to be with you anymore, but I still have to have you'. The bohemian thing is all true of aqarians, but if you want to see thier nasty side, then refuse to play ball.. It's always got to be their way or no way at all.
Strong willed? YES!! This is what they use to mask their insecurity, but deep down, every time an aquarian loses a friend, they feel deeply wounded and take it in a very personal way, but that's just for them to know. What the rest of us see is that 'life goes on - business as usual'!! If you ignore an aquarius woman, then prepare to die, because they won't stop until you do. They are very vindictive, especially if they consider you to be an enemy.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Cancerian with moon in Gemini, ascendant in Scorpio and the rest in Gemini. I have been seeing this Aquarian female for 3 months now. And it's driving me crazy to be honest. I mean, I'm the kindest person in the world to her but nearly never get anything back: I help move home, she gives a housewarming party and she doesn't even invite me. Later on she tells me how nice it was and she has me looking at pix she put up on Inet of that party. Then she asks me my opinion on how somebody behaved on the party. To her it seems perfectly normal, but I get hammered down 10 feet into the ground at the same time. I remain friendly though. I bring her during a dat an expensive gift for her new house and she says let's celebrate my new house...In the bar around the corner! We go out on a dinner date and turns out she already had dinner at home. If I ask her why as she knew we were going to have dinner together, she says it was too late and she was hungry in a way that it seems the most normal thing in the world. We make plans for meeting up, but she cancels them at the last moment because some friend has invited her over to a party in his house. I gave her a free city-trip I had no use for myself and it's a problem to meet up. She actually suggested I should scan the E-ticket and mail it to her. I kinda suggested to her that she could cook for me, but she claims that she cannot cook. When I say that this doesn't matter to me as I'll eat anything, she gets all nervous and stuff. I have been asking her for weeks now and first it would be this weekend, now it has to be next weekend and something tells me that there will be a cancellation right before. To be honest, I'm getting mighty sick of it. When I accidentally run into one of her friends, she kinda worryingly asks me what I thought of them. I'm just going to ask her what I am to her. She'll probably say "just a friend", well, if I am, she better starts treating me like one, because I am getting tired of this behaviour. I'm going to tell her that I don't know if I want to be friends with somebody who treats their friends like that. And I want to be more than friends with her and she knows. Maybe this is the reason for her behaviour, although she was like that before this came clear. I indeed should adhere to the Anonymous who said "Just say NO to friendship". If friendship is just a vehicle to treat people like crap than it doesn't work for me.

Anonymous said...

Well She says I assume she called me 4 times a day for the past 1-1/2 yrs hang on me lean on me i was her manager she teased and lusted and i lusted over her. She always will say we are platonic but she wanted me to make herself feel better..abusive and ripping me apart. IShe wants respect to never raise my voice to a woman.. I adore the woman but I am a psycho when a woman abuses me its been very hard. Anyway she has more new men and she keeps everything a secret.. I feel in my spirit she is a LIAR and sneak. Please let me know if you know of other Aquarius woman being notorious liars will she lie to me with great conviction. I hate lies i have my faults but when i love deep i love deep and accept no lies or confess.

HURTIN confused and biting my lip Scorpio. There is nothing i can do but i hate being played

Anonymous said...

ONE MORE THING be very careful falling in love or giving your heart. Stay distant and treat weary i broke loose 4 times and ignored her called for 2 days. Obsessive behavior can become a co dependant addiction. When a lusting attractive female wants your attraction she is a genius to wn the miss seductive act. She is asian and extremely erotic/seductive and gets hot real hot.. SO warning to all scorpios. KEEP three steps back unless you get a committment or exclusive. Or friends and then once in awhile friends with benefits then friends again. If you want sex and to be controlled like her trophy then be that but these woman are so amazing and dangerous when they find another who may captive and seduce them away you are so wounded and will react in a psycho , way. REMEMBER f they are liars or if you ever caught them in a lie this will be repeated under the conditions to cause you to spin out of control in anger and revenge. You will age trying to keep up with her and satisfying her. WINNING her norting love is so wanted but she turns on the dime

Anonymous said...

Following my post on 11th April, I would hasten to add that aquarians, especially the women, are backstabbers. Why anyone would see these people as worth the time, is more than I can begin to imagine. My friends ex is always taking him away to oneside when he is in the company of his girlfriend to tell him something secretive in a bid to make her feel isolated, uncomfortable and also part of her ploy to demonstrate their bond. A bond which she is trying so desperately hard to keep glued. What makes her look pathetic is the fact that she is a grown woman who acts like a child. They are selfish to the core and I can only imagine that the reason any scorpio would like to date them is because they are good at playing the game. But that's all it is - A GAME!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it wise to go cool on the scorpio man? Will it get him running to me. I know he plays head games with me and has this thing of laying his rules on the line whenever we argue. Basically our arguments always end with me calling a truce, even though I am a scorpio female as well.
I know I hate it when he ignores my calls and texts.. so should I turn the tables round and do the same? I have also suspected cheaing, but instead of walking away, I've turned insecure and not wanting to let go.. He says he loves me, we have great sex and enjoy each others company. We spend festive holidays together over the 18 mos we've been seeing each other, but I always get the feeling that after 2-3 days together, he craves his space and it makes me want to leave, vut whenever I suggest returning home, he asks me to stay. Should I just leave anyway? Being a scorp myself, I can read between the lines, but when he does ask me to stay, he really tries to convince me. I do however feel that every now and then, I should just get my things together and leave so that he doesn't take me for granted. Like the rest of you here in love with scorpio men, he does the 'not returning your call thing and not texting back for hours. When we are apart, we talk on a daily bases. Again, he even controls the phone call by making sure he is the first to say goodbye. Recently, I played him at his game and did not respond to his txt msg. He sent me another and another and then I replied and he went quiet. I decided not to give in and wait to see what he will do. In the past, I have been afraid to do this, thinking it will push him away and give the impression that I am not interested, but like me, the less I get, the more I want.. Should I treat him this way as well? Will it push him away. Should I show him what he could have but just give him half a taste of it? Will this get him to want me more?
Thanks for reading and any ideas or support will be greatly appreciated.

Nguyen&Le said...

I don't know if it's just me or it's typical for Aquarians (because my moon is in Scorpio), but a plain typical "dinner-hang out-movie" date won't do me good. I love surprises and unusual stuff. Say, if we first go ice-skating and then go home, cook dinner together, make some cookies, play some games, and chat, it'll be wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Ngyuen ARE vietnames she is also omg. Asian aquarian woman are hot haa. Now your way of a date is how she likes it also I took her out to a fantasy resturant and she was bored. Excitment,suprises intense fantasy not to mention heated lust is why i am so addicted to this woman but she found a local viet guy who is hot for her im sure they are or almost have had a sexual encounter. She said to me a week ago that she alomist gave him a chance? meaning what dating exclusive or sleeping with him. She spends hours on the phone with him and that is the way to her desires . Phone conversation is her way of foreplay she is so norturing yet so erotic..i am addicted to her yet she set her qualifation toward this guy. As she said i had to much baggage.. meaning a child from a past marriage..yet she was hot and attached to me for everything over 2 yrs.. hurtin scorpio

Anonymous said...

does anyone know how to see her moon and all that from her B day

Anonymous said...

Thank you 'thesage' , your comments are right on.
To all the poor souls involved with these deceitful piss- bearers, you just need to forget them and let them be the lonely fanatasists they were born to be.

The whole reverse psychology shiznit is a total fuken joke. Whole, complete, beautiful human beings dont play games.

They need to spend time cultivating self contenment, rather than trying to restore their empty bearers of piss by provoking jealousy, lust, despair and other abusive emotions in good ppl. They have nothing to give, yet want to feel needed.

They are the exact opposite of everything they seem/ want you to believe.
Cool and detatched? well, maybe on a superficial level, but seriously, stop stalking me on facebook lol. Plus there is absolutely no detatchment in stirring feelings in others for ones own amusement and vanity b/c thats a two way process of stimulation and feedback where there is a connection between 2 ppl, and they need that connection, more than anyone else to satisfy their dwindling egos.
After all they are the piss- bearer who pours piss down unto the earth for ... erm... growth and... erm...oh TURMOIL AND DESPAIR, yeh.

gosh and as for eccentric and offbeat, oh please, who you trying to fool? a gemini?? tsssst.

just another "detatchment" mechanism, wherby they can be all other- worldly and in a league of their own where they do not get judged or hurt, and god forbid should feelings of lust or jealousy ever occur, no of course not aquarius, why, how is jealousy even spelt you ask.
youre just too popular and ambitious for feelings i suppose.
Youre going to have to come down sooner or later to fill that airy head with some proper self worth.
Youll die alone and dissatisfied and i couldnt give a rats ass.

If youre involved with an aquarius you instantly become part of their world, its their game and there rules, theres no winning they will always be ahead.
You can continue this sick game, but reality will NEVER come through cause these ppl are dishonest with thmeselves to begin with.
For relationship dont expect anything mutual cause all they do is take, only someone with a big heart can handle aquarius, tis why leo is their opposite.

For me a gemini, who is equally scared of getting hurt, my relationship with my aquaboy had turned into a clash of the egos, who can make who you druel more, jealous more it got out of hand.
I decided to have the last word, which was no word.
And ive begun restoring my self worth with a genuine earthy taurus man.

For all the guys in lust over these aqua ladies, not having a penis i dont know how strong these feelings are but you should just tell her how much you want to bang her and how much your balls NEED her, then im sure she'll be really flattered. she aint really the classy type, so cut out the 'i love you''s and smothering feelings talk.
The best way is to oscillate between 'wanna bang you so bad!' to 'i dint even notice you'.

"crazy gemini girl" a.ka 'help a gemini'

Anonymous said...

help a gemini,

did you ever become friends with him again? i am a pisces sun, leo moon, scorpio rising, mars and venus in aries. my aquaman has a moon in sag and his mars and venus in aquarius, not sure about his rising sign bc naturally i wouldnt probe into his life enough to ask a birth time. point being however that even though it doesnt seem like the best match at first, we do have a lot of compatibility, at least in the bedroom and our general moods. to anyone who cares enough to read about my messed up situation here it goes...
my roommate/ex best friend, a virgo, had a relationship with aquaboy last year. its important to note that at the time he had a long term gf and she had a long term bf. she tried to keep the affair very hush hush but she shared the events with me earlier this year, months after he had pulled his detached aquabusiness and cut her off too many times for her to take. not to mention she claimed to be in love with her bf of like 4 yrs and was continuing with that.
she shared the information about their affair, I think partially bc she could see the lust in my eyes for this man before I even really knew him. its fair to say that even now I am extremely attracted to him physically.
also important to mention in my story is that this man is my neighbor, and before we ever met or saw each other, i started becoming friends with his roommates and hanging out with them every weekend. well, one night when i went back to his house with some of my friends after the bars closed for after hours, aqua and i laid eyes on each other and just started screaming at each other. what we were fighting about i don’t know bc i can honestly say that was the first time I ever even talked to the guy. the screaming turned into a hook up and sealed my fate as another victim of the barer-of-bad-news.
despite virgo's anger at me for hooking up with her "old flame," which I can admit was shitty but my only argument was that they were both cheating on each other and on each others significant others so how legitimate of a relationship is that? true aqua fashion, he wanted to continue the relationship bc it was like a secret affair (he was finally broken up with the old gf bc she found out how many other girls he had cheated on her with). It fed his already enlarged ego that two girls were hot for him and were fighting because of him. In reality she and I had problems before him, but that was the straw that broke the camels back.
longer story short, we have been hooking up for the past 4 months. the shitty part is that all the while he has had another chick or 2on the side, while I have remained hopelessly faithful, and foolishly optimistic. Over the course of 4 months, he told me that he loved me, he told my friend he thought I was beautiful and cool and he wished there was a way we could hang out more. (obviously there was..fricken call me!!) being a pisces/scorp I could see through his detachedness and I could read his body language and signs were pointing to he cares about me even though he’s not being faithful to me. He shared with me that he liked me, he shared with me that he thinks I’m “perfect,” he gave me rides to class every tues and thurs, which to me felt like an aquarian’s idea of a date. When we are out at the same bar, (this is a small town), we catch each others eyes and watch each other as we both flirt with other people. Its not that I want to flirt with other people, its that he won’t hardly talk to me. Its like he’s on a mission to find any other girl but me, but a week later he calls and texts and wants to hook up and be intimate. Despite my friends and sister's advice, I let him back in like a fool. There were times I played the game too, he would call and say baby I want you, and I would say sure be at your house in 5 min naked and I’ll be there. I never show and he calls confused. Well I’m sorry but I’m still pissed you ignored me the other night. Do I share my frustrations? No because he probably doesn’t care anyway, and besides he has the ability to see through to people’s real intentions, right. When I see him briefly during the course of a day I get nervous and I can tell he is too. He says something stupid and my hands are shaking because my heart is beating out of my chest. When were alone long enough to relax I feel completely comfortable. I know he’s a goofball but he keeps it from me. He’s so friendly to everyone BUT me. He’s so damn shy around me and I’m the pisces here! Knowing that I’m shy by nature, I try extra hard to let my true goofy self show, and he is cold, minus this look in his eyes, when I catch them, like a little school boy. Then there are times when hes sweet and kind and open to me. Time goes by and I’m falling hard but holding myself back as much as possible because I know aquaboy cant handle that. Two weeks ago he hooked up with a girl I know, after hooking up with me earlier that week. He saw her again at the bar last weekend and was ready to take her home. I was doing my usual thing, trying to ignore him at the bar and flirting with any and all the boys I could. Then, girl I know and I end up next to each other. Me, with my liquid courage, decide to spill my guts. I told her that we had been hooking up and not too fall into the trap of thinking your special with him. Like a drunken fool I even told her that he broke my heart. She tells me that she had no idea wow. 30 min later I’m at his house with my friends hanging out for after hours yet again (yes we’re borderline alcoholics but this is college people) and I get a call. Wtf did you say to her??? Nothing I say, nothing at all. I hear about the aftermath today from virgo, that he hates me and that I sabotaged his relationship with this girl. First off, yes I did, but damnit why do I not have a right to be pissed. He’s a selfish asshole who used me. Am I responsible for being used? Partly yes but he used his manipulative ways to make me feel like I was “special,” “different,” “beautiful.” Secondly, don’t act like this girl is really “special”, she’s replaceable just like every other female in your life so get over it.
The sickest, most frustrating part of it all is that I still care about him and I want to know if there is a way he will ever talk to me again. So far I’ve just kept my distance hardcore, and I know I wont be able to talk to him for a while, nor do I want to because I need time apart to gain some perspective. This whole friends with benefits game is not for a pisces, but the situation just swept me away and took on a mind of its own. I played along because I saw so much potential between the two of us, so many things in common, so many amazing times to be had together because we have such similar interests. I know with the aquarius you cant win. They win ultimately because they don’t care, they don’t feel. Is there anyway I can come out of this with anything? Does he deserve a friendship? Did he ever even like me? Does he still? Any advice or commentary would be much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

wow I kinda am in the same situation with a aqua female. We were deep friends prob i never got any benefits?? but i think that was a good thing becus iwould be in worse shape. Well she recently went away and said she was going with her gf's from school i questioned it twice and she reacted angry. Well for the past 3 weeks whe was talking with another guy who she said he has an ego and nothing was up. well she was dabbling in many romances with him included. Well she went away but little did she know i happen to have his phone # how well she happen to use my phone once calling him. Okay so she goes away she calls me 1 -2 min a day max while away saying she is so busy with her gf's. I started monitoring her cell min which is free and easy from any service. I never saw any minutes rise accept her reg minutes with calling me. Well i realize i was no longer on her my favs kicked off. Well i happen to call his number and he picks up and i hear aparty in the back ground. then call again and i believe she picked up. I called again and the number was disconnected. Three days after she returns home she asks me what i thought of this guy and i reacted becus of my feeling fr=or her..But she slipped and said she was out to lunch with him and thought his gf kept calling him i put one to one together and asked her did she make him delete his number on the spot. She said oh yes i made him do it over the speaker phone with me. Bam !!! I caught her in a lie and he went with her on that vacation. I asked her three times did she go away with him and did she sleep with him.
Well i then said his first name becus i ran a background on that number and got his name.. i said do you know blah blah her jaw hit the floor and she had the look of getting caught with her hand in the cooky jar. She asked me will you still be my friend and i asked well is there something u want to tell me.. sh said no. She questioned me of what else do i know testing to prep herself of what i may spill.
She did say are you spying on me in fear i said no..
It may sound in stalking way but did i get the truth did i catch in a lie and is she worth being friends with after lying to me a number of times and reverse it as if it was all my fault making me confess and beg..hurtin scorp

Anonymous said...

First let me say to the gemini now with a taurus that referred to the aquas as piss- bearers OMG i neva laughed so hard lmao now. Everything you said was on point... I am a taurus woman and I have had my shower of piss by the piss- bearer. And when it rains it pours... please listen to me my fellow people taking the plunge or currently drowning in the piss of an aquarian relationship (notice I said "aquarian relationship" because if you thought the relationship was about two ummm NO its about them and them again which equals TWO pissy assholes and then u...the lab rat aka experiment). I'm sorry I have to say these things about them but they are true! We just aren't some madwomen or men angry from the the disastrous end of the affair. We speak RUN RUN RUN...MAYDAY...HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM...10-4 all of that! NO, YOU WILL NEVER I REPEAT NEVER EVER FIGURE THEM OUT...THE MIRROR GAME DOES NOT WORK...AND IF YOU THINK IT DOES IT'S BECAUSE THEY ARE YET AGAIN PLAYING ANOTHER MENTAL GAME OF ALLOWING YOU TO THINK IT IS WORKING...TRUST ME! I don't care how in love you are with them or how CHARMING they appear to be... it is an ILLUSION. They are beautiful paintings sorta like the Mona Lisa but the truth is hidden underneath. SO please do yourself a favor...just F**K em and keep it moving. Sounds cold, callous, and cruel I know and I'm sorry. But guys in the end that's all you will be to them! I don't care how long you have been with them...the AQUA will eventually LEAVE YOU! Protect your heart...have a plan B so when they leave you aren't
CRUSHED! Good luck guys!

Anonymous said...

"They are beautiful paintings sorta like the Mona Lisa but the truth is hidden underneath."

What is the truth then? I just want to understand these people (probably the scorpio in me). How can so many of us be going through the same situation, at least with the male aquarians? i mean how can these people seriously not have feelings or get attached? is it just their ages (some of the people posting seem to be in their early to mid 20s, at least myself, gemini, and hurtin scorp i think)? maybe as they get older they learn to care more. i don't know, i'm just confused and a little perplexed by this lack of a heart. maybe its just bc earth and water signs dont mix well with the air signs and aquarians could have a great relationship with an air sign or fire sign. if any aquarians want to elaborate that would be interesting.


Anonymous said...

I totally understand how you feel pisces/scorp. As a taurean, I also was and still am perplexed by the coldness of their nature. I analyze everything! But ya know, a spade is a spade and sometimes things aren't for us to understand. Aquas have some great things about them. I mean they are innovative, original, humanitarian, intelligent, sweet, a damn good listener, etc. There only hang up is the relationship department. In their defense, I will say I honestly do not think they intentionally want to hurt anyone. They just do! They are pissy like that. I believe deep down they want to love the person they are with. They just do not have the staying power most relationships need to survive. The truth is you can't make someone into your personal frankenstein. Aquas will always be aquas just like scorps will be scorps. You have to except the person for who they are. And let me tell ya, they have this problem with other AIR signs as well. It's just not peaches in cream with Aquas. If you really love your aqua be patient. He is the original Mr. Jeckel/Mr. Hide. However, if you EXCEPT his weirdom and don't take the coldness personally it may work out.

Anonymous said...


Heres some tips if you actually decide to try the impossible(aka understand a aquarian):
1. be patient, without this youre pretty much S-C-R-E-W-E-D, I use to think I was the most impatient person in the world, hell I still am, but somehow with him, It's like he transformed me into a much more patient person, maybe it's just with him, or maybe I'v changed in general.

2. Play mind games, I dont know if they purposely try to play mind games or what, but if youre not familar with aquarian you*ll automatically assume hes playing hard to get, which pretty much is, he just does it without realizing it or so they want us to hmm..

3. Don't call him a lot, don't talk to him a lot, just keep contact to a minimal, well in the beg. anyway, they need this thing called space, and if you dont give that to them, well, you'll get a sharp tongue jammed in your ear.It seems to me the only ways to get to his heart is to treat him like butter. In all honestly, it's sad but true, and maybe this is just the Aqua I know but you have to treat them like butter or they*ll treat you like butter.

4. understand he's not like other people, he's different, and thats what you adore about the ass, he's so different from other people you can't help but want to follow him into the forest of his out of this world perspective...

5. Don't cry a lot, Okay, you can be emotional, sentimental, but not over the top, they usually tend to get very uncomfortable, don't know what to say, and get completely silent, not the good kind of silence, the silence that pulls your skin off your body...::shivers:::

6. he wants to be friends first!, thats how the relationship of love usually develops, rarely will a aquarian just date someone theyve known for little time, and if they do, it doesnt last.

7. if youre unique, out there, sweet, kind, intelligent, loving, funny, nonconformist, youre SET, these are usually what aqua's are looking for, plus beauty usually sets their eyes on you in a sweet way.

8. If he seems like he's ignoring you, he's not, he's busy, doing his own thing, wrapped up in work, or his little box...ignore him, thats the only way unfortanely, and when you do finally get him off your damn mind he shows up out of nowhere like nothing happened, ready to talk your ear off...sigh..

9. he has a weird sense of humor, he'll say silly things and sometimes its funny and sometimes its not, but laugh anyway, he'll love you for it...but dont do it in a fake sense...

10. dont try to make him jealous,Does not WORK, I REPEAT DONT TRY THIS, DONT DONT DONT, YOU'LL LOOK FLASHY AND FOOLISH, dont bother, it wont work, he'll just say "thats nice" calm calm calm..

11. you want to ask him something? holy butter dont expect a BULLbutter answer! expect the truth, even if it hurts, his words stand on a fine line between cruel and just breathe easier when it's me when its sweet, it's heaven..

12. stand BY HIM, he might seem like he's pushing you away one minute then holding you close the next, hes probably testing you, examining you, probing in with a flashlight, trying to figure your motives, your thoughts, dont take too much of his aloof BS though, stand your ground once and awhile, he doesnt want a girl he can walk all over but he doesnt want a girl who cries by a drop of a hat...He needs a girl who can handle him, aka a very strong indiviual.

13. He's shy, but has a few close friends, who mean a lot to him..he hates confrontations, and conflict, if you must confront a aqua, expect to deal with a very stubborn uncomfortable situation.

14. he might take forever to say he loves you, who cares? wait wait wait, let him say it first, it might take forever but who cares, at least you KNOW when he says it, he means it deeply in his core of his being, you know with an aquarian he wont say something he doesnt mean, he wont lead you on, he wont push you down, he will be there with kind words, and a gentle voice, then there are times his voice is colder than ice, and his distance is unbearable, but just remember at the end of the tunnel, there is a light, and hope, and if its meant to be, it will happen, sometimes he acts like he doesnt want you there, but in reality I believe he does, the more he acts like he doesnt like you, is probably when he does,
hes a complicated creature, but isnt that what you love about him?


Anonymous said...

My explanation for this is to test to see if things will stand the test of time without having to rush them. I try to take things as slowly as possible and the moment I feel rushed, I go "MIA" until I feel better things.


These mind games are tests...It's definitely out of curiousity, just to see how far the other person will go to keep my interest (oh man, how messed up does that sound?sorry!) But also, we want to make sure it's even worth getting "caught" by that person! I'm sure it's more along the lines of an aquarian (as well as many others I'm sure) doesn't want to get stuck with someone they get bored of easily.


haha Calling too much==Boredom. I get bored with guys easily when I can talk to them too much, unless we are already dating. And plus if I don't have my space, yeah, I pretty much turn into a crazy kid. Or I'll just start ignoring whoever it is that's keeping me from having my space.


Yep...I think that is initially what draws anyone to an aquarius. We are definitely different...I have met people who seem like they came directly off an assembly line but with most aquas, you will never meet the same person twice! But yeah, as Primegen said, watch for hints that you are allowed into his little forest because if you go in without asking, that's annoying but at the same time, if you sit back when an invite is handed to you, same deal.


Oh man...if there is one thing that makes me clam up, it's definitely crying. Well, usually it's a friend but that makes me very uncomfortable. "What to say??" This is possibly the one time you will find an aquarian to be speechless!! Even talking too in-depth about emotions and stuff makes me quiet...


I hate how guys sometimes just want to jump right into a relationship...I like a period of getting to know them for a while, then if I like them, move forward.


haha we appreciate people who can accompany us on our visits away from and then those who know when to give us our damn space!! But definitely, someone who has a sense of humor, someone who is less aloof than ourselves (eh thats a lot of people actually...) stands out from other people, and is strong in their opinions and purposes. Heck yes, A++!!


haha is that annoying?? I will definitely admit to that! But usually the guys are just like, "What the hell?? We don't talk for a week and now you want to come back and talk??" haha please, it was just a week! There's millions of weeks in a lifetime and you're worried about ONE friggen week?? Oh the logic of an aquarian...haha


Yeah, just laugh...even let them know you thought it was weird but hell, go ahead and tell an aqua something he/she doesn't already know actually...


haha the jealousy ploy...yep doesn't work. I was with a scorpio who would tell me that if I hung out with my guy friends, he'd invite some girls he knew over. I was like, "Ok go ahead. I don't care, really." Yeah that would piss him off...and guess who ended up looking like the ass??


I've heard that aquarians are some of the most truthful people ever. Always in that constant puruit of truth...whether it's about how the earth was made to if your joke was lame (as if ours never are...), we'll tell ya...haha


Whenever I'm with someone, I go through fluctuating feelings. One minute, I will like a guy a LOT and then the next, be doubting everything. Any aquarian needs a strong individual and probably someone who is a little better at showing emotions than they are...but not too many of those emotions!!


Yep...definitely sounds familiar...It's weird because in essence, most of us aren't that shy but we just don't open that anyone and those that do finally crack us, we hold near and dear. And personally, I hate confrontations very much..I do lots to avoid it and if I can't, I stand my ground, definitely. However, there are times I do feel confrontational...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the info. most of it makes a lot of sense. every situation is unique though, and i'm still not sure where things will go from here since the post i left on april 29th. we haven't spoken since, but our paths cross almost daily. last friday he was watching me hardcore at the bar and i tried to not even glance at him (i had my friend do it instead..haha)she said he was staring. i guess that doesnt mean much with an aquarius. it sucks that after 4 months of sharing yourself with someone, they can dislike you and never speak to you again bc you showed that you cared. breaks my heart. but he treated me like shit anyway and i deserve more than that. i hate that i still think about him and hes probably not thinking about me bc hes moved on to the next experiment. oh well maybe some sweet earth or water sign will sweep me off my feet and he'll become a fleeting memory. sad to say but after reading everyones posts over and over, aquarius wins. they truely are all the things that we have writen about and you cannot change that. to anyone thinking about a relationship with an aqua or questioning it, read these words and take them in. dont read what you want to read. move slowly and guard your heart because it will surely get broken if you are not prepared.


Anonymous said...

gosh, i know what you mean by the starring thing.
It always happens to me. like the other day i was in the cantine getting some food and the hag at the till is like your 2p short, so im having a bitch fit i shutup for a second to catch my breath, i look out into the distance and hes sat outside the cantine doors starring directly at me with them big alien eyes. and omfg!!he has the smuggest look on is face like "youre a shambles". sometimes ill be in the library thinking what a bastard and i feel cyclops gamma rays burning through my skull, i look carefully through the zizgzags of books and he'll be there just starring, i give him bitch face and he just keeps starring like what you going to do, cause we're not with friends. But seriously i should remind you of aquas mind reading powers- no joke. next time you see him starring put a metal bowl over your head to stop the telapathic waves, unless youre totally cut off from him.
hes seeing how you are coping out of his life, hes checking in to see how is little specimen is doing outside of the petridish, any indications on whether you loved him or still do, not that that will change how he feels for you, hes looking for some sort of validation for his self worth, that as you know is non existent, mwuahahhaha!!

evil gemini/ help a gemini
also, before i totally cut off i confronted him, in a nice way, though i had mentally prepared for it as "either now or never" kind of way, like an ultimatum, after like 10 months of limbo (not speaking)it took alot of courage, but i just did it. I asked him whether i would ever speak to him again- he said what do you mean? i said well do you hate me, will i ever know you again, he said maybe, oh and sorry i dont know why i said i hated you. I was like oh great so u dont hate me, so we're friends. he said NO we're just on good terms. Iwas like WHAAAAAAAAAAT, totally lost it and started rambling and ragging his coat (didnt take nicely to that). He was so COOOOOOL, "okay, thats not my problem, im just going to keep walking now" he said. im like ripping my self appart, BLAH BLAH!!! HOW CAN YOU CUT SOEMONE OUT OF YOUR LIFE LIKE THT BLAH BLAH YOURE NOT NORMAL- I HATE YOU- PLEASE BE MY FIREND- WHAT DOES GOODTERMS ENTAIL BLAAAAHH. Yes, gemini doesnt have much self control, i lost the point a bit and confused myself through my ramblings, his face is like youre so stupid. he wouldnt even slow down, just kept walking proper robot like. I stopped walking and shouting afetr like a mile cause my feet were bleeding (proper bitchy shoes). I just stopped mid sentence and walked the other way. though he didnt give any reactions, for me that was it, it was the end.jst what i needed.
And no he hasnt won, maybe on a superficial level as in his ego has remained intact and mine has shattered to pieces- but thats what i needed, sooner or later lifes going to break you to make a better person of you, the more defiant you are, like aqua, the harder life is going to be because only the spirit can prevail- this is particularly true with air folk. Im very proud of myself for having the courage to expose my self in that way, for coming down and facing life eye to eye with all its painful emotions, because thats whats REAL i want to really feel life and not just go through it with a facade of self importance clutching on to my fragile ego so it doesnt break thanks to aqua i dropped it off a bridge and now i can feel and im having relationships ive never had before. I just hope he learns the same in this life or hes lost. Theres a reason anda season for every relatiohship so maybe aquarians are special in the immense way they change ppl, they seem to tap into the very things inside you that need changing or disposing of as if they already know (ive come to the conc that they are tools of the divine lol), and yes it is very painful but until equilibrium is brought about the pain continues.
BTW air signs are capable of the best love, but only when we dare to allow our more spiritual side to take over.
Remember, more than anything else ALL relationships are for growth and learning.
good luck to the pisces/ scorp chick- so no me and aqua arent friends nemore ha.

Anonymous said...

haha i commend you for your courage to express your deepest self to a man who is more afraid of that than anything else in this world. i've been flirting with the idea of a confrontation, a spilling of my guts if you will, to release my pent-up emotions and hopefully gain some closure. not sure if i'm going to actually do it bc i keep running different scenarios of how he will take it. a) he will not give a flying F and it will just add to his conclusion that i am "psycho." however, maybe just maybe, he will walk away from the situation and not feel a damn thing that day, but 5 years down the road, when he is in lonely contemplation of his life, he will remember our situation, our relationship that he tried so despretly to deny the existence of. he'll think, damn, i've never met someone who was so free to expose themselves, to really LIVE.
and what is life anyway? a series of events that can only be real if they are felt; at least thats how the pisces view the world. happiness and love and contentment can only be felt through pain and sacrafice and suffering. it is what makes us human. to block the ability to feel is to block the ability to truely be alive. in this respect, the aquarian fights an endless battle of stiffling the ability to be truly alive. why? maybe out of fear of the true power of emotion, bc maybe it is a concept that flows too deep for our intelligent brilliant aquas, and they would drown in the flood. it is an abstract concept that involves faith and an understanding or acceptance of the unknown, unproven, and unscientific. better to stay high up in the clouds and make it rain and fill the oceans than to actually swim in them. he can bring feeling (though often it is the difficult feelings) and life to others, but his punishment is the emptiness that can only be filled through those very emotions. maybe that is why the aquarius is often seen as the lonely wanderer, he is unable to tap into the wonders and mysterys that lie at the depths of the ocean. thats the egg that he can't crack, but meanwhile he will enjoy inflicting these so- called emotions on those who can feel the full brunt of them. his challenge, and the mark of a truly evolved aquarian, is to fight the fear and test the waters. maybe that is the reason that i was brought to him; to help him evolve.


Anonymous said...

She wants me around , She wants me to call yet she will not see clearly from this whoremunger guy. Well she likes it i would say.. My problem is i need to get her off my mind I had experience this twice before with ex.s
She lied and kept that secret to go away with this man and slept with him. even though we never had an official relationship we had a romance and bond that went and had gone very deep. I am and was very hurt who knows i just need to sleep with someone else. I am so tired of not getting a chance or maybe i need to demand it. Does an aquarius woman like for someone to be upfront and say i want sleep with you.. Or was i beeing to respectful waiting on her to ask me i guess i was not erotic/hot for a fantasy swing experiment.
It hurt me that i was not worthy or rejected.
hurtin scorp

Anonymous said...

Hurtin scorp, i think you should do what i did.
If you really want to be rid of this sicknes, you have to prepare mentally before hand.
We know how aquarians are in constant self denial about their feelings, how they're deeply insecure and dont want to get hurt. But seriousley we do not have forever to be in this shithole of a limbo, we are too worthy (you must believe this first), you need to mentally prepeare for an ultimatum, this means that FOR YOU it can be happily ever after or you may never see her again- you have to know you can deal with either because its the only way.
when you have prepared, then you must SPILL, you have to be as honest as possible, and if the aquarian isnt a fucked self delusionary you will get an honest answer (i didnt, i didnt even get eye contact)- remember no mind games just totally expose yourself and tell them everything that you feel and want them to know. If it is real then in counts and you should say it, even if its irrelevant (alot of my ramblings were irrelevant, i began listing all the people and things that i hate).
Yes they will feel very pressured, but dont be like 'what is it then- is it this or this, decide'. Be sweet and gentle (i was for like 5 second lol), say all that you have to say honestly, then be like 'what do you say then?'
Becasue this is all FEELINGS they will feel very frightened and may resort to mind games and splitting off. BUT REMEMBER this is EXACTLY what you dont want someone who keeps dodging the deadly flaming spike ball of emotion because it may burn them.
Remember what youre going to say, is very difficult for you and thus very POWERFULL, if that doesnt budge them into being equally honest with you, then just gracefully walk away (i was ragging his coat and screameing as we were nearing his house, he threatended to call the police, i screamed some more and walked off). and take whatever answer they have given yu real or not, its not your job to keep analysing their shit cause they should be honest with you anyway. My answer: 'were on good terms but not friends and i dont hate you' Whynot friends? i asked:'you rang me too much, youre annoying and youre just too...too...' refferring to our old relationship, though i asked to be friends. I asked 'do you find it difficult to be friends b/c of our relationship before?' he said 'i dont know'. And dear god, his stupid ass face expresions- totally belwildering, he held no eyecontact ever, he resorted to looking at trees and walls, his face was at first smug smiling like 'if it isn't...', then his face started cracking up like he was about to laugh as i was asking stuff, then after i went hysterical and nearly cried he started looking quite distressed (at the trees and road of course).
Do you think you will spill?
regardless of the response you get, its very liberating. I was sooooooo proud ofmyself that day, ooh btw he texted one of our v.close mutual friends saying 'that fuken psycho just stalked me home screaming saying she hates you all, and how she needs me and was begging me to be her friend'
my friend text sent me the text straight away, and i was like PUUleeease bitch get over yourself. But really to scorp/ pisces girl, if you do this, inside they know full and well that youre not psycho and you were just being truthfull and yes one day, some years in the future he will be dead jealous of my courage for doing what i did that day at the tender age of 17 and he'll be 40 and all miserable and alone by the fireplace with his old wife, who doesnt really know him and his children wil run in- who really know him either, he'll become alcoholic, wear itchy trousers and not shave, muauhahahhahaaaaaaha!!
but im just being evil again.
Just doit if you think you can and be a total diva about it afterwards, because you can you'll the worlds bravest.

help a gemini

Anonymous said...

When an aquarius is a LIAR " Woman" they a secretive and love hot sex and sneaky things. There is nothing greater then catching an aquarius cheater woman in a lie with proof..
They get off a phone or leave then return and confess. They are stunned on how one figured out there flawless plan.

WELL my DEAREST aquarius when you challenge or think you will get over a scorpio MALE you better think twice actually do not even think he will dig up your secret one day and he will be gone.

BEST to never ever lie to your scorpio guy friend /lover/husband..

Lets make it clear again if you are a lying /secretive/sneaky aquarius woman all your faults you have just met jesus when it comes to a scorpio man.

Come clean and stay clean if you want his chivalry ,care ,friendship and love.
A scorpio male will make you feel 1000% woman and take care of all your needs making you comfy and cheerished.

Problem is some of you like bad boy abusive sex lust relationship getting abused and snared in a obsessive addiction to a paramour demon male. It's called be twisted by satan and never being saved.

Thank everyone for you help I still adore and love this bad addiction hot erotic aqaurius woman i just will test the waters for another and be a ruthless bastard like the bad boys who get there catch easy


Anonymous said...

one of my aqua g/f's has read your posts and she ssays that she finds your situation wit your aquarius lady really hot, though i think its plain wierd but i guess thats how they like it.
good luck mr scorps xx

h.a gemini

Anonymous said...

whate is ur gf's email address

haa hurtin scorp

Anonymous said...

been to much of a nag about her slip up. I need to drop it if i want her in my life. She says they are just friends and not together..??? I doubt that.. friend with benifits and then friends again?? it sucks i just hate liars..becus i greant everything to her meaning i am real to the bone.
Anyway I best just let it be i can not make anyone like me and if i am cool i think she will be much better with me . I dig her bad..but i best let it be.
hurtin scorp

Anonymous said...

i hate aquarius or guess its the other way round. I think its my signs fault tough, my acqua teacher in elementary school made me pass from a depression always picking on me i had 8 years what a bitch making me feel excluded in class making fun of me in front of the class ect manipulated my results still not enough to make me loose the higher stream . An aqua girl i know in my course avoids talking to me out of all the people in my course 10 in all despite not having done anything to her and always trying to be friendly... she did not give me notes for a presentation eventhough i did give her mine when i did it i'm a leo not the typical pompous type stuck-up etc due to my ascendant in pisces and believe me i hate the limelight i'm soooooo shy but sociable and i'm poor have nothing to show off ... ...........I'd kill them if i could :( any way probably i won't dirty my hands with insignificant blood not worth the hassle. This is to all the aqua out there, infront of your pc watching porno getting extited over some silicon implants or something like that piss offffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff 5th line you lousy tarts , faggots acqua men are not menly enough lol
sorry guys i'm not cruel its not your fault, every one finds people who try to make other peoples life miserable....guess its just the world thats why there is soooooooo much loneliness in the world what is worse is that aqua are the main contributors / official sponsors........

Anonymous said...

you are so right

pheromone advantage said...

Well, I think my sister gonna be interested by this post. Her boyfriend is an Aquarian. I will show this post with her. Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry an Aquarian made your life miserable. We are not usually like that. Even a girl at work who hates me- I still let her over my place when her boiler was broken (humanitarian- me, still hate her though, she always wants everything that is mine).
Sometimes it IS a coincidence.
Yes Aqua men can be bastards, so can women (me Aqua women).
In a realtionship I generally put it down to the rule of"You are always..."
"You are always a bitch if you say no", "You are always a bastard if you dont give her what she wants"
You can't force people to love you in the way you want them too.
Little tip for Aqua men; if they find it so VERY difficult to be friendly and talk to you they like you a lot. If they are being aloof esp after sex, it was only sex. They are trying to spare your feelings. Hard to tell which? use your instinct. You will know if he likes you because he cant breathe when you are around?
Aqua women, make her notice you, both my Aqua boyfriends I fell for after I spotted them in doing 'good works'. They had a crush on me for ages but of course I didn't notice... until then
How to seduce an Aqua woman? Startle her, keep her off guard be brutally honest this is freak her out because no one is usually as direct as she can be.
Let her play games (why we like Sag and Leo men) they are fun... OK but you have to let her win sometimes though or she will get bored.
How to seduce an Aqua man? No idea it just seems to happen to me... I am an eternal optimist and anything he can do I can do better... and I have great cleavage, and a pretty face, and I am talented and clever and deeply spiritual and totally my own person.
And same sign relationships are totally INTENSE (for better and worse)

Sabra said...

I'm an Aquarius female who was burned by the most deceitful, disgusting Aquarius man I've ever met. I would advise everyone to stay away from Aquarians who are not seriously invested in their own introspection - because I know what my challenges are - I can be cold and detached, and my emotions are set to a completely different time zone than my physical body lives in - my emotions regarding an event usually don't hit me until weeks later sometimes. That delay is so frustrating! Especially when I start crying out of nowhere in a meeting at work, etc.

Anyway, the Aquarian that I was with, he lied so much, and I loved him so much that I wanted desperately to believe him. He asked me to marry him, and he was the first person I had ever let myself fall in love with. I ignored all the warning signs, and at the time, I was taking care of my mom who lived 4 hours away. The same week that I quit my temporary job there to move back to be with him, he got another girl pregnant, and he dumped me by deleting me on Facebook! Not a single word. He also borrowed $300 from me and refuses to pay me back.

I finally gave up after sacrificing so much of my life for the lying a-hole. We had been together for a year, and when we first started dating, he told me that he didn't like games - which was B.S. He liked to be the gamemaster, and I was stupid and trusting enough to take him at his word. Believe me, I know how to play a good game, but I consciously choose not to.

So if you are attracted to an Aquarian, make sure that they are healthy, good people, as with anyone who you're dating. In general, because we're so detached, we usually make better "friends with benefits". I also think that my Aqua-squared relationship floundered because I'm so independent, and he didn't feel needed. I have a tendency to make men feel emmasculated without meaning to (or so I've been told). Aquarian men don't tend to be agressive or confident enough to step up and say, "No. We are doing this / I am paying for that / etc."

Encourage us to communicate with you - even though we usually speak in riddles and poetry. And white lies are common among Aquarians, so be sure to spell out that "good communication and honesty" means that you say something when you're upset or jealous. We tend to avoid discussions like that because even if we're stewing below the surface, we aren't comfortable deabating in the realm of emotions - politics and philosophy and esoteric topics like that are our favorites. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, but if you think of loving an Aquarian, try the strategy of treating us like adolescents with Autism as far as emotions and matters of the heart go. Believe me, if you keep this in mind, your heart is less likely to get stomped on as your Aqua man walks nonchalantly out the door.

PS - As an Aquarius female, I swear to never date an Aquarius male again.

Sabra said...

And if you want to get revenge, the only way possible is to say afterwards that you don't want to remain friends.

If you do want to stay friends, that's great too. Aquarians literally want to be friends with everyone. I saw how my ex treated his ex "friends" (he strung them along and wasn't very friendly - it was more an act than actual friendship - it reminded me of the old addage to "keep your enemies closer").

I told him no for that single reason when we finally talked again, and I could tell that that was the one thing that actually pissed him off. My telling him that he was scum for cheating on me when we were engaged didn't bother him a bit.

After breaking up (or dissipating like clouds) Aquarians will most likely be cool and act disinterested, unless they're the jealous type who will only want you when you're with another person, just for the sake of being territorial. Don't fall for this being a real, renewed interest in you though - it's just a game that they want to win.

Anonymous said...

hey hey hey if you love a aquarian girl you need a big balls and relax,no pessure.they are the most lovely girls on earth.they are party-girls and they like that.keep something in mind,spa├že is the most treasure they have,dont try to take that.if they love you,you dont have to worry about nothing.just live happy,and keep the flame of happiness on.and you will see the real one when you two are alone just for you.great great woman.respect

Anonymous said...

Aquarians fear "REJECTION"
Here is the payback method

Anonymous said...

It's been a nasty pleasure reading the negative posts on Aquarians. Why are they so damn interesting that we have to post comments on blogs/sites entirely dedicated to them?

and they dare tell us good-hearted Leos that we have big egos? lol

You see, all signs are attracted to Aquarius, no matter what. They’re mysteriously charismatic but tremendously fascinating since they will never reveal too much of themselves. So many of you mentioned patience, so true: Aquarians do not appreciate hasty things. They like to take it slowly but surely.

Aquarians are deeper and lack more confidence than their passionate fire cousin Sagittarius. They are friendly but not wholeheartedly like Leos or Cancers. A Gemini is intelligent and quick but not as manipulatively shrewd as their Aqua brothers. Etc.
All signs have negative and positive traits. Aquarians negative traits are still not as bad as other signs, and that is why Aquarius is so popular.

We leos love them because they are “Hard to get”. We like that, It makes us enjoy the hunt. But you know what: at the end, WE GET THEM! Or they instead come to us because we are the hot spot in this cold and bitter world.

So if you can accept all of that. Then go for it and enjoy the best ride of your life.
But if you do not like their negative traits, then why bother? Go find yourself an earthy sign. A hypercritical Taurus, a sober Virgo and a rigid Capricorn might be right for you if the Airy volatile Aqua nature doesn’t fit you.

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...

Aquarian men are liars and cheaters. They only tell you what they want you to know, which is never the entire truth. Tread carefully... at your own risk!

Scorplala said...

Wow! So many negative comments on Aqua men! True that they're hard men to live with but if you find one who is truly in love with you, he'll stay with you no matter what. He's loyal, dedicated and affectionate.He'll let you into his private kingdom and bare his soul to you.He'll never want to leave your side and always wants to look after you.Amazing how things are the opposite of the description of Aqua. He's the complete opposite when he puts away his pride and finds the love that make him fly .

-Happy Scorpio woman with her Aqua husband.

authentic psychic readings said...

I had been seducing an Aquarian since high school and this got nothing out of it. So true that Aqaurians are less easy to seduce compared to the other 11 signs.

authentic psychic readings said...

This is amazing information. For years, i have been after the same Aquarian. Let's see if these works. Thank a lot!

Anonymous said...

An easy turn-on for most rising Aquarians is to be a rising Leo, I can say from both theory and experience. Also, it's not our fault we Aquarians have such high & also eccentric taste but are also extremely attractive in many ways.

Anonymous said...

A. Vanguard> this must be true because I attract them all the time, being a Leo risng.

Mr Gemini said...

Mr Gem
I've been off and on with an aquarian for 4 yrs. As a matter of fact we have been talking now for about a month since our most recent break haha. Aquarians need space so in the beginning I suggest u have another back up and don't take them serious. We started as a every 2 weeks or so fling and it was great but u must forget about them. I think being that I'm a Gem and need space myself halps a lot, but they need more. Aquas want what they can't have the most so when they see that u don't mind them being away, that is when they want to see what is going on b/c they are not used to this (they are naturally sexy and everyone wants them). If she asks about another girl I usually change the subject whether I am involved with someone else or not. They are the master of mind games, beat them with their own punch. Aquas need something to think about, if u always give them what they want they won't be interested(even if u want to do whatever it is they want, just pick a number and whatever question falls on this number find anything u can think of not to answer. Don't give them a hint that u are cheating but ALMOST never deny it(they love mind games). Once u get them jealous ur both going to fall in love. At this point you would think u can let up and tell the truth about everything, because with any other sign u can, but DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT ruin everything u have spent all this time molding on. Keep her guessing and you've got her heart. Trust me, my Aquarian has been calling and texting everyday haha. Don't forget they are women and need to hear how beautiful they are so leave a text telling them that, and when they answer wait a few hours before getting back to them. Its the craziest most wonderful experience ever.

P.S. The key is to make them THINK!!!! They will THINK themselves in love. Fight fire with fire, make them feel how u feel. 1 more thing, make them think u don't care. If she tries to make u feel jealous, which she will, make her think your ok with it and it will be a while before she tries that again. Mind games mind games mind games

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Remember to always be honest when complimenting an Aquarian. We'll find out. If we ask if we look fat in *insert clothing item* or if we did a good job, we want honest communication so we don't embarrass ourselves, not compliments. Of course we all want compliments as human beings, but Aquarius is a pretty hard sign to please in many ways from my experience with myself and other Aquarian (Sun, Moon, Rising) people. Anyone can make money, not anyone can make rocketships. But if you're worried about money, don't even bother with an Aquarian. We don't care about it. We won't spend it if we're given it, but we don't look to get it either, unless we need it for a purpose. We are not only "not into pompous show-off stuff," we hate it, or at least I'm personally disgusted with it. People who pretend they're better even though they're not just to look good or whatever disgust me (the act, not the people themselves.)We often do have somewhat refined tastes, but purely out of interest with (x,y,z) and it's nothing like what society approves of or does to be "sophisticated." Also, we're Air signs and not Earth signs. We don't care about material or sensual stuff that much. A lot of Aquarians are artists, but it's not a trait of Aquarius in its pure form and more a result of Venus being mixed in with Aquarian or Uranus-aspecting planets (which I have.) Spirituality is an Aquarian trait because Uranus is the psychic. A picture on this site on the survey thing "Bad Aquarius" with one of the tags in the background as "Elitist" is not really correct IMO, but since Uranus rules the intellectual elite and any group that breaks off from the masses I guess that could be kind of true. I've also heard Aquarius called "Perfectionist" and that's probably only semi-true since Aquarius is traditionally ruled by Saturn. But we don't care for traditions. Also, no one should take what I (personally, not Aquarians) say too seriously until it has been debated.

Anonymous said...

Stfu you people sound so dumb!

Anonymous said...

vanguard-i'm leo rising which i'm so in love with aquarius sign.does aquarius sign easily fall in love with leo rising?he knew when i'm sad,he knew when i miss him..he just knew w/out me telling him..the connection was so strong.i've tried to walk away several time,but it seems not working at all..sighh...

Anonymous said...

it is not easy when you're falling in love with aquarians. it much more difficult to walk away from them. They are likely to have a pretty good instinct and will come back to you over n over again when you decided to leave him. The day when i decided to walk away,he will surprised me unexpected behavior. One thing i realized is he just knew everything like psychic..he knew when i miss him..he knew when i'm sad..he just knew w/out me telling him. It happened so many times.when i feel sad and pain, he will text and call me..the day i decided to move on, then he will ask to meet me and so is pretty normal he just left w/out any news for 5-6 text,no calls,no emails...and when i decide he is not worth to wait and just give up then he will appear out of nowhere..i'm taurean and it is not easy for me to handle this kind of relationship.The love towards him is so strong.never experienced this kind of emotions's weird..really hope can escape from this relationship and move on but right now,i'm stuck. it almost a year and really hope can meet someone else but no more aquarian..This sign just gives me a terrible pain...

Your opposite sign! said...

@A. Vanguard thank you for your posts/explanations.

I have a couple of questions for you Aquafolks:

This question is general, I wonder, are you Aquarians aware of being Aquarians this much, especially when finding a partner? There are some Aquafolks that clearly state that they are Aquarius and they are proud of their sign. That doesn’t mean they “rule out” the incompatible signs, but they clearly believe in the personality traits according to Astrology.
In other words, are Aquarians interested to know their partner’s sun signs?
(personally, I think you do, because you guys are curious about anything and everything, even incompatible Scorpios)

Then another question, more personal one. I am always attracted to you Aquarius. Both males and females, friendship, romance, etc. Sometimes I look at my chart and I feel like everything there is kinda “meant to be” for an Aquarius. I can’t get into the details here but my chart consists of prominent placements in Leo, Libra and Mars/Moon/Pluto conjonctions , Venus in the 11th house, Aquarius in the 7th, Sun/mercury squaring Uranus… Is it because of all of these put together or what…?

This compatibility that I have with Aquarians confuses me because I don’t find them “aloof” or “detached” at all when they are with me. On the contrary, they are passionate and very sensitive/emotional. Sure, they can be totally “cold”, but I am used to that because I’ve grown with Aquarius/suns and Aquarius/moon people all my life. Aqua folks are the most generous and genuine folks I’ve known. They don’t care about what people say and what the world says about them, they just do their own thing. Very giving and caring friends. I’ve learned a lot from them.

Anonymous said...

I am a third decan, triple Aquarian with a number of other personal planets in Aquarius except Venus and Jupiter, both in Fire. Please don't be hard on us! Deep inside we are really very sensitive people who truly love our carefully chosen friends very deeply. Losing a friend is a terrible thing. In romance, we can get hurt very easily and require loyalty from our partners, who above anything else, must be our friend first. (Why would anyone have a partner who isn’t a friend?) Once trust is given and abused, it's likely to be gone forever. We become detached from you. It’s akin to having a bucket of icy water poured over your head and feeling your body/heart slowly freeze toward someone. At that point (for me) the other individual turns from a person into a thing, a system of behavior, a "creature" that can be observed and categorized. They really do become like an observable lab rat for me. It’s a scary and experience for this Aquarian to feel the freeze and I dread when this happens and fight against it, but it does! So, if you can and within reason, try not to hurt as after we’ve allowed ourselves to love you and get to know us on the inside.

Anonymous said...

I've been dating an aquarian man. I'm a Scorpio. He just recently out of the blue said we were not a match. Yet he took me to his home and to meet his mother. It was out of left field. I think my mistake was telling him how I feel. I love this man. He told me that everyone is telling him, I am the one. In light of this, how do I get him back? I'm good at giving and respect ting his space. There are times I feel he's testing me. I'm tired of the tests. Any advice.....

Anonymous said...

You're a complete nut job if you think, when a person was born, has any bearing whatsoever on level of attraction.

You're talking about a range of days within a month people. Put down that joint, stop counting sheep in the sky and learn to trust your own common sense.
Not whether Tom, Dick or Harry's 'sign' is going to be compatible with your 'sign'.

Bah...I have no patience for you sheep herding nut jobs.

Anonymous said...

Did you people ever learn about run-on sentences? I can't even read half this shit.

approaching women said...

You have to understand the need of girls to go through emotional drama during their lives. If you give a girl an eventful life event, she will find you irresistible and emotionally attach herself to you at will. After she does this, you can do whatever you want with her.

Anonymous said...

Ok can you guys help me with my Aquarian . Im a male Capricorn Virgo Moon Virgo rising my friend is an Aquarian male Scropio moon, Libra rising. He's been ignoring my texts and voicemails all week...cancels plans last minute...and when we met it wasnt like that even after I told him I had feelings for him and he turned me down communication was still solid...what I am most pissed about is the lack of communication and in the inconsistancy. So today Ignored his first text, and then he sent me a second text an hour later...and then several hours later I get a phone call. I dont pick up...I dont want to play games and I will talk to him eventually I just need the space for me to get my thoughts together and to calm my nerves before I approach him: Am I wrong for ignoring him should I go a few more days of silence????

Anonymous said...

Whenever I’ve been screwed by piss bearers, I come in here and read the earlier replies and get some laughs. The posts about how aquamales deal with their hidden emotions are insightful and seem to portray the majority of aqua suns in the world, with the humor I need.

I have a Love / Hate relationship to Aquarius. I’m really interested on getting some answers here- If Aquarians are akin to introspection and are so intelligent, then perhaps, they’d care to answer these simple questions:

AQUARIUS DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT: 90% of the ppl that come in here aren’t aquas and they vent out about them. I’m curious to know what aquas side of story…? Or are they as cold and unloving as they appear to be?

AQUARIUS DOESN’T UNDERSTAND LOVE: Like somebody mentioned earlier, life is meant to be LIVED, with emotions, love, hate, jealousy and all of that. Why is Aquarius unwilling to live life with for example LOVE? Why is love difficult for aquas to understand?

AQUARIUS IS CRUEL & MEAN ON PURPOSE: I’m really curious to understand as to why Aquarians like to hurt people on purpose – people that haven’t done them anything wrong? Do they enjoy the measly sense of “power” it gives them? I’ve seen this on several occasions- “Innocent” people that have been backstabbed, walked all over and screwed by Aquarians for no god damn reason. Why?

AQUARIUS DOESN’T KNOW THE MEANING OF KARMA: And another question, is the notion “KARMA” unfamiliar to Aquarius? Aren’t they aware of it and how it will eventually strike and prevail?

I challenge any Aquarius to answer these simple questions with pure honesty – no need to worry, you won’t need to post your name or picture to let people know that you do have a heart after all

Anonymous said...

I am a cancer man, broke up with an aqua girl in December 2009.


That day, i went to meet her.

she told : i am busy"

i replied : it ok i gotta go. CYL

But i just stay out of his house. my intuitive mind says : something wrong "

few minutes later she came out of her house

she saw me and shocked :

that smart girl promptly said for unfair reason

i just come to see you.

i replied : i told u i am gone, how can u come to meet me .

i caught her lie :

she say : ok i am going with my sister.

i said : ok u go, no problem

i perused her

she was standing there where we meet .

i called her on cellfone : whats this

she told i am on date with my fiance , i am engaged.

(PS. TWO YEAR LATER NOW I KNOW THAT HE wasn't her fiance . some other dumb ass guy. she is steel unmarried.

during three months after this event. i sleep with her three or four time .
(but she hardly show any intimate feeling. i blame myself that i was doing wrong . its like rape. )

(PS. this girls never shows emotion during sex. or even during dating ,her mind is far of from his physical body.( may be in future ) this makes me irritating. and I shout: "Pay attention ' u Bi***)

I have made everything possible attempt to make this relationship happen again.BUT NOTE that it is always waste of time, money and your brain wash.


THEY ARE MIND GAME MASTER : ( WELL BUT IT doesn't work with me , may be i have some intuitive mind.)

THEY ARE PRONE TO DEBAUCHERY : (For them : the stranger the better , and : Friends with Benefit;

So friend, i understand its hard to get recovered after break up . BUT , in aqua case you wouldn't get same when u left at breakup.( because the problem is not that she sleep fifty times with another person , but the problem that she sleep once with fifty person. (THAT'S WHY Aquarius's slogan ; ' I UNIVERSALIZE "

but my best advices that you should check your compatibility with other zodiac girl. and try to get compatible one.




Anonymous said...


You try to look like an eccentric and rebellious person, some sort of prophet who would offer "the" truth. Actually, you so completely lack profundity that you do everything you can in order to compensate this flaw. You are deeply aware of the fact that you are only one sheep among many others, but you just can't accept this idea! Therefore, you desperately strive to stand out of the crowd, and you display your nonconformism, but sometimes the situation gets out of control, and you become a misfit, totally maladjusted to your environment. So, don't complain that no one wants to be your friend! To you, friendship is a sacred value, but have you got an idea of what it actually is? You are so deeply detached and impersonal (and yes, your apparent eccentricity compensates this) because you are too cerebral and you steer clear of intimate relationships and personal secrets. It is even worse when it comes to love relationships! Your chronic independence would hurt a great many partners... You claim to be generous and altruistic, but don't you think that these values don't belong to theories and should spring from the heart? Stop believing that you are an inventive genius in the vanguard because otherwise, one of these days, you will end up in a psychiatric hospital...

Anonymous said...

I got one comment to say, stay far far far far away from aqua, whether it be the man or the woman. they are both piss bearers LOL everytime i see that word i laugh. WHY should you stay far, well i had my own little experience with a aqua woman. all i can say wow she is charming, she will not stop until you are LUSTING over her. she is also a HUGE liar, when i say Liar i mean a look deeply into your eye. And charm your ass off and say 'baby i love you, why would i lie to someone i love". THEY CANNOT BE TRUSTED. THEY ARE ALSO FREAKS, the same thing they do to do TRUST me they will do to another person. RELATIONSHIPS ARE NOT FOR THEM. my friend's boyfriend is a aqua man BOY do i feel sorry for her. she said he treats her like his HOMEBOY except for when they are having sex. She feels like she is his SEX BUDDY, yes they are huge freaks. so are the woman. I dont mind this my aqua girl full filled my needs. But thats all they will EVER BE RUN WHILE U CAN. THEIR LOVE is all a lie, trust when i say they are notorious cheaters and liars. Keep her as your fuck buddy. because believe me if you for anytime believe, if the next guy comes around who she finds attractive, that she will remain faithful for you your WRONG. this goes for the aqua men they are all the SAME.take it from someone who was lied to from a aqua woman i mean lied too without a damn care in the world.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Virgo woman and I originally started this post with a long paragraph on my situation but decided against posting it. I'm in love with an Aquarius man and I need some advice please, is there anyone here who can give me some insight on a Virgo/Aquarius relationship/attraction...I want to hear your opinions. Xo.

Anonymous said...

.....Well..I must say some of you have lashed out and its shocking how these are people we live and work among. Aquarius women will always have my heart. They are so misunderstood and even with all of their quirks and downfalls of charachter people still choose to believe they operate deviously and intentionally to hurt others. They do not...they only see others use of projecting (psychological term where someone basically assumes quite a bit). I am a Aries male and almost three months ago I jumped into bed with Aquarius for the for the first time in over fifteen years. When I was young I certainly felt that these creatures are most dfntly spawns of satan and fickle yet I could not help that the first one back then well she had tons of guys always around her and did in fact joke that they (one or two) had slept together.
So now here I sit knowing this coworker aquarius for all of about two weeks and she walks up gives me her email address and this after I asked earlier that morning if she had a bf and if not would like to get together sometime. To which she replied..oh well only to hang out as friends right..bcuz i do not want a relationship at the moment. I said oh hey friends are better neways for me. Just have fun i said....we immediately became hot and heavy and soon she told me she loved I reacted and said ummmm well hey are we talkn like marry me type love or..just love my **** type love. She came closer layed her head on my chest and said...if you asked..sure. We now are on our first break. Its been about a month since we were intimate and that was an explosive for both simultaneously passionate quickie. Fun for both but I think she was hurt by my uber masculine self afterwards and said i reminded her of a bad relationship. She stopped taking my calls told me she needed to focus on herself and didnt want to be harrassed or police would bcome involved. Which is totally out of charachter for either of us. We are sweet people. So that really blew me away. I wrote passionate emails...i reminded her we had love and she had stated she loved me. So here I am..confused lusting after her gorgeous bkdy and beautiful eyes. Lol whered she go?

Anonymous said...

reading these comments make me understand everything abt my aquarius guy so much clearer! Im a cancer girl with a leo rising sun and I totally agree with absolutely everything said on here about aquarius males..I am having a love hate 'relationship' with him..Im not sure if its an actual relationship more like friends with benefits as he is nowhere near the real meaning of a 'friend' (Im a cancer- so I know what a real friend is). He seems to change all the time! always hot and cold..and it pisses me off, and I am extremely patient. YET for some reason, hes always pulling me back and has a weird hold on me..Like i want to be accepted by him and keep in touch with him. I only discovered how sensitive he was, when he got pissed that I didnt give him a complinment and he sent me a text saying I was being annoying. I got extremely hurt and raged at him and he hung up on me!

They are soo sensitive- you almost have to tiptoe around them, and for those of you that arent patient keep away. As a cancer, im really patient and nurturing..So I can really see through his immaturities and Im going to give him some space to get over his childish issues but man is it killing me slowly!!!

basically, MY OPINION is aqua guys are definately sensitive, and they love their passionate sex .. but they cant handle really dominant women because they like to be the ones in charge all the time. AS WELL AS COMPLIMENTED. So you gotta sugar coat everything you say, see past their flaws, learn to be okay with getting shut down (emotionally) all the time. Which I cannot do as Im brutually honest. These guys arent the comforting/support if you are stressed dont expect to be comforted youll get a reply along the lines of 'babe talk to me Ill make you feel better' or some other narcisstic reply. Just my observation But then again all aquarius guys are different. They def need someone with a big heart whose not afraid to get hurt- srsly goodluck because no girl can repeatedly get hurt all the time.

Aquarius guys i love you but you make it so hard to love you. Im going to try being more understanding just because I care about him so for some twisted wierd reason..and I know he feels the same. At the end of the day You can only judge if an aquarius is worth it or not, dont invest too deep <3

Anonymous said...

Scorpio men not a good idea for aquarian, neither are taurus, pisces, capricorn, leo, cancer,, virgo. Sagg or Aries best bet.

Anonymous said...

I'm an aquarian woman and am in a commited relationship with a Gemini woman
Astrology says we are a great match but I have problems with her online "friends". She role plays with her ex.girlfriend and I know Gemini needs all kinds of mental stimulation but I can't stop thinking about it constantly. I want to trust her but I feel like she's dishonest with me bc I have caught her before with some other girl role playing sex. I know some people don't mind but I do. She has stopped "sexual" stuff but I can't help to think she is having this whole other more happy stimulating life with her ex. I normally flee and never look back in these situations but I love her so much but constantly feel sad and hurt. Any advice to soothe my bashed emotions that I'm slyly concealing? Please help

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh myyyyy godddd!!!!!! This sounds EXACTLY like my very odd relationship. And I as well as others thought I was crazy! Hes an Aquarius and mysterious. He tries to come off as a jerk but I see past it and he has nothing but kind sweet intentions. He truly dies care about me...and I know that... I notice we are getting closer and closer everytime we spend tine together. He doesnt like clingy or needy so he will call and I wait dor him to call which is obce a month. Each time we have hot dirty sex I play emotional hard to get but lately hes been inviting me to. Spend the night with him after sex and cuddle. And he said that he cares a lot about me and it scares him than he freaked that he had said that to me and told me he was just gonna stop talking. Haha. My point is...I wait for his call and ive been very patient(im an aries sothats hard) but ive started to see us grow closer. Think im crazy all you want but hes the type of guy who will talk r o anyone but when it comes to his personal life or taking a woman to bed or flirting...he is very reserved. Our chemistry is electrifying cant keep our hands off eachother...we pretend its only about sex but we both know there is so nuch more to it. Its just gonna take time and im letting it be on his terms. I would really like to have a conversation with you. You are the first blogger ive read that seems to understand my relationship. And thats a relief. Is there any waywe could talk?

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog -- "How to Seduce an Aquarian" -- Funny! and yes to all. Only caveat -- for that Imax movie, better if the film be Eddie Izzard stand-up! :)

And so true whoever wrote for Aquarian appeal, be true to yourself. Originality = aphrodesiac, Other Aquarians here agree ?

And with this? That even if someone, say, loved eating at chain restaurants -- if they acknowledged they loved it and seemed to have an awareness that some might think loving chain restaurants was a bit odd -- we'll love 'em for that!

"Oh how strange, they love eating at chain restaurants. But they know its wierd, how cool!"

Exception to the chain restaurant -- if it offered great food with brilliant simplicity, environmentally sustainable/ Non-GMOs / organic (with lots of vegetarian options), that's accessible and enjoyable for peeps from all walks of life -- ahh now THAT would be cool. (Ummm uh . . . does such a chain exist?) Anyone else? Other Aquarians . .. ?

Anonymous said...

Oh my, this is all so true about Aquarius. M gf is exactly like this. It is a love/hate thing I have for her. Yes she knows a lot of people and they are mostly men, she likes to keep them interested in her. She acts like she's not pretty but uses her sex any chance she gets. She's still close with her ex of 17 years (never married)and he spends more time with him then I get. It doesn't help that he lives two houses away. She believes that all men just want to have sex with her. She texts with 3 or 4 other guys who live away and I suspect she sends them pics of herself as her phone is full of "selfies" including some nude ones. I never get these and she doesn't know I've seen them. Once we started having good sex she practically cut me off. She comes off as selfish and disrespectful of my feelings. I give her as much space as I possibly can and that is what I think holds our relationship together. She plays mind games for sure, she told me she was in love with me at the beginning but she never told me and now she says she is unsure. She is very motivated, works all the time and always looking to improve her job situation. When she has free time, I feel I am last in her list of priorities. It takes her a while to start talking about deeper things but when she does she is honest and compassionate. She has alienated herself from her own family and is concerned but does little to change it. Since she started talking with her ex more (he gets her)and texting with other guys she met at work she says "I don't know what I'm doing" but I think she does...she's testing me. I don't think she lies but I know she wont always tell the complete story. I think I will stop giving her attention and even reject her somewhat and see where that gets me...its hard because I am very attentive and enjoy being so. I will stay away and wait until she really wants to come see me. I like what I read in this column and agree that she needs a dose of her own medicine. Its time I become a mystery to her, what I'm doing and who I'm doing it with. The next time we have sex, I'll try to be more adventurous. I'd so love to catch her in a lie! Not to rub it in her face but let her know indiscreetly that I know and don't just suspect. I always expect our relationship to blow up but as long as I stay patient and calm it always seems to work out. I almost want to blow it up myself as long as it is obviously her fault and see how she reacts. I don't need the upper hand but I do need to feel like I am part of this relationship and that she really does care about me....what do you think???

Anonymous said...

I'm crushing on a scorpio man and I'm an aquarian, can you elaborate on the way too intense statement of caution. Can you email me? I use Google mail, tspowell4

Luna said...

Funny! Aquarius is the ruler of my Descendant and my Uranus is in Scorpio. No wonder why all my couples had an Uranian - Pluto signature.

Anonymous said...

To all those wanting an Aquarian perspective:

I'm an Aquarian Sun with an Aries Moon and Rising woman. I abhor cheating and am honest to a fault. I will always tell the truth and be 100% loyal, physically and emotionally, to my partner even when temptation arises, if my sexual and emotional needs are being satisfied. If he's cheating or playing games with other women, then all bets are off.

I think my rising and moon sign adds a lot of fire because I am very passionate and sensitive. I have walls and I want to meet a man who is strong enough to tear them down. I only get cold and distant when I'm really hurting or am dealing with something painful from my past.

It takes me years to get over a break up, even though no one sees me sweat and I act like everything is roses and sunshine. I don't let people in so easily, because the fallout for me is bad after a break up, worse than anyone else I know.

I don't feel or think like other people. Emotions definitely confuse me and love and commitment are scary as fuck, but the right lover is worth facing the fear. It took me until I was in my late 20s to reach being comfortable with the emotions that love and sex bring, and I'm still not 100% there yet. Before that, I had casual sexual relationships or would be intimate with lovers that I knew had no long-term potential, but were different, fun or interesting. I made sure no one got hurt by being 100% upfront about my intentions from the beginning. The way other people feel matters to me, but I know that promising something I can't provide will be even more miserable for us both and I hate feeling tied to something that I don't want.

We all grow at different stages. An emotionally stable Aquarius is an amazing human being to be friends or lovers with. We will take you to the moon and back every time we kiss. :)

My best and closest connections have been with a Sag. and a Leo. The Sag. was my first and I have never forgotten him or stopped loving him. He's happily married to another girl now and we are still friends on FB who wish each other happy birthday. The Leo had my mind, heart and soul, and I could be myself with him. Unfortunately, he was a cheating womanizer and ended up dating one of my friends. We are not on speaking terms.

I avoid Taurus/Scorpio/Virgo like the plague and run the other way. Scorpios are fucking crazy, jealous and petty, even though the sex and passion is fantastic. All that emotional turmoil is a drag long-term. AVOID THEM, UNLESS YOU LIKE FUCKED UP MIND GAMES, PAIN AND TORTURE. Virgos are boring and hypercritical. We lack chemistry and are incompatible on every level. Tauruses like routine too much and are very possessive. Our ideas on life are very different and neither one of use could compromise. My longest relationship with my Taurus ex-bf was an abusive, controlling one. I haven't dated anyone in the five years since we broke up.

Any one of my lovers would take me back. We are still on friendly terms, but to me it's really just friends. Once it's over, I don't look back.

Although I'm more the introverted, shy type of Aquarius that is creative and bohemian, I work a corporate 9-6 and kick it's ass and am willing to work to make my own way in this world. I balance the creative, emotional and intellectual side of myself professionally.

I care too deeply about the world and it's inhabitants. Small things in nature give me deep joy. I love my cats and dogs and will rescue all kinds of stray animals. I'm not scared of bugs or reptiles and I will help an animal that has been run over by a car with my bare hands. I am "green". I don't hurt animals or small living creatures. I don't wear things that come from animals and am a vegetarian. I'm an INFP, if that helps.

Anonymous said...


It's also 100% true that I'm a total filthy fucking slut willing to try anything in bed. I'm into S&M, role play, and a bunch of kinky shit. Although I seem submissive, I'm a switch and am pretty bad ass. I FUCKING kick ass in bed and am better than any Scorpio or Leo I've met, I'm just saying.

I don't sleep around. I only have sex when I am in a committed monogamous relationship. You have to win me over mind, spirit, and soul before you get to my body. So all those fleeting casual things no longer work for me. I am SUPER picky and need deep, intense passion and a legitimate connection. Things most men are not willing to work for, sadly.

All my guy friends are really just strictly platonic friends, on my part. Most people dig me because I am really attractive, even though I don't wear make-up or high heels and don't dress conventionally slutty, but am more conservative seeming.

Male attention from men I'm not interested in, or those who are just trolling for sex, makes me uncomfortable so I act cold and distant. If a married or committed man hits on me, I will be a total FUCKING bitch with no remorse. I HATE cheating and think it's the worst form of betrayal. I have respect for other woman and myself, so I would never do that to another.

I do not lead men on. I'm just interesting and people like talking to me and I like talking to them. I don't let men buy me a drink because I get my own. If I'm seriously flirting, I have every intention of getting to know you on a deeper level.

I find the comments here to be hilarious. Most Aquarians cannot be grouped together. They are all different from one another.

I will say that every Aqua man I knew is a giant man whore and does not do well with commitment unless they are stimulated and fulfilled 100% sexually and intellectually. Unfortunately, most of you earth and water signs can't do that, but it does also depend on the other aspects in your chart and how much you are willing to understand the unquantifiable. Air and Fire signs can get there easier, if they are willing to put in the work.

If you really, truly get under an Aquarius's skin and into their mind, you will have an indescribable, loyal love like no other. We will blow your mind. We are unlike anyone else. We are SO fucking worth it. It just depends on whether or not you are. Our requirements are different from most people and it takes a while to get acclimated to the way we love.

All people are different and astrology only plays a small part in relationships. You can do anything you wish, but you can't force love. A lot of it depends on the degree of emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and social maturity and whether y'all can fill each other's gaps. Any one who is fucked up or hurt will take it out on others in love. I do not wish that on anyone who reads this.

We are so beautiful and human. We are ALL insecure and scared in different ways. Just know that if someone is letting you see that vulnerable side of them, that you should respect and cherish that, and try not to hurt them. We are all a little fragile behind the masks we put on.

Hope that helps. Good luck to you. May you find what you are searching for, someone to give you hope and fill your life with boundless love and passion.


Anonymous said...

I am a virgo woman and have fallen for an aquarius man ,i love him very much ,and want him as a life partner ,i want to know what are the things i have to do in order to make him happy.

Anonymous said...

I am a Scorpio who in the past had an Aquarius fall deeply in love with me. Took about 4 months for him to say it but sadly to say his love grew insufferable. He invaded my privacy, made me lose respect for him, and ultimately got on my last nerve. He made a suicide attempt when I broke up with him, but ultimately did not succeed, and just got put in a padded room I think. I quickly got all of his stuff back to his parents and told them he wasn't welcome in my home anymore. I had a little bit of contact shortly after the break up but then finally he was out of my life for good.

Now I am drawn to an Aquarius again and it scares the sh!t out of me. I do not call him very often at all, nor do I blow up his phone with texts. 90% of the time he is contacting me. He has made the first move romantically although nothing has been discussed. We were supposed to hang out as friends but when he went to leave he called it a date.

I feel there are many things he is keeping from me, my intuition screams danger. While we made out a bit-I did not allow him to take things very far.

He told me he wants a girlfriend-but all I did was listen to him. He is very attractive and I know instinctively that he is used to being chased after by women. Maybe I am the unique woman he is interested in, because he continues to chase after me-but I also know he hasn't been chasing me for very long so the true personality may not yet be unleashed. I watch him like a hawk-I stare into his eyes as he speaks trying to gauge whether he's being genuine or being a player. I know it unnerves him, even though he claims I don't have the intense Scorpio eyes.

(Too many people have told me I have those eyes so I don't know what he's in denial of)

I certainly like him but I remain wary. I know my attractiveness is what caught his eye originally because he told me so. Said he thought I was one of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen.

His looks are amazing, I am usually cold to men that hit on me but he is absolutely gorgeous. I was weak right away. Then I got annoyed with myself and put my defenses up. He wanted to be friends-that's what he said. I can only wonder where this will all lead to...but hopefully this won't be a repeat of my past Aquarian boyfriend from the distant past.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same Scorpio who just commented but I figured I should add that I'm actually a Libra-Scorpio cusp woman. I have a desire to be given my own privacy and space so I have that in common with the Aquarius.

I haven't answered ALL of his probing questions either. I don't give my entire self up to people that quickly. I watch and test and gauge the loyalty in someone before I give devotion. At the same time I am very doting ans sweet to anyone I am hanging out with.

I'm very surprised so many Scorpios have a hard time handling the Aquarius. I find that I attract them easily-and hold their attention pretty easily too.

Maybe it's how I am outspoken-and say what's on my mind, many times without thinking too deeply about it. I give most people the sense that they know me very well when most of them have barely cracked the surface of who I am. I've refrained from any actual relationships for years now, only having a couple of short lived flings in that time with men it was BOUND to fail with-I knew it at the start.

Now I feel a lot - because of this Aquarius who intrigues me so much. At the same time he scares me because I've grown used to my freedom & independence. Problem is, I would have that secured also if I have a relationship because currently he lives far enough away that it would ensure it-but close enough that I could see him more regularly than some of the people above who are complaining about their Aquarian desire.

My advice to those of you who want this type of person is to NOT RUSH. It's true that they can be freaks beyond compare-so don't think you know them because you DON'T. It takes time to know an Aquarius, and all you have to do is have that in common with them-it makes them want you a whole lot more.

Don't be just another Aquaruis attraction. They've met the typical person and rejected it many times over. Be unique-be able to speak your mind, and flirt JUST enough for them to know you're attracted. Don't latch on like a crazy person. It takes TIME and clingy people are the WORST.

Sending minute mixed signals is also something I suggest. Don't be so easy to figure out, if you're like a puzzle they have to put together-they will keep wanting more. Be accepting of their quirky likes, you don't have to like what they like but don't talk it down.

Being able to DISCUSS what they like is important. Sometimes you have to talk about things that don't interest you because you respect the other person enough to do so. CONTRIBUTE to the conversation, don't blindly agree that is annoying to them. When they invite passion-return it as much as you can. They may not be passionate naturally but they love it when the person they are with is. It brings out their OWN hidden passion that many people rarely ever get to see.

If you don't want a freak-or a person who is admired by a lot of people-stay away from Aquarius. It takes a special kind of person to handle their ways.

Anonymous said...

A true blue Aqua female with a pisces in moon/Venus. Let me address your concerns one by one.
1. We Do Give A Shit, Just not to everyone. I personally value friendship above relationships. I been in love twice and both times it was to the extreme. Aquarius people are extremists to the core. We are everyone's friend but people we consider our true friends are very few. We hate it when we call someone a friend and that person develops feelings for us. Most of the time we try to be blunt and tell the person in million ways that I'm not interested in you that way. From my personal experience Men whom I'm not interested in just never stop chasing me. Now ironically the men that I have been in love with longest years of my youth wasted, we're those whom I wudnt have dated if they were the last men on earth. But I fell for them cuz they patiently waited yrs for me just for me to give them one chance to show their love. One was a Virgo. Second one An aquarius male. Both were amazing cuz I had tested them fully before submitting tu them. I tested their loyalty and patience the most. each time I wud try to break em with any of em... they were relentless... Wudnt let me walk away... sit outside my door for hours Or leave flowers/cards at my door... It wud make me wanna go back, but I cudnt fully give my heart to them cuz I knw they weren't The one sumhow. And they had been told this each time they kept getting too serious, That I.won't marry en no matter what I stuck to my words.. I'm no more with them but they are still my best frnds.
2. Aqua dsnt understand love but then who does. Each person has a different definition of love. I lived with a man fir 5 yrs, he didn't have a job I wore the pants, was still loyal, He was ugly compared to me, all my frnds n family hated him as my bf, they thot I have dropped my standards. Truth is I knew it but turned a blind eye to evrythng. After all,I was in love, and love ranks above evrything for me. my emotions run deep like still waters... No normal person can understand the eccentric side of mine, and if he did he wud become my soul mate or best frnd.
3. Yes I can be mean n cruel, But they person had deserved it for me to act like that with him. He either back stabbed me, let me down Or put on an act of love just to seduce me... We see through the guile very early on in a relationship... Hence it's stupid to try and fool aqua ppl into sleeping with you, using romance or emotions. we fiercely protect our own emotions while your all vulnerable to us cuz we have already figured you out.
4. Karma comes back to everyone... But only if a person committed a heinous crime not an innocent mistake.

Anonymous said...

To sum this up, For anybody wanting to “ love" an Aquarius... Follow these tips for a successful union.
1. Do not be pushy with them with regards to anything, love/marriage /Sex. Give them space and time to evaluate you. When they are aloof they are actually observing your behaviour.
2. Be understanding at all costs but not at the cost of your pride. We can't love someone we can't respect.
3. Show only enough emotions...Don't be a waterfall be like summer rain showers, providing little pleasure with a surprise. Aqua ppl love surprises so think of ways ti surprise them keep their minds stimulated.
4. Don't rush into Sex at all if you want to get serious with your aqua, they really respect someone who has a better self control than an aqua. I mean we worship ppl who can keep their emotions in control at all times.
5. Be generous on your dates, be creative... We hate run of the mill dates... Come up with something we haven't yet done and we are a kitten in your hands. We will be hooked.
6. Don't I repeat Don't expect commitment right away... Give them love and affection along with their freedom... Be attentive when they want ti talk to you. Don't intentionally ignore them. We know our negatives and don't need ppl who will mirror then to us... We want someone who's unlike us, who will fill the void.
7. Last but not the least. We love unconditionally and expect the same. So don't be petty, stingy, closed, cold,.two faced, hypocritical, or worse lie to us. Aqua ppl won't ever forgive liars.

alexandria said...

Should you stay with an Aquarius man if he hit you?

Anonymous said...

NO! Do Not stay with ANY man who hits you, ever, for any reason. Get away from him fast.

Anonymous said...

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Patent Agent said...

Great ideas, I always thought that Aquarians were more spiritual than other signs!

TommyGun said...

I'm a Leo woman and the guy I like is An Aquarius man. Most of the things said here were true. He blows hot and cold. Sometimes very affectionate, sometimes so distant. I have known him for 9 years and he have been in and out of my life for 4-5 times now. The last time he disappeared, I deleted him from my life without a trace. I was fed up with him. And out of the blue he re-appeared back into my life beginning of last year. I treated him as a casual friend, but started to develop feelings for him after communicating with him for a few months.

He sent me almost 1000 emails in 6 months. It was insane. Anyway, to cut the story short, he made a lot of promises to me, but failed to keep any of it.

Can any aqua men out there tell me why would you guys like to make promises that you guys don't plan to keep at all? I asked him, but he didn't answer me as usual. It just drives me up the wall for not having an answer.

As a Leo, I hate ambiguity and I like directness. I told him so many times, and yet he never gets it. He told me he missed me and want to be with me and he thinks that we both are good for each other, but yet he failed to show up (long distance) as he promised me over and over again. His excuses were he is quite busy with his business and he wasn't feeling well as he had been sick quite often in the past few months.

Sigh......I want to walkaway from him. Should I?? I want to know does he really likes me or he just said all the sweet things in the heat of the moment and changed his mind? His broken promises really getting to me. I'm having trust issue now and I'm doubting everything he told me before. I can't help it. He broke his promises too many times and each time I forgave him and did my best to understand.

Any aqua men there who can help me out here?

Anonymous said...

Lol. I am an aries and just got involved with an aquaboy. Yummy in bed. Get lost in his eyes. But I got him to fall in love with me. He has started the same shit you talk about. Mostly "chat later my love im busy" then later never comes. But dont piss off an aries girl...we call it like it is and treat me like a game ..I will show how its played! Anyway after my onslaught of confrontation last night which resulted in him dissapearin on whatsapp and unable to work it through with communication I got told this morning in the quirky aquarian way (which of course never includes a sorry) that I am demanding but he will have to get used to it because im worth it. Dont you forget it my sexy awesome aquaboy! have met your match baby and this aries gal can handle you! But so much truth spoken here...our first week together he didn't want me to touch him...said it made him lose his breathe and give him a hardon every time my hand touched his skin. It was blowing his mind but I soon fixed that problem and blew something else! Which of course any man would know is something you want more of when its from an aries gal! I get told five times a day he loves me and actually have not had a guy in last five years declare as much love and appreciation of my beauty and kindness as he has. I even get talk of marriage! So wanna keep an aquarian interested? Be like an aries. Oh and the jealousy thing? You need to know how to play it. Ie...wasn't paying too much attention to me. So told him im going out with my mates. (We long distance relationship) so asked me for pic of what I look like. Well of course the sexiest little number was put on and pic sent. Suffice to say my baby messaged me non stop throughout the evening (crapping himself some other dude would hook me) telling me the dangers of men spiking womans drinks and I am a beautiful woman and I must have fun but babe I have seen other men looking at you and I just want you to be careful type of talk and I was actually at home back in my tracksuit pants enjoying the sudden attention I was needing from him and of course realizing his jealousy is masked by pretending its all about those nasty other men out there that will want to get between my legs and the way they do it babe! Ha ha ...many ways to get your aquaboy to give you attention when they start wandering into their own little world. You just gotta know how to play the game ladies! Wink...he is hot in bed. Best kisser I have ever had. I think I will keep him. Oh yes..aries take and keep what they want..without aquaboy even knowing what we up to. We will creep into your heart with our strength our pureness and cute innocence about us our deep passion and enthusiasm for life and thrills our humor positive outlook and our desire for space as well. But dont fuck with us we will also be firm at times and then smile sweetly and ask "do you still love me baby cause I love you so much". Lol thanks guys for entertaining read. Will invite you all to the aquaarie wedding next year! Ha ha

Anonymous said...

Oh one last word. I got him so wound around my little finger that my pic is permanently on his whatsapp profile (yes both phones) with a status "I am so happy with my beautiful lady) ...I think it would be appropriate now to say "give that woman a bells" lol!

AquaAnon said...

There is so much bitterness toward Aquarians! lol I am super late to the negativity train but I hope to shed light into the Aquarian MIND!!

What most of you other signs are neglecting to realize is that we are HUGELY connected to our thoughts more than feelings. We understand feelings through the thoughts they create. "I wonder what he/she is doing?" That thought will signal another thought like "I must like him/her"

We are not selfish. In fact, most of what we do is for and because of the other person. Being distant, being critical, being is less of a game and more of a lesson. We are constantly teaching you directly and indirectly about us and you. We teach you of our need for space to be given naturally instead of asked. We teach you not to NEED someone. We teach you to be strong and self-aware. We are loving you when we seem distant. We are loving you when out with friends. We constantly need to feel free because our thoughts of a person becomes obsessive and we try to balance. We are greatly misunderstood creatures.

sandra said...

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Unknown said...

We are oblivious if someone likes us because what we consider flirting or showing we like someone is different from most you have to be blunt about it. I was hanging out with a friend from highschool some years back for weeks on end amd never realized he wanted more then friendshio till he finally grabbed me and kisses me. I was completely shocked!

Anonymous said...

Is everyone on this blog an immigrant? No one can spell or use grammar correctly. Everyone writes like
they just got off a boat from some third world nation with a tattered "Learn English in 30 days" manual.
Not all, some people actually sounded coherent and thoughtful. But take a look and see that most blogs
seem written by 2 graders, not sexy, aloof, game-playing Aquarians. It's hard for me to hear a woman
speak about how she's outwitted an Aquarian when she can't spell or doesn't care enough to correct
herself. Beauty covers up a lot, but a real turnoff is someone who would currently fail 3rd grade English
class. But you are sexy, yoo beeyutifull! Me from Sri Lanka factory but amerikan two!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Lol kinda true!!

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