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January 26, 2007

Transiting Saturn Conjunct Uranus

The transit of Saturn over natal Uranus only happens once every thirty years. Aquarians who were born with Uranus in late Leo or early Virgo will experience this transit in 2007. These people have experienced this transit only once before in late 1977-to mid 1978.

Saturn transiting over natal Uranus can be very upsetting. Uranus is such as free spirit, so prone to eratic behaviour and activity. When Saturn comes by to squish on it, it is a slowing, dampening effect on the wilful nature of Uranus.

The even stronger transit is the reverse one where it is Uranus that transits your natal Saturn. One of the most memorable times in my life was during this once-in-a-lifetmine transit of Uranus over natal Saturn. This happened in 1996 for me and I was suddenly and totally unexpectedly laid off from my job. I had been there for six years and had invested all my self-esteem in this silly (but prestigious and well-paying) job. Although I'd been trying to figure out for over a year how I would get myself out of there and into something new, I had delayed any action and was just stalling and stewing misearably. And then the bolt of lightening came. Almost the exact same day this long-term transit hit exact, I was given the boot (with much sugar coating) to my great shock and panic. I recall this time as one of the scariest points in my life in terms of forcing me to go out into unknown territory and make a completely new career for myself. (In my case Uranus rules my 10th house). In retrospect this transit helped me so very much. I was freed of a real bondage and confinement. I had been living as an Aquarian ruled by Saturn. Now I started the second major chapter in my life where I began living as an Aquarian ruled by Uranus.

The transiting Saturn over Uranus transit will have many of the same vibes. But instead of forcefully freeing us from Saturn's inhibitions, this transit could bind our freedom in some way; it could burden us with some additional responsibility, maybe regarding some older people in our life.

I'd like to see more people's opinions of this transit. Please leave some comments below!

The entertaining photo above is by blueace.


Anonymous said...

Around 1996 I divorced, bought my first house (a bigger fixer-upper than I thought, very traumatic) and changed jobs. I think this was a big year for other Aquastells too. I hope they will post.

Anonymous said...

I agree with all you said about starun to uranus and uranus to saturn transits. Consulting someone with this aspect an astrologer would want to caution against eratic or reckless behaviour, cosmobiology says that the energy of these two planets combined, can create stress and tension both which then can sometimes lead to accidents and mishaps.
Perhaps could be a good time to discipline, or focus (saturn) energy in the area of some science (uranus) formalise (saturn) some ideas(uranus),or body of work.

Anonymous said...

I think it really depends on the house natal uranus is sitting in.
I am waiting for saturn to hit my uranus on 30 May 2007 at 19 degrees and 37 minutes of Leo, Ill let you know what happens, all I can say is I feel very stuck and oppressed and need change! Pamela

dredwin said...

i had the same problem of sudden job difficulty please let me know what to do for the change of the situation

Anonymous said...

Well, I can tell you it is downright scaring me. I have saturn transiting natal Uranus in the 10th house. I think it is almost exact right now - both zero degress and only a few seconds apart.

I am striving to find a new professional opportunity and feel the second I do I will flee like mad to it. Also have the sense that whether I find one or not, I will want to flee anyway, and figure that would be a disaster unless I find something to flee to.

Meanwhile, while in this professional position, I am so far successfully and very precisely negotiating/demanding my rights in very tough situations. I feel I have to do this in order to maintain a path I can survive on.

I am or have been pushed around and walked on recently, and have to hold my own. I have been forced to stick up for myself. I am very formal and proper in my approach and feel that is the only way I have been able to stick up for myself successfully.

I have been plagued by malignant people who recently felt they gained power or influence but seem to have failed and miscalulated -- so far.

This isn't easy.

Other stuff - not sure if it is this transit but feel exceedingly fed up with my position.

Also, I have sun transiting Pluto right now in the 10th house and I read that could indicate some pretty powerful shady figures are fixated on me and that I might not know or even want to know their motives.

I sense that it is right to stick up for myself and persist ethically and with integrity, but also that it is prudent to move on as quickly as possible.

How's that for a transit? Phew!

Anonymous said...

i'm currently experiencing saturn cjt my natal uranus (6th house)plus uranus cjt my natal saturn (12th house)Despite wishing for a transformation in my life regarding a new area to live and confidence to explore true and neglected creative ambitions I am feeling bound by feelings of responsibility towards my 95 year old nan who I feel is preventing me from leaving the area. Will have to wait it out i guess. very frustrating

Anonymous said...

I am at the tale end of this transit and it cleared everything for me: My narriage, joint business and two houses poof gone and now I am back at school and slowly, but surely getting to where I need to be.

Calwen said...

Today Saturn is precisely transiting my natal Uranus. I moved flat yesterday and am preparing to leave to new Zealand for 3 months tomorrow. Uranus is said to govern blood circulation especially in arteries, for some time I had circulation problems and vagal reaction and I suspect that this is connected to Saturn transiting my natal Uranus. I also strongly feel the influence of Saturn throughout the fact that I have been working very hard lately as a programmer to keep my clients happy on multiple front and that it's been limiting my freedom quite a bit. I also feel that that conjunction just requires a lot of good and wise decision making in order to keep our sanity but once you made the correct choices things fall into places

Anonymous said...

I am under the effect of this transit conjuction and I am not good. The healthy problems of my parents started at the beginning of summer 2009 and it still goes on. That gives me big responsibilities and also some weights.(I am over weight now.) Besides I lost some friends and family members in my life. They all cut their relationships to me. But I think that gives me an other meaning: God took all bad people from my life. I hope wonderful days are near to me and to you.

Anonymous said...

I have this transit now and I just started graduate school. All of the pleasurable and free ways I used to spend my time are now changing. Yes, Saturn is definitely sitting on my Uranus in the 9th house.

Anonymous said...

When transiting Saturn touched my natal Uranus in the 8th house (in Libra) in mid-September 2010 I was laid off from a job that I was at for 10 years. I, too, had invested so much of my self-image and passion into this job and thought it was ideal for my interests and skills.

But I admit that the job came with a lot of frustrations too (I felt undervalued). I did want out of it for a year or so and was actually hoping to get laid off, so I got what I wanted.

Now I'm taking a sabbatical, upgrading my skills, and am going to write a book about a traumatic experience I had a few years ago. So I'm sure this transit will prove to be therapeutic and transformative when I look back, but I still feel a bit disappointed that I couldn't work things out in my supposed 'dream job' that I'm no longer at.

Anonymous said...

I will have Saturn conjunct my natal uranus right before it turns retrograde in Jan. 2011. It is transiting my 6th house Libra. I started a new position earlier this year and have found it to be challenging yet rewarding. I have been preparing to go back to school to complete my degree and have more opportunities. I do find that since Saturn entered my 6th, I tend to organize better, find it easier to multitask and complete more tasks than I would otherwise. But I have to admit, I am concerned about this transit especially since I will get a double dose as it retrogrades and then retraces again in late summer of 2011.

Anonymous said...

I have transiting Saturn sitting on my uranus and I'm feeling a real sense of constriction and dissatisfaction with my life at the moment, a real need to break out and find a new path.

I have a lot of Uranian energy in my chart anyway - I'm an Aquarian with Uranus trining both my sun and my moon and conjunct my ascendant - so I tend to live my life from big change to big change. This one feels completely necessary, and has to do with my purpose for being in this life.

According to when we don't make fundamental changes in our life in response to this transit, we will be revisited by the same issues and need for change in 14 years' time.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this thread and wonderful blog, which I have just discovered. I have transitting Saturn conjuncting my natal Uranus right now in the first house for the second pass. On the first pass, I had a medical issue with a depression medication that I no longer needed but was still taking after quitting smoking when Saturn crossed my Ascendent last year. Also I began studying astrology.

I agree with the young lady who said this transit feels almost necessary. I am a Uranian person by nature, with natal Uranus in the first house as I said, but also both my north node and mars are in Aquarius, and my natal Sun and Venus are both located in the eleventh house.

Sometimes I feel as though my insatiable need for freedom is too much and robs me of some things I want--i.e., to get married or have children, etc., which entails longterm commitments that frighten me somewhat. Saturn conjunct natal Uranus makes me physically shake with frustration at times, but I almost welcome the challenge to grow up a bit more emotionally and begin to make better changes that also leave some of my foundations intact, so that I'm not always "starting over". Not sure if that makes any sense or not.

nancy said...

I had Saturn conj. my Uranus years back. It can affect career, where you live and can be indicative of certain health issues esp. musculoskeletal problems/pain, tension diseases(hypertension) and nervous problems. The trines/sextiles are usually good for breakthroughs in those areas. The square/oppos/conj are crisis points.

Anonymous said...

I have this one coming up in October 2011! It is scaring the **** out of me.. It's conjuncting Uranus/Moon in my 6th house, and the DAY that Saturn went into my 6th house, I had a 'warning' from the boss that they felt I wasn't pulling my weight. I have been at that job 10 years now almost, and given it everything.
The thought of losing my job is pretty scary after all this time, I can feel how much of my self image is tied up in it.
When Saturn went across my Pluto last summer in my 5th, I tore the cartilage in my knee, was on crutches for 4 months. I also lost my cat, house and 10 year marriage with in a few months of that. Saturn hasn't been kind to me lately.

Anonymous said...

When Saturn touched my Natal Uranus I had a difficult time looking after my Mom who was suddenly dying of cancer. What a traumatic 2 years it was for me. If only I Knew astrology back then .. it would have helped.

Anonymous said...

I have this transit right now in my 2nd house, it was exact yesterday. It's been a weird couple of weeks where my head doesn't know what it wants. First of all I freelance and had work last week from a regular client that I suddenly didn't want to work with anymore. Nothing to do with the client I just felt bored with the work they had been giving me. Then yesterday I had a meeting with a self employment expert and he gave me plenty of fantastic advice on how to use my skills to earn money outside of my regular freelance work. Suddenly I was feeling creative and excited but thanks to Saturn my new ideas are going to cost quite a bit of money. On the plus side I only have this transit until the end of the month, I then have a nice break until December when Saturn conjuncts my moon and opposes my sun and venus all at the same time. Now that is going to bring trouble - apparently!

jim said...

my pregnant co-worker is leaving, it's causing many changes plus she's naturally more distant from me, I think I'm going crazy, want to change smth, get out of there but I've nowhere else to go either, feel trapped

melodie said...




Anonymous said...

Saturn is about to cross my natal Uranus but I think I'm already feeling the effects. I was let go from my job for the first time in my life last month. Literaly going crazy(Uranus) trying to find another that is mom friendly. My Uranus squares my moon to the exact degree and last week my mother told me she was moving 1400 miles away. I feel such a loss that I won't be able to visit my hometown anymore, Its only 300 miles away from me now. My Libra planets(Mec, Pluto, Uranus) are in my fourth, squaring my asc, Sat and moon in the first.I'm in a home I can't afford anymore and one of my kids was diagnosed with being on the autistic spectrum. My home life has become so incredibly demanding, yet I still have to find a way to make an income (transiting Uranus in my 10th opposing 4th). Saturn still hasn't made a direct hit to my Uranus, but then again, I can't recall a huge change when it hit my Pluto. Only one more year of this kind of stress left.


Anonymous said...

Saturn is transiting my second house affecting my finances and my inner values. I had the most difficult time in my life last two years overcoming financial problems. Fortunately i finally found a way to deal with them. My natal uranus is also in the second house and saturn is crossing it for a while now. I am self employed and a freedom lover. My natal moon is in uranus and my sun is trine uranus. My natal uranus is opposite my natal mars in the eight house (mars is in aries and is conjunct chiron and jupiter). In my life sexuality always was very important and when i was in relationships they usually had a very unstable quality (unless the other person was very stable and strong). I always had the tendency to feel a sudden need for freedom and to break out of the relationship by actually breaking the relationship itself instead of f.e. take a short retreat, go somewhere alone or whatever and then after make it up again. My last relationship was a very deep one but also one with a strong focus on sex. During saturns transit in my second house i not only had the financial troubles to deal with but also the sudden and even violent break-up with my ex. I was really traumatised from that and not able to deal with men for the last 1,5 years, the time saturn is in my second house. I never had a life so empty of excitement and sex, i am not even flirting around while i became so (saturnial) serious about it where i was flirtatious and very playful in the past. I have a whole set of conditions now before allowing another man in my life. But i feel the necessity of this terrible and lonely transit is to learn new values regarding relationships. I know now relationships based on sex won't provide lasting happiness and i see all my friends around me having fun with their partners and be supported by them what i have to miss in these difficult times. I am sure that the next time i'll meet somebody i like i won't be so aquarian eruptive and freedom minded as before and for sure value the relationship more.

Anonymous said...

when saturn opposed my uranus in 4th i had an abortion which is very sudden and unusual. my first born was 14 now . and i have never experienced pregnancy after my first . at same day my mom's announce about her health deeply conserned me.
saturn will hit again this december. so i think it will be more saturn proof to have facial make over than go to overseas trip. how do you think

Anonymous said...

continued from above cooment.
an abortion,mom's health + moving house( I sold it. impossible to sell houses these days)!!

Anonymous said...

continued from above cooment.
an abortion,mom's health + moving house( I sold it. impossible to sell houses these days)!!

Anonymous said...

continued from above cooment.
an abortion,mom's health + moving house( I sold it. impossible to sell houses these days)!!

Anonymous said...

continued from above cooment.
an abortion,mom's health + moving house( I sold it. impossible to sell houses these days)!!

Anonymous said...

continued from above cooment.
an abortion,mom's health + moving house( I sold it. impossible to sell houses these days)!!

Anonymous said...

sorry about above. my computer gone mad. it's mercury RX..right..

Anonymous said...

Saturn is now in transit on my 5th house in conjunction to uranus and in opposition to mars, Im having problems of getting pregnant, I ve been trying over a year in a natural way, with now results, may be when this transit finish I will get pregnant or find out that me and my husband cannot conceive a baby any more. I will let you know..

Anonymous said...

Im French but i really like this blog, so Im tempting my chance to see if any of you could give me some advice about Saturn soon conjuncting my Natal Uranus in House 5, Scorpio, which will also be in conjunction with my progressed moon....
Aspect to my natal Uranus are a thrine to my sun in Pisces (0°15 , at this moment in conjunction with Neptune)
Many thanks for your kind support!
Beatrice, Cannes : )

Anonymous said...

Beatrice Cannes: I'd love to read your chart for you. Look on facebook for Clear Skies Astrology. I've been dormant for a while but would love to check out what you have going on. Or you can e-mail me at Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Exact conj of transiting Uranus to my natal saturn in early aries. Saturn rules my natal 7th. A seeming end of a soul mate relationship, this time on a mind level. Physical end was 3 months ago when uranus started approaching saturn. At the same time, writing this on a bus to london where I have a 3 days of a great social dance event on the international scale. Very uranian!

nancy said...

Saturn's been squaring my Uranus,opposing Mercury and conjuncted Neptune (last year). Cannot make progress, job from hel* that ended last month, trying for a new job in a new city. Authority clashes, brutal.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm 33 and saturn is transiting my Uranus. From what you guys say it seems like everyone at 30 y old is loosing jobs, houses and getting divorced. Seriously, what's wrong with you? Oh and than same thing happens in 30 years, so around 60 y old.

Web Designer said...

I have natal Saturn in the 4th. When Uranus conjuncted Saturn, my mom was dealing with Chemotherapy and getting off of Benzodiapines going through MAJOR withdrawal symptoms. We found a radical and new therapy for her and she got through it. Then, I accepted a teaching job of 1st/2nd graders which proved to be EXTREMELY stressful. TONS of work, major behavioral problems. Felt like quitting many times. 2 months later, they said they would not renew my contract! thank god! Uranus is now making forward progress again and hopefully I will just have another 6 weeks of this prison sentence. In 6 weeks time, I will have spring break - interesting timing! and then just 2 more months! I cant wait till the end of school when the stress and insomnia will be OVER!

Unknown said...

This is happening to me. Saturn in Scorpio conjuncting uranus in my chart in the 2 house. It went past recently and now it is going back again retrograde. For me it has been about grounding and disciplining the wilfulness (negative aspects of uranus) energy in my life. Healing my father (an aquarian) issues about abandonment and my mothers unpredictable (also aquarian) moods on a practical level.

I recently split with a scorpion (but very uranian boyfriend)and transitting uranus is currently in my 7 house too. Last weekend we reconnected and now I finally see that I'm not taking his unpredicatable and wilful and selfish behaviour anymore. I have to be strong grounded, saturnian and disciplined, so I pray for the energy from Saturn to really give me this. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thread. I currently have a saturn conjuncting uranus in scorpio in the 5th house. It's at its second pass as saturn went retrograde and hit it again. I consulted a professional astrologer because I was feeling so much internal tension and frustration around some life situations. I have 5 planets in Aries and a Pisces sun so I don't like feeling held down.

I feel there's no need to fear saturn transits. They may be challenging but if you're willing to put in the work and stick it out you'll see results.

After much searching and refusing to settle I found a great job in my field. Lots of work and learning new tasks but I can feel that it will pay off in the future. I also found an apartment that I absolutely love. I'm building structures right now so that I will have more freedom, including financial freedom in the future. As my astrologer said with Saturn "you put in the work, you get the cookie." I think this transit is about growing out of the adolescent view that freedom means doing what you want whenever you want into freedom being more of an internal state.

Rick said...

Saturn is conjuncting my natal Uranus right now and it’s extremely difficult, I feel suffocated like never before, I’m not seeing any friends, or socializing, Im like a ghost. It’s in my 4th so it makes sense. But Im judged as an individual, and free thinker kind of thing..and it’s driving me mad. I have this hobby of going out and building jumps in the snow, and I cant do that anymore, because I’m getting judged and even threatened. People are really conservative and ‘old’ in my area, so it’s really breaking my heart to consider that I might never do it again…
Uranus will transit natal Saturn in my 60' idea what to make of that info
Reply ↓

Anonymous said...

im experiencing it at the moment too, im looking for a new job for more than 6 months and even trying something as freelancer, but I mostly feel depressed or oppressed especially because my freelance work is not making me a lot of many at the moment so I have to find at least something part-time, but there as I found out, occur some other problems too (usually some restrictions, or the work is not that great and pretty boring,..)

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,

I started to read astrology few years ago and I find it really helpful in coping with life. I also find it helpful reading other people experiences with transits so I decided to share mine, so that might help someone who is searching. I have Saturn conjuct my Uranus in Sagittarius in my 4th house. Before this transit I used to have a free lifestyle, used to socialize and get a lot of work as an actress. Two months before the start of the transit I woved to another country with my boyfriend and married him two months into the transit. He has a 9 year old son so I became a stepmother to him. I live in a quiet place near nature, spend the most time at home, cooking and keeping the home comfortable for me and my men. But the thing is that I really enjoy it. In the past all I knew is my career and what I want in life. And towards the approach of this transit I started to feel that my life is kinda empty, what is it all worth if you are not sharing it with someone. Sometimes I get anxious when I think of where am I going as an artist? I live in a new country and don't speak their language yet, and don't have an agent. These moments of doubt come to me and then that's where astrology and self reflection helps a lot. I've read that planets are God's servants in our evolution. And that made a lot of sense to me. Planets lead us throughout our life's and help us evolve. We have to relax into new transits, really let go of whatever is the transit is affecting. It's teaching us a new way. We are earthly and stubborn beings, so attached to the idea of how our life suppose to look like. Don't be afraid of the transits, they are there to help us grow. Work with the transit. See, I excepted my new way of existing and I can say I'm pretty happy at the moment. I think if we except the needed change it becomes much easier, we are one with the energies of the transit. Everything works to our favor. I say that because every time I look back I see that those transits brought the very much needed change and I wouldn't go back to the way the things were before. Also I wanna add that with this transit I want to create by my self, write my own material. For the first time I have a sense of what my art should look like, my own signature. So although the times of feeling unsertant of where I'm going with my career, it gives a reward of the sense of new entering my life. It might look like a boring time at home, or you can use it for a much needed time to deepen your area of interest and become better in what you do. Try to see what this time is offering you. Let go easily,- there is much more coming your way!
I believe we came here to evolve and everyone has its own path and lessons to learn. Collaborate with the universe, it does everything with love. I hope it is helpful to you! Have a great one!

Anonymous said...

this thread is indeed helpfull for me. I have been having this transit for a year now in my first house. it feels indeed as if my freedom had been restricted. In the past I would easily run away from situations I felt unconfortable with (people, stressfull jobs, my own fears). Now it feels as if I have no other option than to deal with everything. I got a lot of tension from work the last three year (many people got fired, I had too many responsibilities that I felt overly resonsible for). In october the work tension got so bad that I have been ill (mild burn out) at home for over 6 weerks. My self esteem is also incredibly low giving me the feeling that if I quit my job I have no place to go because who would hire an idiot. And if I do want an easy job: who will hire me? I have two master degrees and therefore considered overqualified. Oh well, by being at home right now does give me the chance to explore all my feers and negative emotions. It is very difficult at times because when I am even 5 minutes again at work I am very nauseaous afterwards at home. The recovery is slow. I also have jupiter transiting my twelfth house in scorpio.

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