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March 02, 2005

1962 Stellium in Aquarius

As regular readers already know, I am waiting to hear from at least a couple of hundred Aquarians born in 1962. These people, born in January and February of 1962, have an unusually concentrated Aquarian chart; a super stellium in Aquarius. I would like to send out a questionaire to these "AquaStells". Since I first put out the call, I've heard back from five people so far - that's a long way away from the two hundred responses I need for a good sample size.

Aquarian Digest is a relatively new site, so I'm hoping it will appear in the search engines soon. If anyone reading this is an expert on blog optimization, I'd love to hear any advice as to how I could raise my rankings in the search engines.

To try to speed up the process I'll be sending out a regular note every few weeks, calling for 1962 Aquarians to contact me. If you are one of these, please see my previous posts about 1962 Aquarians. If you were not born in 1962, please forgive the boring repetition in these occassional posts.